Grimm's Fairy Tales

Grimm's Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm Book Summary

From the land of fantastical castles, vast lakes and deep forests, the Brothers Grimm collected a treasury of enchanting folk and fairy stories full of giants and dwarfs, witches and princesses, magical beasts and cunning children. From classics such as "The Frog-Prince" and "Hansel and Grettel" to the delights of "Ashputtel" or "Old Sultan", all hold a timeless magic which has enthralled children for centuries.

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Grimm's Fairy Tales (The Brothers Grimm) Book Reviews

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- My review5 star

I feel this book was not only different from my point of view of our books now I feel it made me realize how our story books that people read to their children at night are much more than they are thought to be it made a giant impact on my life reading this book.

- In the beginning...there were the actual 'Story Books'5 star

The original books pre-"everyone loves happily lives happily ever after"🤢 This is the real Tales from where nearly every Fairy Tale that's ever been has been 'derived'...all without the 🤥 [silliness] of unnecessary nonsense. 🤫 DUH...

- Amazing5 star

If you like dark fiction, this book is for you. The book comprises of the tales written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. There are dozens of stories in this book, and they are all excellent for anyone in 6th grade or above. This book includes the iconic stories like Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and more. I would rate this book 10/10.

- it’s good5 star

it is a promising book, gives you many of the classics and others

- I LOVE IT 😍5 star

This very great book for kids and I gave my daughter this book to read and she absolutely loved it but it’s kinda sad that it ended 🥺

- Good4 star

Was free, so good collection of stories. No illustrations though

- Extremely Detailed5 star

This book is AMAZING! It’s clever, fun to read, PACKED with details, gives morals, anything and everything you would ever want from a fairytale book.

- Doo doo1 star

This doo doo yeah I’m gonna I wanna is a time for you guys and me and you can get it to the time you

- Grimm5 star

I read it, it’s fun for me

- Awesome5 star

This book is so good to the fact I’ve read like 1000 times 😄😇🥰😍😜😎🤩🤯

- AWESOME!!!5 star

This book is great! I highly suggest this if you like fairytales it’s amazing keep up the great work.

- Spectacular5 star

More common ones that we are familiar with but some novels in Wich are new and exciting stories -11 year old Alondra

- Astonishing5 star

This is one of the few greatest books I’ve read. Some of the stories are quite long but that makes them great!!! I’ve read a book called red the true story of red riding hood. And it has parts of the book that are from Snow White and rose red . This book is truly astonishing I highly suggest that you read it!!!!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

- So cool5 star

This is a awesome book it has many u can I have only read the first story and I love it

- Fairy Tales5 star

This is a good book with a great plot. I would suggest more of these for the adventurous reader

- Grim's Fairy Tales5 star

I liked this book a lot.

- Love the stories5 star

Great book

- The Grimm Fairytales3 star

Very interesting. Good insight into the mindset of mid evil people of Europe.

- Nostalgic5 star

This book brings a feeling of nostalgia, it has some familiar stories and some stories that were lost in the depths of time. Some stories have gruesome scenes, and not all of them teach lessons that are relevant in today's society, but, not a bad book.

- No good1 star

My dad said it was bad

- SO GOOD!!!5 star

Loved this so much! Very interesting and comedic stories that I enjoyed. Wish there were more!

- Must read4 star

Must read title great book 😎😀

- dark and enjoyable5 star

my dad read me these books when I was a kid. I only know realize how much he edited it for my young ears. Still enjoyable classics!

- Great book5 star

Very good

- If you are up to some death...4 star

This book is great although you have to be prepared for a bit of unnecessary death😕

- Awesome5 star

I love Grimm fairy tales

- Great Read!5 star

This book really is worth you time.🤓👍

- I love it!!!5 star

So amazing I love these stories I've read them over and over

- This book3 star

This was a good book with classic fairy tales and ones you have never heard of.✌🏾️

- Lalala5 star

It is a great book with lots of fun stories.

- Not a Complete Version2 star

Does not contain the complete works of Jacob and Wilhelm, 1812 & 1815..... Sampling of works; excluding both popular and less known stories. For example, no Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

- Pages Missing2 star

The stories themselves are good but it's very hard to understand things sometimes as there are pages missing with valuable info/dialogue. It made reading very frustrating honestly.

- AWESOME5 star

This book had some of the best stories I've ever read! My favorite one is "The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage"! This is a story book that everyone must read!

- Sup5 star

Good book read now

- LOVE IT😄😄😄5 star

I positively love this book, my children beg for me to to read it to them. It's so entertaining to read the original fairy tales 👶❤📖

- Grimm's Fairy Tales5 star

It was fantastic. Nothing beats the old writers. The

- Cool5 star

Good book to read it sometime.

- Grimms Fairy Tales5 star


- Disappointing2 star

This is the kid friendly translation that omits a great portion of the original text.

- Best Classic ever5 star

This bý far was the best collection of stories I've read Í would líke tó point öüt though tjáð í think I've figured öüt where the phrase don't take candy from a stranger, I think it came from the story “hansel and gretel”

- Is a table of contents too much to ask for3 star

It would be nice to know which stories are included. Which pages the stories are on..... Common must haves in a book.

- Love it5 star

This book is amazing. There were a lot of stories I never even knew. I enjoyed reading them very much. It's a great book. I recommend it.

- Nice5 star

Very entertaining and accurate stories and folklore of Germanic decent that teach a nice, if not totally discernible, life lesson.

- da best5 star

dis is da best. Very inspirational.

- Great book5 star

This book has classics and some u have never heard of. When I read the sample I got it and it is free! Some stories would be a little scary for youngsters under 6 but besides that it is awesome. I recommend this and i am 11 years old. So download,read and enjoy. Happy holidays.😄👸😋🌳❤️🐘22

- Blackstar Bushin4 star

Loved reading the actual stories behind the tales that I was told as a little kid. I think Disney should have added the toe and heel cutting... 😆

- Amazing5 star

This is like a book of fairytales that adults can love!

- AWSOME5 star

This book is all the Disney fairytales but grimmer

- I like the book a lot.4 star

Love the book! 💙

- The best fairytales ever 😘😘😘5 star

The greatest book ever 😃😃😀

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- grimms fairy tale5 star

greatest book ever !!! if u love the brother grimms stories this is the type of book for u.

- Swag5 star


- I'm on their side2 star

If everyone else says it's bad, then it's gotta be bad. That's obviously why it's free! Every other Grimm's fairytale book costs money! Well, at least I have the actual book in my bookcase. The complete.

- Question2 star

Is this based on the Unenchanted series? With Mina an yada yada, cause she had the.... Can't say spoilers... But she was a grimm

- Weird2 star

This book is filled with strange and scary stories that do not make sense??!!..,,

- Grimm's Brothers Stories1 star

If as I imagine that these are the original stories,they have obviously been re-written since the time of the original authors. However I found rather simplistic and the endings of the stories quite abrupt. I must say though I found them quote enjoyable.

- King Grisly-Beard??!! <- shameful1 star

My favorite story by the Grimm brothers is King Thrushbeard. For some reason, this is renamed to King Girsly-Beard and every mention of his name in the story has also been changed. Though to some this is a minor change but to me, it's huge! I haven't read much of the other stories but I'm sure that I will find that more stories by them have been changed in this edition.

- 🆔👌3 star

i love one direction

- Grins tales1 star

I didn't enjoy it because there was not enough scandal,deaths and betrayal,not enough my opinion I thought it was quite boring :(

- My opinion4 star

I think it's a great book but the only problem Is it is ridiculously long. It's more of a kids book because lots of the sentences are simplified in a good way. I am 10 and I still personally love this book so far because I have only read the golden bird and I look forward to the rest. So if you like to do something too keep you busy or have a quiet read, you should recommend picking this book so you don't have to keep changing books. :) thank you for making this book!

- Feedback2 star

2 long.. I liked the diction and syntax use with the duration of this virtual novel.. But that's about it!

- Great book4 star

It's a wonderful book, but I think to make it those 5 stars it would need some shorter stories that are about 4 pages. But otherwise it's great

- Grimm fairy tales5 star

These are some of the best stories I have ever read!!!!! They are fascinating and very much interesting. I really like it and hope that there's more.

- Grimm's fairytales4 star

This book was really great I loved how they made ordinary fairytales into something Original and scary! But not too scary! TAke my advice, read this book!

- Would recommend! 10/105 star

This is a very good book, I would definitely recommend to anyone! It was also free, so if you don't like it, it doesn't matter. I would suggest that you read it.

- Great!!5 star

Amazing but needed a contents .good

- So glad I downloaded this!5 star

I love classic fairy tales, with out the sugary sweetness added to them. It doesn't matter that there may not be a contents. If you love fairy tales with a twist then you will love this book just as much as I did!

- Good5 star

This is a very good collection of fairy tales by the brothers grim and has good vocabulary for kids.

- Wow4 star

Great book I really enjoyed the old way of looking at fairy tales like rapunzel and what REALLY happened it was a great book could have read this all day and I hope I can get a hard solid copy of it :)

- Grimm's Fairy Stories2 star

It's free so it feels bad to complain about a free ebook, but this is a very bare bones edition, with no table of contents or illustrations. The two Project Gutenberg editions in the store are far superior.

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- Good3 star

The combo book of him and his brother is better but much longer.

- Grimm rules!5 star

An amazing original 😜

- I love it!5 star

This is a great book, I love it so much! Personally, I think the last story, Snow-white and Red-rose was the best.

- Historically interesting3 star

Enlightening to see where modern adaptations (such as Disney) came from.

- Great Book!5 star

This book will keep you interested and will be one of the best books you have ever read! You will not regret getting this book :).

- Overall good4 star

Most of the time good in some parts very boring and redundant. Would recommend it.

- Grimm fairy tale5 star

Good book

- GREAT4 star

It is awsome!!!!!

- Awesome5 star

I'm only ten but I understand every word of it I hope it's reading counts I loved the tale of The Salad.

- Amazing5 star

It went great with the other book called unwnchanted

- Best book5 star

The best story book ever!!!!!!

- Love it5 star

I love reading fairy tales and this book is the source of them

- I am a Grimm5 star

The cool thing about this is Jacob and Willhelm Grimm are actually related to me.

- Beautiful5 star

This book tells the true fairy tales of Snow White and Rose Red, rapunzel, and more!!!read this book!

- Dark and Amazing5 star

This is an amazing book that I personally recommend to everyone who knows about Grimm's original fairy tales. While this book is good, though, it definitely NOT for everyone. So if you like or are interested in the original Grimm's, read it! You'll love it! On the other hand, if you enjoy the newer versions, I suggest that you stay away from this one.

- Grimm Fairy Tales5 star

This book was amazing. It was full of wonderful stories, although I would say it needs more suspicion to spice it up. I loved all the stories and recommend everyone to read it. It has a little something for everyone. The Grimm brothers did a great job. I wonder what book is next?! Now a few words from my sister. I as well loved this book. I also recommend this book to everyone. OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! This book has something everyone would like to read. Just needs more suspicion. There is a common thread that runs through this book. I won't tell you what it is. You'll have to find it after you read this whole story.

- I LOVE it5 star

Look at the title 😸

- 10stars if possible5 star

This compilation of Grimm fairytales is amazing and deserves 10 stars.

- Love it Soooooooo much dude5 star

It is soooooooo cool I have never read on the iPad but I love it and I love all of the stories in it I am such a book worm hahahaha

- Grimms fairy tales5 star

It was amazing. A little gory but still outstanding!!!! 5 stars from me!!!!!!😁

- Less gruesome than I remember4 star

The tales are great, but I remember them being much more gruesome in my childhood. I suspect these may be the "sanitised" version 😒

- Great book!5 star

Where was I as a kid when I should have had a copy of this book in my hand I was outside playing. Dads make your kids read this early and young in smile.

- Great Read5 star

I really enjoyed this book. It got me through an airplane flight and long car trips. Very good, and I would read it over and over.

- Creative5 star

This book is awesome! It adds a grim twist to the common fairy tales !! I hope I can find more books from them!

- THANK YOU.5 star

Who else is here because Sherlock?

- No table of contents!2 star

Hard to find individual tales

- Grimms fairy tales5 star

I like this story .

- Great collection!5 star

Definitely, not Disney :) I still love Disney though! But I do not mind reading a little tragedy once in a while..

- Best boom EVER!5 star

This was such a good book! I couldn't put it down. I took it to the pool with me this weekend and I didn't go swimming, I just read and read and read! I see myself reading this book again, DEFINITELY!! And you should read it too, it's just a-ma-zing!

- AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This was such a great book and some with the happy endings and the litature was beautifully written.

- Grimms Fairy Tales4 star


- Great!5 star

Loved these original stories! Disney just sugar coated them for the kids. Cinderella was actually the tale of Ashputtel if anyone needed to know. I know; surprised me too. This man was a genius when he wrote these.

- Grimm2 star

So I guess it was ok I really did not know much of the myths.

- No Cinderella!2 star

I was disappointed to find out that Cinderella was not listed in the table of contents. I was in need of the original story to research for my role as the evil stepmother in a local production of Into the Woods. The stories that are included are still interesting and worth the read, they are so different from the Disney versions we all know and love, however I wish they had included Cinderella.

- Grim fairy tales5 star

This book is great ! A bunch of awesome fairy tales mixed together. This book is great for 9 year olds and up. Every story has it's own enchantment. Bookworms like me. Have plenty of story's to enjoy. THIS BOOK IS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Grimm Fairy Tales5 star

It was so clever,witty,and just wonderful!!!I recommend it for all ages.Just wonderful

- The page turner5 star

Sooooo good loved it it was so interesting

- Sweet4 star

This is fun and scary a real page Turner

- Fantastic5 star

A wonderful compilation of tales, some cautionary and others seemingly just for fun. A great read for any age!

- Book5 star

This is the best book.Why?It's so interesting!!!!!!

- It was great4 star

Some story's in the book I didn't get but over all it was good👍

- Grimm5 star

I just absolutely love this book. I give it 5 stars!

- Love this book5 star

I love the storys in this book 5 star rating

- Great5 star

Amazing they should make more

- Amazing book5 star

I think that this book is really great and has all the classics, along with lesser told ones. It is a really good book.

- Review3 star

This book was ok it had many different stores

- Amazing5 star

Great perfect for Sisters Grimm lovers!

- Timeless5 star

Classic life lessons in a highly readable book. Rewards and punishments are both a little extreme which makes it better than most of the watered down stories of today.

- GREAT BOOK5 star

This book tells the stories of Grimm this book is truly AMAZING!!!!!!

- Grimm4 star

Has anyone ever read the UnEnchanted books? (: Well theyre free along with this book... but, if you havent read the series they talk about this book alot.

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5 star

@bubbycrimes: dont know one goddamn thing about Grimm's fairy tales because all we do in class is talk about marx and star wars. anyways…

5 star

dont know one goddamn thing about Grimm's fairy tales because all we do in class is talk about marx and star wars.…

5 star

@Ange_lala_La "Are you watching 'Grimm'?'s fairy tales WITH A TWIST" I love his delivery on stuff like that

5 star

【合唱1作目】林檎売りの泡沫少女-Grimm's Fairy Tales- (6:11) #sm29513277

5 star

'Let us go to the shore, and I'll tell you my history.' This haunting illustration is by British #illustrator…

5 star

27% done with Grimm's Fairy Tales, by Jacob Grimm

5 star

Boing to set Hunchback of Notre Dame to the side for the while; it's a good time because he is in fetters at the mo…

5 star

@smithsmm Almost impossible to choose so few! Lower KS2 Amazing Grace Grimm's Fairy Tales Charlotte’s Web The Lion…

5 star

Booooooom: London-based director Brock Neal-Roberts asks “why do we stop being young?” in this modern twist on G…

5 star

• Baron de Ghost from THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF UNICO • The Slime Monster from GHOSTWRITER • Any of the scary epi…

5 star

Today is Tell a Fairy Tale Day. Original Grimm's Fairy Tales are very unlike the Disney fairy tales we all know. BB…

5 star

@PittTweet: Next, we traveled to the Lithuanian Room. On the back wall, behind the student seats, there is a large copy of the painting…

5 star

@PittTweet: We stopped by the Cathedral's German Room next. Micheal Walter, who coordinates tours of the Nationality Rooms, showed us th…

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