The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild by Jack London Book Summary

In this novel (often mistakingly classified a children’s book) the main protagonist Buck, a St. Bernard/Collie mix, is abducted and sold to a trainer of sled dogs in Alaska. He adapts to the brutal conditions and is finally acquired by a loving man. When this new owner is killed, Buck follows the ‘call of the wild’ and joins a pack of wolves.

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The Call of the Wild (Jack London) Book Reviews

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- Awesome5 star

One of the greatest books I’ve ever read. Thanks for writing this book! I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it!

- Dog and man struggles5 star

A classic that I re-read before the upcoming movie as a refresher. Fantastic story of struggle and strife in life.

- The call of the wild5 star

Touching story of bravery, cunning, love and a true will to survive-highly recommend read this book

- Call of the Wild5 star

A really enjoyable book and experience to see and visualize the whole book

- Shocked3 star

This book is really well written, but the storyline is crazy. I didn’t think this book would have so much death in it..

- The Call of the Wild5 star

An adventure in Alaska as a dog during the Gold Rush. Jack London still lives thru his writing and takes you on a heart pounding adventure in The Call of the Wild.

- A Great Read For The Adventurer5 star

This book transports you from a human life to one of a primal spirit much older and wiser than we fully understand. I highly recommend this book to anybody looking to get lost into a world not well known but eerily familiar at the same time. 5/5 stars will be coming back to this time and time again through out my life.

- Good but It was a little too violent for a seventh grader3 star

It was talking about deaths and cursing and bloody stuff

- Quite possibly the best book I've ever read5 star

I can't believe that in my 33 years, I've never read this book. More akin to poetry than prose, the soaring imagery and emotion in the words reflect a true mastery of the written word. Simply breathtaking.

- Great5 star

Jack London has a way to make you refuse to put the book down and cause you great sorrow at finishing it because you don’t want it to ever end

- Classic. Great book.5 star

This book is the beautiful story of man’s best friend. With all the emotions that we make a dog feel we see the evolution of a dog going back it his roots. Not because he wants to but because he hears the call of the wild. The way Jack London portrays the dogs point of view is breathtaking. Such a great read. After reading is now one of my favorites

- Great book5 star

I read this for a reading project in school and usually I don’t like to have to sit and read but this book was so great and it was always fun to follow buck through all of his adventures

- Call of the Wild5 star

Excellent book from the first to the last page. Very well written. Easy flow. Thoroughly enjoyed. Highly recommend. Nash HANSOTIA.

- Call of the Wild5 star


- Hayden Talcott5 star

Amazing book! You have to read this.

- A classic read.5 star

It took me much too long in life to finally read this book. Although, maybe it’s the kind of book best appreciated after a certain amount of accrued life experience. At its most simplest form it takes the shape of a story any dog person could surely love, but beyond the obvious layers lies lessons in the hierarchies of life...once we remove the safeguards of mans law, we’re left with something akin to the parables within this story. I love this book.

- This book is trash1 star

This book is so confusing in the beginning like I don’t know if it’s about a dog or a human like just write if it’s one of them so the rest of the story makes sense

- Call of the wild5 star

This book was incredible and who knew it was free on iBooks!

- Decent4 star


- Good4 star

This book was ok if you get easily attached to characters that are good and will cry if they dye or leave don’t read this book. Otherwise it was a really good book.

- Love this book wonderful work of art.5 star

Perfectly written book. Jack London is well known for beautifully written short stories such as this one. I would recommend this short story to anyone.

- Good Classic 👍🏼4 star

I read this for my ELA class and it was a short but slightly challenging read. It was a good story and a good classic that everyone should read.

- Call of the Wild5 star

I love this book! It makes me ask myself what my call is, and where I can find it.

- Call of the wild5 star

A must read for everyone

- A great read. A classic.4 star

Dog lovers especially should enjoy this book. A true classic.

- The call of the wild5 star


- Amazing5 star

Great book that really opens your eyes

- Call of the wild5 star

Wow....just wow

- Amazing5 star

I am not an avid reader. So, not much to compare. Although, this is by far the best book I've ever read. Many things to overcome and finding the internal strength to continue moving forward. A strength that was always there but took time to understand and use. Just amazing.

- The Call of the Wild5 star

This book is so sad but also happy!!! I love it!! I feel bad for Buck, though. He had like 20 different owners.

- Way to boring and long1 star

I'm 12 years old and I had to read this book for school. I found myself falling a sleep and actually falling asleep for half hours at a time. It had its moments but I didn't like this book at all. too boring

- The best historical novel in the history of the world.5 star

I am an avid reader of modern fantasy and sci if, but never have I ever read a book as to surpass this one. I received it as a gift from my late great grandfather and hold it very dear in my life. The story is beautifully designed and expertly executed. Page for page it is better than any other work of fiction I have ever experienced. I promise that upon reading this book you will be better for it than doing most other things in our lives.

- Call of the Wild5 star

I am doing this book for a project and I don't usually like ppl picking the books I read but, this one is one of the best! It shows a tremendous amount of detail and uses lots of different vocabulary! I would definitely recommend this to my friends!

- An amazing and inspiring read5 star

Wow!! I've heard of this book and just now after 30 years of living, have I decided to give it a read. It's an easy book to read. It's so very inspiring about unleashing your inner spirit and true self. Yes it's about a dog but it's about more than that. I will read this book many times over

- 5 Star Book!!!5 star

Loved it! Great read and time well spent!

- 👍5 star


- Wow, but5 star

It's kinda sad, but good.

- Great Book5 star

I love this book! 5/5

- Heart warming5 star

This book is heart warming and a great example of literature. I recommend this book for bookworms and believe I'll read it again. Thankyou -Nina

- The Coll of the Wild5 star

It was allsome.You shod make a second one.

- amazing!4 star

i was forced to read this for 8th grade english with mr sandknop and honestly it was very confusing and kinda weird but if you understand the concepts and connection it makes throughout the whole story it really is a beautiful tale and its actually perfect and the book is free so why not!

- The Call of the Wild5 star

This is the greatest dog story ever.

- The mist greatest book ever5 star

Dude this book is great it got different font sizes i thought that was the best part i also liked the cat in the book too

- An very exciting take2 star

The Call Of The Wild was better than I had ever imagined. I had heard it was great, but Jack London has a special talent of reaching out into the readers soul and putting a bit of Buck into it.

- One of my fav's5 star

This book is really good... I'm only 13 but I've al Ready read this book 5 times..... This shows how much I love this book considering I don't usually read books over again The nice thing about this book is that you can never really guess what is about to happen..... Adn it also has a very interesting ending... That. I didn't expect. THIS IS A MUST READ!

- For adventurous readers & dog lovers.3 star

This a good story for adventurous readers & dog lovers.

- Great book5 star

I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a short fiction book. This book as absolutely amazing and one of the best books I have ever read

- Must read for dog lovers5 star

A beautiful story of Buck who answers the call of his ancestors after all his ties to man are broken. Such a remarkable insight and gives you a curious perspective on the mind of the protagonist, the dog Buck

- Terrible1 star

This book is so boring. We had to read it in my English class and it was pure hell. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO KEEP THEIR COOL AND NOT HAVE A MENTAL BREAKDOWN EVERYDAY

- The Call of the Wild4 star

This was a very good book. I had heard of it before but never read it. The book is basically written from the point of view of a dog. He is domesticated but taken away to be a sled dog. There he must adapt to the wild or die. He gets in touch with his instincts and wolf roots that he has. I would recommend this book for those who enjoy adventure and very good story telling. Plus it was a free download!

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- Very good.4 star

Very well written. Worth a read.

- Call of the wild4 star

Great book

- Amazing5 star

What an astounding book this is, I’ve never read something so intricately written with such care and craftsmanship. This book is a true work of art, and I recommend it to every human being on this planet. The work put into this story really shows. Well done

- A fantastic book5 star

This is my favourite book! I think it is well made, the words chosen are very well placed and the story is in a style of its own. You must read this book, it's a masterpiece!

- Excelent book5 star

This book was amazing!

- Boring5 star


- A great classic to be shared5 star

This beautiful work of art is a true book and is the greatest classic of all the books I have read.

- Awsome5 star

This is a classic book that never gets old. I advice reading it.

- Great book5 star

I read this for the first time in 20+ years this weekend. It's a great story and a fun read. Reading as Buck transforms, the adventures and meaning of his life, and the cruelty of man and man's other nurturing traits.

- Wow5 star

Love this book read it on screen and vusualy thousands of times

- Way cool5 star

I have read this book a thousand times and it never gets old. I suggest this book to anyone who likes some suspense.

- The Call of the Wild5 star

A really great and beautifully written easy read that captures the imagination and makes the reader want to cast of the urban shackles to run free with Buck.

- Charged me when I clicked the free button.1 star

This book costed money. I did not intend to use money but unfortunately I did. I looked at the price and t said free. I clicked and then I receive an email saying I just purchased it. Stupid itunes tricks

- Call of the Wild5 star

A terrific read. Gives a glimpse into the pretty tough conditions for travelers in those times and in that place. We also see quite polarized attitudes towards people and property. The best part is Buck's ownership of his situation in both triumph and adversity.

- The Call of the Wild5 star

This was one of the best books I've ever read, quite possibly the best thus far. I look forward to reading it again down the track.

- The Call Of The Wild5 star

One of the first eBooks that i have read. Very well written. Highly enjoyable.

- Masterpiece5 star

One of my all time favourite books.

- Boring Towards The End3 star

It took me a few years to finish this book as at the start it was pretty good but then I found it got boring towards the end and stopped reading it. I came back to it and was not really that impressed by it again so I wouldn’t recommend...

- The call of the wild5 star


- Call of the wild1 star

😡 makes me bored

- Call of the wild.4 star

I thought it was really good because it was interesting and good. I had fun reading it in english over all great 😄😃😀😜😝😛😳🐅

- Great!5 star

Really, really, really good book! If you are an animal lover you should read it.

- Call of the Wild5 star

No, maybe not only a child's book, but certainly also a child's book . I remember, age 8 or 9, sitting in my grandfather's chair near the window, so deeply absorbed in The Call of the Wild that I didn't hear repeated calls to dinner, or anything else said to me. Somehow I was Buck, everything he felt I felt. Suddenly life made sense. Now, 60 years later, I've just reread it: still powerfully absorbing. So I've wrapped a copy for my granddaughter's pile of Christmas gifts, wondering if a 10 year old Scottish girl will find it as gripping as her Californian Gran did at that age. Next on my list for rereading: White Fang.

- Totally blown away5 star

The power of the narrative was quite something. That was a lesson in how to engage and inspire. I (at times) was equally on the edge of tears, laughter and deep melancholy. Never has a book touched me in this way. Thank you.

- Beautifully written book5 star

I read this in primary school and it was most definitely my favourite!

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- The call of the wild5 star

This is a great quick read. I cannot believe I did not read this as an adolescent but even as an adult the story is compelling with many metaphors and undertones.

- Call of the wild3 star

Just ok. A little disappointed. Written in an older style, that's too much like work to decipher... Maybe I'm not right for Jack London.

- JohnCain4 star


- Call Of The Wild5 star

This is an amazing book. I read it for fun and it hooks you in. I love it!

- Terrible2 star

It was so confusing and hard to keep up with.😱😫😓😭😥😂😥😂😅😩😰😱😰😡😤😠😤😫😓😓😱😥😪😪😨😓😱😰😓😪😅😭😂😭😪😩😰👿😈👿👿👿😟😮😬😐😕😑😑😑😑😑😑😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😡😠😠😡😡😠😡😠😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😶😿😿😿😿😿😿😿🙀🙀🙀😿🙀🙀😿😿😿🙀🙀

- Sickening1 star


- Great Book!!!5 star

This Book is amazing anyone who finds it should read. Its free to so Enjoy:)

- Pretty good4 star

Very confusing

- Amazing book!!!5 star

This is an amazing book there is no better way to say it. I'm not a big fan of reading but I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it to anyone who likes reading.

- Reverse of White Fang5 star

This is a great story but doesn't compare to White Fang. I like reading Jack London, he tell the story so easily as though he we nature itself. Thank You Sterling Jex!

- Truly amazing5 star

I read this book and I loved it so much! I'm 11 and I was recommended to it by my grandfather and I was astounded at how wrongly I judged it before reading it. Even though buck is a dog you can relate in some ways and find yourself living in the book.

- Call of the wild5 star

It was to long

- Awesome Book5 star


- yas5 star


- call of the wild5 star

Out of the white wilderness, out of the far north, Jack London, one of americas most popular authors, drew the inspiration for his robust tales of perilous adventure and animal cunning. swiftly paced and vividly written, the novel of call of the wild include the law of club and fang a mans instinctive reversion to primitive behavior when pitted against the brute force of nature.

- Poop1 star

This book stinks like poo

- Fantastic Quick Read5 star

Great book!

- Call of the wild5 star

This book is great once you read the first chapters you will get in to it!!!

- Way better than I thought!5 star

At first the book is confusing, but as you continue, the story develops. This book is a must read!

- Good5 star

This is a great choice for a junior high "must" read, but guidance is needed. My son loved this classic, but he needed help with the phrasing. Thank you to whomever for offering this book for free.

- GREAT BOOK!!!5 star

I absolutely love this book especially after reading Jack Londons "White Fang" I enjoy all of his books

- The Call of the Wild3 star

it is very confusing

- The Best Book I've read in a long, long time5 star

This is one of the most exhilarating novels I have ever read. I love the plot and the vivid details and descriptions. It is almost as if the whole book is a cliff hanger; the element of suspense is incorporated in this text very well. I recommend this book to you if you like animals and nature. Joseph (11 years old)

- Call of the Wild4 star

Enjoyed this book very much

- The Call of the Wild5 star

A story of life of all species especially poignant for homo sapien. A must read for all ages.

- Umm.....1 star

This was a book. A very book full book. It has many characters. And a setting. It was about things. And there was a place. And it um. So then. There we go jack. God. Ok where was I. Um the main character had a name. And it was a number of syllables . Was I spelled that wrong. Wait so I felt

- terrible1 star

one star

- Good book5 star

If you are a reader who likes surprises or thrillers. You are going to love this book. I would spent an hour a day reading this.

- Call of the wild5 star

It was a very great book u can see it happen love it how did Pete died and what happen after he sang pack it was a great book write more

- The Call of the Wild5 star

Terrifically written. Great story.

- Great book5 star

I read this book 50 years ago and loved it. I just read it again and it's better than I recalled. Truly a classic!

- Best book5 star

I love this book. This is my favorite book of all time. Memorable characters, great plot, and very memorable, I highly recommend it to anyone!

- Masterpiece5 star

Truly stirring.

- Call of the Wild4 star

It's a book about dogs but it's really a book about man.

- Page turner5 star

One of the most well written, continuously enticing novels written in the 20th Century. A fun, page-turning, read for all ages.

- Awesome5 star

Good book has lot of adventures. The best part is when.... Wait why am I telling the story download this book and let adventure begin.

- Tremendous book5 star

Unexpected treasure. Buck is wonderful.

- Dogy1 star

The book was ok itself but had no detail at all

- Boringest book ever1 star

It was boring and weird i will never recommend this book

- best book ever!!!4 star

loved it, it was the best book ive ever read, i cant stop reading it, and it never fails to suprise me at all :)

- *SPOILER ALERT* A good book, but the ending wasn't as good as I thought it would be3 star

I enjoyed this book for the most part, but the ending was too predictable. Buck kills everything he crosses and when his *pack* dies, he ends up in a wolf pack.

- Great Book5 star

Great book

- great!5 star

very good book

- Amazing5 star

This was the best book ever. I loved it!

- Awesome5 star

Book is great thanks Jack London

- The call of the wild1 star

Boriinnnng, never read a book that was so hard to follow.

- A classic.5 star

Anyone giving this book a 1-3 star rating should be shot. That is all.

- This book is amazing!!5 star

I love this book! It's amazing! It's sad at some parts but it's a great book.

- Call of wild5 star

This is my favorite book

- Fantastic!,5 star

London's words are poetry and you will find yourself re reading passages and committing them to memory.

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5 star

@kennycurtistalk: Another 60 second movie review from Morgan: The Call of the Wild

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@washingtonpost: “The Call of the Wild” review: This canine tale is sloppy, like a big dog. But you can’t deny its gentle heart. https:/…

5 star

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Discover the magic of the wild 🌲🏔️

5 star

Trooper, the bald eagle rescued by Illinois police, returns to the call of the wild via @heraldandreview

5 star

@Marvel_TH: คนี้ The Call of The Wild เสียงเพรียกจากพงไพร เข้าแล้ว จากนิยายคลาสสิคของ Jack London เล่าเรื่องการผจญภัยของ Buck จากเป็นสุ…

5 star

#CalloftheWild is a heartwarming, competent new take on the classic tale.

5 star

Box office goes 'Sonic' again but hears 'Call of the Wild'

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