Great Expectations

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Book Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.
Charles Dickens’ classic explores potent themes like good versus evil, crime, repentance, love and betrayal. At the center of the story is Pip, an impoverished orphan who dreams of a better life. When a mysterious benefactor gifts Pip a substantial fortune, he’s rescued from a life of deprivation and abuse-and introduced to a memorable host of characters: the bizarre Miss Havisham, a wealthy heiress who was spurned at the altar; her cold, austere ward Estella, who eventually breaks Pip’s heart; and an escaped convict who teaches Pip that people aren’t always what they seem.

Dickens’ novel-which was originally serialized in a weekly newspaper-contains major plot twists at every turn, which accounts for its enduring popularity. It’s a gripping read and a thrilling portrait of Victorian England.

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Great Expectations (Charles Dickens) Book Reviews

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- Love5 star

One of my favorite classics

- Great Expectations5 star

I can’t remember if I read this book in school, but this time I really enjoyed it. There is a lot of humor in Great Expectations. Plus, Charles Dickens is a master of lyrical prose and some passages passages have descriptions that can make the reader stop and take a breath and read the passage over again.

- Surreal5 star

It’s like reading a dream. Wow

- Great5 star

Great classics! Very much enjoyed!

- A Master Piece indeed.4 star

A Literary Classic.A Great Read For Young or Elderly.

- Great expectations1 star

Long book

- Great Expectations5 star

I loved how tenderly he speaks of himself when he was just a little Pip. The endearing way that he describes his little self, is heartwarming and amusing.

- Nice book4 star

I liked the book although I wish it had a better ending

- Blah blah2 star

Charles dickens is one of my favorite authors but this book is so boring.

- Great Expectations5 star

A masterpiece of human insight... interesting at first, but gets a bit slow. If you persevere in reading, the book takes off at a dead run and finishes with a flourish! Well worth the time to read.

- Stupid long winded tome1 star

My title says it all


I grew up reading this book and the story always captivated me. The details of the cobwebs, corpse like bride, and cold hearted manners of most of the characters, kept my attention the entire time. This book started my love of gothic novels. If you enjoy Dickens work I highly recommend it.

- Great Expectations1 star

Don’t read this book

- Dickens at his best5 star

A classic that needs to be read again and again!

- Why1 star

This was one of the worst books I've ever read.

- I can see how it can bore you3 star

This book is good if you truly understand and comprehend the story. If you are just trying to find a book to read casually it can be boring.

- Review of Great Expectations1 star

This book is dull and tedious with very few exciting moments in these fifty nine chapters,and would drag on with words describing the scenery. There are more words in this book describing his surroundings than actually moving the storyline along and the old English grammar makes it even harder to comprehend and makes it even more tiresome than it could have been in modern day English grammar.The final chapter was not a very good ending,however the chapter before was actually in my opinion was better than the prevailing ending,because in chapter fifty eight it shows where all the living characters were and how they had their happy or unhappy endings. Even though the actual ending showed how in the end Pip never gets the woman that he was obsessing over in almost all the chapters and was talking about nonstop. I would not recommend this book unless you like repetitive books with an awful endings.

- Great Expectations far exceeded.5 star

Amazing book. Could not put it down! The humor, candor, building up and subsequent supposed tearing down of Pip was excellent in every way. A true masterpiece.

- Great Expectations4 star

A story of many a life.

- A great classic for sure!5 star

No movie or mini-series has done it justice.

- G.O.A.T.5 star

This is a really great and well written book by Charles Dickens. It's an instant classic.

- Wow1 star

My brother fell asleep reading this book on the 4th page. Mr.Charles Dickens.

- Mediocre Expectations3 star

I had to read this book in English class. Had to say it was very painful to read due to the old language. The majority of the class used sparknotes/shmoop to actually understand what was going on. HOWEVER, the plot was good, and the idea of the story was well written. Although it is hard to read in our times it must have been a hit back in the ol' days. Probably would not get through this book if I were to read it alone though.

- Not A Book, But A Work of Art5 star

Charles Dickens is an author that just blew my mind away! When I was reading it I felt that I was actually going through the adventure with Pip! I started reading this book when I was in fifth grade and so far it has been amazing! The people who gave it low ratings just don't understand it. THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- GREAT BOOK4 star

I absolutely love the plot of this book, the storyline is amazing. Dickens builds a great amount of suspense in this novel. But it is so hard to read I wouldn't have understand it if It weren't for my English Teacher and spark notes. Very hard to follow but if I lived back when this was written I would give it 5 stars!💗

- Swag5 star


- flawless5 star

a true inspiration.

- Great Expectations5 star

This book is an astounding classic.

- Lovely book!5 star

Very captivating and overall a very enjoyable book! There are many wonderful plot twists and very interesting writing style. Definitely recommend this book!

- Dickens5 star

Such a marvelous writer. Very humorous.

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- 😊5 star

I love classics and this book is one of my favourites! It's just fun to read.😉

- Really Good. Not Necessarily Great.3 star

Honestly (and ironically) this book was not as good as I thought it would be. I’ve tried to read as many classics as I can over the past few years and unlike most, this one just didn’t live up to all the hype. There were long stretches where I struggled to stay interested. Don’t get me wrong, Dickens was a literary genius and the writing is well worth the historical recognition. I just expected it to be a bit more… grand?

- Meh3 star

It was a good book, but it got a little boring at times

- classics4 star

Classics are classics for a reason. This one certainly stood the test of time. I pity those who say they have no time to read, or read only that which is easy and popular to read at the time. Thank you Mr. Dickens, we are enriched by your wisdom.

- Great Expectations5 star

One of the best novels ever written.

- Great Expectations5 star

I really enjoyed this book. What a great writer.

- Great expectations5 star

What an amazing book. From the start the characters come alive and the story is amazing. Truly inspirational writing. The age of this book is irrelevant as it is truly timeless

- Great5 star

A well loved classic that I truly enjoyed

- Great Expectations4 star

What a beautiful story. Growing up with Pip and making his mistakes with him, something we can all relate to. Timeless.

- Oop1 star


- Love it5 star

My absolute favorite of all time story. I just love it!

- Good read but not 5 star4 star

Something was missing

- Memorable and thought provoking5 star

I discovered this book in secondary school and it’s remained a firm favourite ever since. The characters are fascinating and unique, and the book has a gripping plot with several dramatic plot twists and Dickens’ distinctive, whimsical prose. He movingly explores timeless issues such as crime and punishment, the corrupting influence of money and ambition, nature vs nurture etc. As other reviewers have pointed out, the book is quite long, but it’s worth the effort!

- Classic5 star

Classic book

- “O dear old Pip,old chap,”5 star

I certainly enjoyed your expectations old chap you and mr dickens did owes proud. I loved this marvellous book and eternally great full thank you. It’s just goes to show,how lucky wi are to get us an education,that I think many of us take for granted. And forget how difficult it was for our ancestors.

- Crumpets1 star

I had Crumpets

- Noice5 star

It’s noice, lots of pages to keep you reading Just noice

- Book1 star

I liked it but it was way to long I would rather feed my pet crumpet

- bEst b00k out of 101 star


- Great Expectations By Charles Dickens5 star

Great in every sense of the word. A fantastically crafted book with powerful characters and a dastardly plot, which has so many twists and turns it pulls the reader in and holds them fiercely in it’s grasp. I’m reading this book again after many years and find it even better than I remembered it! A true classic.

- Awful, just awful1 star

Awful characters, awful plot, wanted to burn my iPod after the first chapter

- Great5 star

I am so glad I found this we are doing this for a project at school and I have already fell in love with this book it is fab it makes you want to red more

- Very boring5 star

Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very boring still 5 stars though


The worst book I've ever read

- no no no1 star

tooo long and not for me

- Great expectations3 star

It is good story but awfully difficult to read.... Took me long time to get it finished!

- Brilliant5 star

This book definitely exceeded my own expectations. It keeps a good pace, has lots of memorable characters and plenty of unexpected turns in the story. Not always rosy but always hopeful and absolutely couldn't put it down.

- Great Expectations5 star

First classic I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will now consider more Dickens. I was pleasantly surprised by the humour, and laughed out loud several times. Dickens creates atmospheres and ambience you can almost smell. His characters are complete, you know precisely what you are dealing with. Great read, persevere with the language and you start to appreciate it.

- Pretty good!4 star

This book is quite good although it does take a while to get into it but once you do it gets better from there and onwards. It never failed to surprise me and turned out the exact opposite to what I predicted- something I do often when reading and the majority of the time get right! This just shows how good this book is as it doesn't fail to surprise so keeps it intriguing, the only downside which is why it is four star is purely its slow going.

- Wonderful5 star

It is probably thirty years since I last read this book. I read it as a boy and fell into it. I came upon it again on iBooks, read a few chapters and was hooked all over again. I had remembered it being a classic but had forgotten how evocative and powerful it was. Enjoy.

- Dickens4 star

A classic

- One of Dickens's best novels5 star

Perhaps only bettered by Bleak House this is a delightful study of social class and unrequited love.

- Aleciaaa5 star

Seems great!

- Brilliant.5 star


- Great Expectations5 star

Really great book, written in such a way that you feel like you know the characters personally.

- Good book5 star

I have this book at school and i can read it here now thx

- Great expectations3 star

A very good read and not like your everyday book not an expected ending

- A Classic4 star

Thoroughly enjoyed the book. A true classic and it's free, what more could you ask for?

- What the...5 star

Fabulous read , exceeded my expectations

- Mosmos055 star


- Great Expectations5 star

Atmospheric, intriguing and a real page-turner. The themes of this story stayed with me throughout the day as I was reading it. Dickens at his best!

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- Well written!4 star

The way the book jumps around, goes back to previous events and takes you on a roller coaster in some ways very much reminds me of the TV show Lost.

- Wow5 star


- Amazing read!5 star

I am an avid reader but never got around to reading any of Charles Dickens until this book...I am hooked! Amazing story, in depth character detail and edge of your seat suspense and mystery. Great book, amazing author...Loved it and couldn't put it down!

- .5 star

Everyone reviewing this either has exceptional grammar or very poor grammar. Oddly enough, the more intelligent sounding of the two typically seem to enjoy the book. That doesn't necessarily mean anything- just stating a fact. My tenth grade English teacher is having us read this. In my opinion, this is a great book. I agree that some chapters are rather slow but not to the point where I'd put the book down. I started reading this with a negative attitude expecting to hate it but I honestly enjoy reading this. It's definitely worth reading!

- Stunning5 star

This book, I shamefully admit, is one I may have overlooked if it had not been a facet of my school curriculum. It is really and truly a literary masterpiece, morally provocative allegory, and genius merge of eccentric characters. A person simply cannot enjoy Great Expectations if he or she approaches it with the outlook one might adopt before reading Twilight. The language is beautiful and poignant, and it lends due sepia to a novel from this era.

- Fabulous5 star

The reviewer who wrote "terriable" obviously is not a big reader. This is a wonderful book.

- Sucked1 star

I hate this book so much I can't stand it. Take this away. I had to read this horrible book cause my teacher said I had to for my book report.

- Split my heart many times over5 star

Every sentence in the book perfectly, choreographically, plucks a string of the beautiful literary musical instrument, collectively composing a majestic song that I never tired of listening too over and over again. The only downside is the dismal and bereaved feeling I get when circumstances necessitate that I put down the book in order to insure my nutritional and financial needs are met.

- worst book ever1 star

i had to read this book for english class and it is the worst book i have ever read in my life! and i actually enjoy reading. dont waste your time trying to read it, because it makes no sense. horrible. this book is really 0 stars but i had to put one because it is mandator

- Great Expectations4 star

It was a treat to visit a classic to which I had heard many references but never read. As a 60 year old adult, I found the harsh lessons of loyalty, humility and love lost timeless reminders of our unchanged human character.

- A Good Read.4 star

I really enjoyed Great Expectations. I loved the way the protagonist was in the end brought to see the judgements he put to others should be put on himself. I think I too agree that Dickens should have kept his original ending. It does go better with the theme of the novel.

- Great Expectations5 star

This is a book that, no doubt, will remove for You the false idea that our future must be based on something other than our humble beginnings. Our past, acting as a forge can , if allowed, form in us a "great expectation" that can be attained By not rejecting, but accepting that our past is the ballast of our future, no matter how painful. A bittersweet balance comes for those who allow the mists of disappointment to give rise to Great Expectations. For indeed, great must be counter-balanced by the humble and not-so great beginnings. To turn our back on our past is to turn our back on our own future. Humility accepts this and looks to the horizon with gratitude and expectation. "He makes all things beautiful in His time".

- Great expectations5 star

Some say the best novel by Dickens. Engrossing story and terrific characters. So well written it is hard to put down. The character of Magwitch could well be the inspiration for Stevenson's Long John Silver.

- Great Expectations5 star

I LOVED this book, by far one of the best books I have ever read. At first I had a hard time with some of the words and had to use a dictionary to look them up. Dont let this stop you from reading it, worth the read, and once I got used to language I didnt use the dictionary anymore. This book has great characters and a gret story.

- Fans of the 80's TV Show5 star

Beauty and the Beast will certainly enjoy having an audio copy of this book, which was a pivotal piece of literature for Vincent and Catherine. Now it can now be mine......(or yours) Thanks, iTunes!

- Awesome5 star

4 the people that do not know if they need to get this book, it is FREE read it and if you like it great if not you can delete it. It is that simple!

- Great Expectations5 star

I only wish I had read this earlier. Dickens not only paints a portrait of 18th century England but also describes a path to a better life for all of us.

- Meet Expectations5 star

As this is Dickens I had expectations of a great, slightly depressing, story and received nothing less. No character was described as to diguise their true character for to long and the book epitimises numerous human spirits clearly all throughout the story. The ending crept up so quickly I felt slighted by it's irrupt ending. Lacking the descriptive, interesting ending, written in a similar style to that of the rest of the book. However, after a short time had passed I found it satisfactory, much the way you might enjoy the flavor of a strong taste or aromatic several minutes after the initial shock. Also the version I read was that with the revised ending and After reading the original ending I found the second a much better and more agreeable end than the first.

- bad1 star

Horrible story and hard to follow at times.

- wait what..5 star

i can't believe some of these comments this books is great! i can't believe its free! :)

- Charles Dickens is a genius.5 star

Best book I have ever read in my life. So beautiful.

- GREAT!4 star

What a fantastic story about love, struggle, and happiness. A little boring at parts, but nonetheless a great book!

- Great Expectations4 star

The story started out a bit slow, however once the pieces started to come together it was a great read. Im not an avid reader, but there were times i couldnt put it down. Not a fan of the ending, but it was still worth the time i put in.

- Wonderful5 star

Wonderfully evokes emotions in a reader and displays the true nature of humans in real life

- One of my favorites5 star

I loved this book it is pretty good no wonder that say Charles Dickinson is such a good writer YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK IT IS AWSOME!!..

- Great Expectations4 star

I liked the book a lot. But why did I only rate 4 stars if I loved it so much? Because at times it was challenging to follow. I got lost a couple times before I understood what was going on. But, the moral of the story was very good. There were some nice twists, a lot of love and loss, through better and through worse, and some well developed characters. As many have said, Charles Dickens is one of the best authors throughout time.

- Unbelievably awesome5 star

After a roller-coaster of emotions, this story has a satisfying, Dickensian ending. I wish I had read this 1/2 a lifetime ago

- Favorite!!5 star

Personally one of my favorite books!

- Great Results5 star

Terrific novel, taking an in depth look into ones self. This story showed the illusions of the world and society and how they hinder the youth and deceive them into thinking what is "good" is "bad" an vice versa. Written years ago but still very relevant and I am an urban inner city raised black youth. Kudos to Dickens for keeping it Real!

- A Classic4 star

Great Expectations really delighted me with its plot twists and relatively easy style, given the time in which it was written. Although all characters but the protagonist are fairly two dimensional, everybody has a role to play and Dickens makes sure it is played perfectly. A wonderful read.

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@kvetchkween Great Expectations. It wasn't as good as I had hoped.

5 star

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