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The Art of War

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 60737826395534623
  • Book Genre: Military
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The Art of War Book Summary

It has been the most famous and influential of China's Seven Military Classics, and for the last two thousand years it remained the most important military treatise in Asia, where even the common people knew it by name. It has had an influence on Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, legal strategy and beyond.

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The Art of War Book Comments

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The Art of War - Sun Tzu Book Reviews

  • Interesting (RymonsterMom)

    Interesting read. Was curious what everyone was referencing
  • to protect my president (TroyLime37)

    to protect my president
  • Too messy and too many notes (Enigma3000)

    Theres too many notes and uses too many notes without explaining them very well.
  • Loved it (pspaperboy)

    Great book, I recommend reading the entire book !
  • Not a good version. (MikeDLan)

    This version is loaded with notes in between the original work. It makes it very difficult to read the original work straight through. Not a good version.
  • Meh (Montague J Druitt)

    The book itself is excellent as always, but for the most part, the annotations get in the way of reading.
  • Knocked it off the list (Not so not so)

    I have been meaning to read this book. I was not expecting the explanations in it. But at times they were helpful.
  • Great book (gmr442)

    How can you go wrong with this book. It is mesmerizing!
  • Pop kids (luckey06)

  • Not a fan (Anastasia1992)

    Hate the way it’s written

The Art of War - Sun Tzu Book Reviews

  • The Art of War (trippisme93)

    This was truly an interesting read. I would recommend this book for anyone willing to use tactful knowledge in their everyday life, not for malicious use.
  • Must have great memory (Mr. Cubanese)

    I read the book and found it a bit confusing. The different names from one passage to the next and not knowing who said what and in what context ... I was excited to read it but not what I expected.
  • Psychology (baybgrl11)

    War has never been a big topic in my conversations; however, after I read this book, I realize life is a war.
  • A must read (Iki_69)

    Although some of the notes on original text might seem boring and repetitive, the book perfectly captures and easily interprets Sun Tzu's writings to every reader. A must read for anyone eager to understand "strategy of life" and its consequences.
  • The art of commentary (Hfsuobxefekvcssaer)

    Would've been better without the commentary but it was still very good
  • Pretty Good (AltFireE6)

    This was a very good translation in addition to being an interesting and thoughtful read, the commentary was at many times unnecessary though
  • the art of war + frequent, obnoxious commentary (Strawberri3)

    This has too many notes and side comments--so much so that over half of the text is side notes!! I downloaded this to read the actual book, not some annoying translator or historian's interpretation and clarifications. Misleading title because it doesn't actually state that you'll have to swim through an extra 200 pages of "related notes" or whatever. Deleting and finding a better more true-to-text copy so I can use my own brain instead of having someone else pop in to interrupt the text lol
  • Knowledgable but... (Esidous)

    This is a roughly translated version, although the information is printed the translator/author produces their insights and verbiage which should've been reserved for the epilogue.
  • Amazing book. (Slayer Fan 911)

    Written for any age of warfare.
  • Great (NBNBSoccer)


The Art of War - Sun Tzu Book Reviews

  • The Art Of War (Danner ICU CREWZ anon)

    When Going To Do Battle,... See Battle Win & Win Battle When First Approaching Battle Field In One’s Mind & Win... Decimating Everyone Of Your Enemies & Everything In Your Path... Complete Your Battle Win. This Principle Battle Stance Is Successful In All Projects Attempted. Self Achievement Through Willfully Strong Mental Concentration & Determination All The Way To The ‘Battle’s End Game Completion’... War The Art Of: ...A Very Good Book.... I first read this old Chinese Book when I was only 17. I recommend it for all students from & in any course. Get this. Cheers... Danner
  • Ok (Bad @$$1257436)

    It was good but, confusing. You can actually apply this to a lot like sports for instance. I also found some grammar problems where the wrong word was used. Also there are so many Chinese names and there very close to each other which made it hard to understand.
  • The Art of War. (D.R Miller)

    This is a time tested truth of man's bloody conquests.
  • Where's the flow? (Cor-O)

    Good story ruined by poor commentary. Recommend a version other than this. Very annoying
  • Art of war (usmaan qureshi)

    If tupac says this is a good book then it should be a good book
  • Bad narration (Toester$)

    I tried to read this book but I could not tell what was the narration, and what was Sun Zhu. Overall, pretty darn BAD!
  • Awesome (Kartar0937)

    Aglabuga del mundo
  • Annotations super annoying (billdcat)

    I would much rather have the annotations separate from the text. There are annotations every line or two, and it's impossible to get the flow of the text or process what the author is actually saying with all the interruptions.
  • Art of war (Wjkdkdkd)

    This book is amazing. Couldnt keep my eyes off of it :)
  • Not bad (K2KID)

    I see why it's free. The "commentary" is extremely annoying. I am capable of understanding and forming my own opinion, thanks.

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