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Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Book Summary

Adversaries at first in the endless rounds of balls, parties and social gatherings, they soon develop a grudging respect for one another that blossoms into romance when each comes to appreciate the tender feelings that course beneath the veneer of their propriety and reserve.

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Pride and Prejudice Book Comments

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Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen Book Reviews

  • Book lover (b7lew)

    Nothing bad to say, I read this book at least once a year.
  • Concentration! (grubxjfv gyujbx)

    It took a lot of concentration to read the old style writing, but it was worth it! It was exciting to be able to catch the subtle nuances.
  • Delightful (Lesser Steve)

    The writing and characterization are delicious. I especially love the dry wit of Mr. Bennet and hilarious flattery and naked social parasitism of Mr. Collins. Bennet joking about how fond he is of Wickham: β€œHe is as fine a fellow as I ever saw. He simpers and smirks and makes love to us all. I am prodigiously proud of him.” Delightful. I reread many passages several times just to savor such writing, as well as frank mockery of Mr. Collins, Lady Catherine and other worthies.
  • My favorite book!! (mr. meaties)

    I love it so much! It never gets old.
  • Above excellent (Nikki Mae J)

    This is my most favorite book. I read it several times a year
  • Classic (Viking:))

    I can read this novel again and again... My favorite book of all time!
  • Good book, fun for the whole family. (Superoriginalnickname)

    10/10 would read again
  • Fantastic! (Barryj33)

  • Pride and Prejudice 😍🀩 (Stinkerdoodle:))

    I love the story so much! I read the book almost 3 times! I give this book 100,000,000,000,000 HUGE thumbs up πŸ‘! I totally recommend this book!!
  • Pride and Prejudiced (mildred hayes)

    It was a page turn It was captivating from beginning to the end

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