The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Book Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

Hester Prynne lives in infamy. After committing adultery and bearing a child with a man whose name she refuses to divulge, the heroine of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel is forced to wear a scarlet A to mark her shame for all to see.

Hawthorne’s American classic reflects the Puritan mindset of Boston in the 1600s, where public humiliation was acceptable punishment for a woman who bucked the norms. Never mind that Hester’s husband was widely believed to have died at sea and that Hester and her daughter are living a quiet life of good deeds in their little cottage outside town. Someone wants revenge-and will stop at nothing to get it.

The Scarlet Letter incorporates supernatural elements with historical fiction. It’s a dark tale of sin and redemption with an unforgettable heroine whose story continues to fascinate readers and inspire film adaptations.

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The Scarlet Letter (Nathaniel Hawthorne) Book Reviews

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- An enormous disappointment2 star

The only things that seem to have kept this book from entirely fading into obscurity are Hawthorne’s commentaries on the roles of women and religious fundamentalism. I am usually enraptured by the heavily descriptive prose of romantic era literature, but this novel seems to think that its readers have a collective IQ of 10; needlessly pounding the same symbols and analogies into their skulls. It brushes over any content with the slightest potential to be entertaining (Hester’s experiences in helping the less fortunate and living in relative solitude are only described; we don’t get any specific examples of them) in favor of droning on and on about concepts that it has already presented, such as the dynamic between Chillingworth and Dimmesdale. I wish I could give this book a star and a half. It does not deserve two.

- A little tedious but worthwhile for literature examination4 star

This book is tedious to get through and I would not pick it up for a casual read but it earns its literary merit and is worth examining for that

- it's stained from my tears1 star

i had to read this in high school and it was the worst book i've ever read. no i don't care what real literature is. three-year-olds don't have that extensive of a vocabulary, even if they are puritan, mr hawthorne. bye

- A book about Hypocrisy.3 star

Interesting characters, deep plot, intriguing story.

- The Scarlet Letter5 star

So sad a story.

- The Scarlett Letter1 star

10/10 would not recommend.

- Wow5 star

Great book but i hate Pearl

- no1 star


- Read this for AP Literature5 star

Absolutely amazing. If you are a reader, you have to read this. Beautiful work & absolutely enlightening in terms of the nature of unavoidable human sin/penance/penitence.

- Unusualness c5 star

You don't want me

- Before you read this, don’t.1 star

I had to read this book for my advanced English class and I can honestly say it is the worst book I have ever read. The archaic writing style and the confusing sentence structure made it very difficult to comprehend. The vocabulary used and the way Hawthorne incorporated symbolism into almost all aspects of the book detracted from the main idea. Would not recommend.

- I hate this dumb book1 star

I bought this book thinking "hey, I could use a god read on the crapper". So I bought it. As soon as I opened this book poop could not stop flying out my crack.

- The Scarlet Letter5 star

It's lit.

- 👎1 star


- Dear Haters1 star

this book is so friggin gay

- Extremely boring do not read!1 star

If u have a decent life don't read

- Better than I thought!4 star

This book was assigned from my AP English class, so I thought it going to be really boring like the usual AP book, but this novel had a great plot and I loved Hester and Pearl. There were some parts that were slow and a little hard to read, but overall this book is timeless and I really enjoyed it.

- Gay1 star

Why does this exist?

- Kill me please1 star

The title explains it all

- Scarlet Letter1 star

This is one of the worst books I read because it was very wordy and it used unfamiliar and large words when shorter words and phrases would have worked. Also, the author did not know how to use paragraphs. Many paragraphs were very large. It was hard to understand the author as a result. I would not recommend this book to anyone.

- In your face symbolism5 star

There's a reason schools use this book so much. Its symbolism is so in your face it almost hurts. The story really isn't very good.

- The Scarlet Letter5 star

This book has a lot of symbolism, as another review said, but that does not bother much. Overall, this book is based on older America and it has old English, so it may be harder to understand the book. This part is not about the book, but about most of the other reviews here. Some people say it's bad with one star. They never seem to say WHY it is "bad".

- Fabulous literature5 star

This book stands the test of time as great literature. I highly recommend it!

- The Scarlet Letter5 star

How dare I write a review of so deep a sharing of Nathaniel Hawthorne"s pen but that any chance reader of this ponderous novel that would traverse its primal thickets and harrow through its fields should take it to heart.

- The Scarlet Letter was bad.1 star

It did not catch my interest in the slightest. It was awful. I would never read it again even if you paid me.

- A Good ORIGINAL Classic5 star

Love this Book. Recommend for all ages 10 or older.

- Good5 star


- welp2 star

maybe if I knew what I was reading this would've been good maybe????

- Brilliant and just spectacular5 star

The author’s descriptive details were so authentic that you would almost believe what it says in the book.

- Gorgeous girl3 star

I think this book is a little bit weird but very interesting and I like it so I guess it's a good book and why is it on her breast that is so weird

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- Solace and inspiration5 star

Any woman struggling through a tumultuous period should take the time to read this book. The heroine, Hester Prynne, provides solace and inspiration to any and all who are face with a burden to carry. I simply loved this book.

- The Scarlet Letter5 star

A story that is able to find the soul and leave its own impression there.

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- This book is gay1 star

Hawthorne u turned into a adult film version....this is not how I expected we had acting parts with girls on top of guys and that is not appropriate ever. Chillingsworth is a fricken creeper and petaphile... And dimmesdale is an idiot and a loser who can't stick up for himself. Smh Hawthorne smh!

- Great Book5 star

Read this for a class project, great book!

- The A5 star

This book is very good !

- So boring1 star

Read something modern. This book is sucky and boring.

- The Scarlet Letter is great!5 star

It is an awesome read! It depicts Puritan life nicely.

- Great read!!5 star

I read this in high school and I loved it. It's free in the bookstore, so I recommend this book to anyone wanted a good one! Time to read it again!

- Not my3 star

Cup of tea . I generally didn't like this book, but it was not a bad concept.

- Slow1 star

Boring, absurd stream on consciousness sections, hyper-symbolism detracts from simply reading. Painful at times.

- Free!4 star

Really saved me some money! Reading this book for my english honors class! It's great so far!

- Great Book5 star

A wonderful read, full of ideas that will leave you pondering for hours.

- Sad but intriguing story4 star

It was long yet the actual events were not that many. And very sad. I am not a book person, this is my 1st book since 5 or 8years of not reading one out of pleasure. I think it was a book that will try to teach you a lesson. I won't read it again. But will talk about it w joy :)

- Brilliant5 star

You can easily lose yourself reading this book for hours once you get past the first few chapters, and has an ending so magnificent that it would encourage you to write a good review about it, and it is free, and my dog is barking in her sleep. I highly recommend it.

- Very good book!4 star

Anyone who enjoys the classics and good writing will like this book. It is very moving for those who can discern the deeper meanings. A bit overly descriptive, but then again you have to look at the time it was written. Over all a very good book!

- School Reading-- YUCKK!1 star

The book was awful! Especially being made to read it.. It's so hard to understand. I found myself looking up words that weren't even in the dictionary. It's also very hard to follow. It doesn't introduce each character very clearly, therefore it's confusing. Did not like it at all! No stars!

- Title1 star

Too much symbolism, almost like getting hit over the head with it. Not worth the time it took to read. I recommend Jane eeyre instead

- Scarlet letter3 star

I liked this book. Though some parts seemed sketchy. I didn't have the feeling that was intended. This book is terrible. I give it a 5out of 5.

- Reedi_nalone14 star

This book was actually quite interesting. It may not be one of the best books I have read, but overall I was satisfied with the book. Ending is terrible though.

- Horrible Book1 star

Worst book I've read I a while. Not worth the time and energy.

- Great story!5 star

Actually reading this book was absolute torture but while I was reading the conclusion I realized it was actually a great story.

- Good4 star

A great book!

- Scarlet5 star

A very good and intuitive read! All about sin and punishment, along with high guilt and revenge! A readers book!

- There's a reason it's a classic.5 star

What a great writer. What a fantastic story. The conclusion is a tad melodramatic, but the prose of the ending is strikingly beautiful. Slow start, but the book soon envelops you. Worth the time.

- ehhhh1 star


- The Scarlet Letter5 star

I just read this book for my AP American History class. I thought it was going to be just another boring, archaic book but I ended up loving it! It starts off a bit slow in the beginning but it soon completely draws you in. I read this in two days (and I had ton of homework during that time)! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in a good read.

- A4 star

Great book

- It's free5 star

Thx for being free ... I can read it on the train ... And my class

- Sensational!4 star

Very well written book. I think it deserves an award. I love it!

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5 star

@ForeverRiggs404: I want @JordanPeele to make a Scarlet Letter type movie where one day everyone wakes up with red ass R tattooed on the…

5 star

Good Story 233: The Scarlet Letter

5 star

@FilmDetective: Tonight at 7PM EST on The Film Detective...Colleen Moore stars as Hester Prynne in this 1934 version of Nathaniel Hawtho…

5 star

@AOC I think it was actually a copy of The Scarlet Letter somebody picked up at a used bookstore.

5 star

@grp273: @maga_cdr @spicysaurus5 You want'em to know they're dyed...they'll lock'em themselves in the house for a week... They go out &…

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@maga_cdr @spicysaurus5 You want'em to know they're dyed...they'll lock'em themselves in the house for a week... Th…

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5 star

@ForeverRiggs404: I want @JordanPeele to make a Scarlet Letter type movie where one day everyone wakes up with red ass R tattooed on the…

5 star

@ForeverRiggs404: I want @JordanPeele to make a Scarlet Letter type movie where one day everyone wakes up with red ass R tattooed on the…

5 star

@PattySm69424257 No, he might have seen the title and giggled incessantly. They wouldn't take that chance. But The…

5 star

@OregonDarryl @MNResistor @realDonaldTrump Actually, that could be any classic book and he wouldn't know the differ…

5 star

Si wonder how many of the torches-and-pitchforks outrage actually read the article? To dismiss #RexMurphy, a learne…

5 star

@ForeverRiggs404: I want @JordanPeele to make a Scarlet Letter type movie where one day everyone wakes up with red ass R tattooed on the…

5 star

@ForeverRiggs404: I want @JordanPeele to make a Scarlet Letter type movie where one day everyone wakes up with red ass R tattooed on the…

5 star

@jordanzakarin: So many silent, complicit monsters in the Trump administration and GOP are going to quietly slip away when this is all o…

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