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Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery Book Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

Mark Twain called the protagonist of this 1908 book the “most lovable child in fiction.” Anne Shirley, a hopeful 11-year-old, is an orphan. The beloved novel begins as Anne is (wrongly) assigned to the care of aging brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who had asked for a boy to help work on Green Gables, their family farm in Canada’s Prince Edward Island province.

Initially disappointed, Matthew and Marilla are quickly won by Anne’s spirited personality - as are we. Anne wants nothing more than a home, yet try as she might to fit in, her manners are lacking. She shouts in the face of injustice. She talks constantly, often about imaginary friends and made-up events. She accidentally serves wine to her first real friend, sending her home drunk. Will Anne’s irrepressible spunk keep her from finding a permanent place at Green Gables?

For over 100 years, readers have fallen in love with Canadian author L.M. Montgomery’s coming-of-age story and its freckly, redheaded heroine. Over the course of the 11 books in the series, we delight in watching Anne grow from an impulsive, charming child into a mature and kind young woman.

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Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery) Book Reviews

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- Great book5 star

This book was wonderful. It’s filled with imagination and heart that can’t be denied.

- Amazing book5 star

Having seen the movie first, I finally got to read the book and loved it so much. Anne teaches you that a little imagination goes a long way! Also, if you are a classic movie lover, see the movie by the same name made in 1934. The actress who has played Anne is simply wonderful!

- I Recommend5 star

I watched the show on Netflix and it was really good, I figured I'd give it a read to see all the details. I would also recommend watching it for yourself on Netflix it’s called “Anne with an E”. It’s a quite cute story.


Magical book. It’s like living in Avonlea with the Cuthburts. It’s absolutely enchanting.

- Typos3 star

This is one of my favorite books. I don’t understand why so many typos are present and the grammar is so off from the original in this version. It seems as if it was retyped by someone who spoke another language. I guess this was allowed to be published as is?

- Incredible5 star

I think this book is absolutely amazing and incredible. I probably shouldn’t have but I watched the show, “Anne With an E” before reading this and I have to say, they both tell the same wonderful winding story! The book really helped me understand what was really going on. I wish I read it sooner!

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

This has always been and always will be one of my favorite books. It’s is so beautifully written. Anne is such a lovable character and will always be like a friend to me. I hope you give it a read and love it as much as I do.

- Very good5 star

This book was fantastic...I could relate to Anne many times. I laughed, cried, and mourned with her throughout the whole book. I am excited to read book number two in the Anne of Green Gables series

- Kindred Spirit5 star

"Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maude Montgomery is one of my favorite books as well as a time honored classic. The story of this imaginative, red headed little girl, whose tongue is hung in the middle, as Mrs. Lynde would say, brings everything a good story needs. Laughter, everyday life, and, at times, heart ache, are melded together so perfectly in the life of Anne. Though she makes many mistakes on her way, this lovable book carries us into Anne's unique world and guides us through her first five years of life at Green Gables with Marilla and Matthew.

- Highly recommended4 star

This is a great series, please stick with it- there all wonderfully written! I read them all for the first time in 4th grade and find myself coming back to Anne now.

- This book is amazing5 star

I loved it. This book was the sweetest thing. I would recommend this book for young girls ages 10-13. Hope u guys read it and enjoyed it as much as I did.


This book is terrible it has nothing in it interesting whatsoever! You can’t even understand half the things they say!

- Amazing absolutely Amazing5 star

I loved this book so much. It sometimes made me laugh hysterically and the other cry myself to the "depths of despair " please read this book it's fantastic

- Great read!4 star

I didn't grow upon the U.S., therefore I had never read this book. After reading so many great reviews, I decided to read it. I'm so glad I did! I was sorry when I finished as I wanted it to go on and on. I'd recommend it to anyone of any age. Loved it!

- Love it!5 star

Great book!! Love it!! 😄

- Great!5 star

This book has many twists and turns can't wait to read the next book.

- movie first5 star

i saw the movie years ago, i love the book even more.

- Sweet & romantic5 star

Will definitely read the entire series of Anne.

- Never gets old5 star

This book is and has always been my favorite. I've read it more times than I can count and I still laugh and cry as much as I did the very first time. If you've never read it your missing out!

- Tried and true5 star

Love love love!! Charming! Refreshing! A treasure the first time and every time!!

- CJ5 star

So glad I read this book. I have seen the movie a couple of times, and as good as it was, it doesn't take the place of reading this book

- Anne f G G5 star

Great book. Loved the movie, but the book better. Lovely story.

- Anne, Such a Classic!4 star

I love the classics. This one is heartwarming and fun. It makes you thankful for the things around you and the people in your life. A wonderful story.

- Anne Of Green Gabels5 star

A great classic, a must read for all young and old dreamy girls. You will fall in love with Anne right from the start and cheer her all the way through the book. This book is sheer delightful. I highly recommend this story to all, young or old.

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

Always a favorite. You can picture the beautiful setting and smell the roses.

- Heartwarming, humorous, wise5 star

Once again the classics come out first. The writing is impeccable, the story wise and funny, the story brings tears to my eyes

- Stunning and imaginative5 star

This has always been one of my favorite books, right along with Little Women, this book is heartwarming and jolly, with wonderful morals and values to think heartily on. There is definitely an incredible scope for imagination in this series! This is the second time I've read it, and I can't wait to read the rest!

- My View4 star

As an older adult reading of this fanciful child for the first time, was saddened that it wasn't on my reading list as a young girl. What a joy to look at everything with such imagination, wonder and hope as Anne did. This will be on my granddaughter's reading list.

- One of the great classics5 star

A timeless, enchanting, and wonderful classic that everyone should read. I don't know how many times I smiled while reading this book.

- Great5 star

This is a great book although it has long chapters I recommend this to everyone !

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- Anne o Green Gables5 star

I have seen the musical of “Anne of Green Gables”, but not the book page by page. Twice I almost had tears in my eyes, when I read towards the end of the story. It’s a famous book, and it’s very enjoyable for me. It’s the best iBook I have read so far.

- Truly a classic5 star

A very good read, with some laughs and some tears. Recommended for all ages.

- This great book5 star

I thought it was an amazing book definitely 5 star out of 5. I loved this book! If you haven't read it you should definitely read it.

- Love this book5 star

I can't believe how much I enjoyed this book. Such descriptions. I could picture everything in my mind. I read it in 4 days. Just couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it!!

- Great book love it5 star

The book is lovely but over 1000 a little to long but other wise great book

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

This is a fantastic book. Anne's imagination and ambition reaches out and inspires the reader.

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

Warm hearted story. I loved how the author made Anne a delightful person and gave her instantly likable friends. Of course, there's also the quotes in the book that make this story so memorable.

- Heart-felt moving story5 star

I read this novel a couple of years ago and I picked it up again. I could read it with different perspectives. It made me cry and laugh again. I love this book!

- Beautiful!5 star

Absolutely loved it! Cried all through the end.

- Anne of green gables5 star

Amazing, just like I remembered when I was in school!

- Very well written5 star

Very good story. Descriptive, imaginative, and fun, everything I old ask for in a book!

- A good happy read.5 star

Not too many books can make me laugh out loud while reading, but this book had many many laughs. Smiles too. Just a good, happy read. Perfect with a vacation beach or a fireplace with cocoa! Excellent book.

- WOW5 star

I didn't actually read this book on my iPod I actually had a picnic with my best friend and we read it together. Even though I did not read the ebook I know it is a great book. I love it and I'm sure you will too. It's free so go ahead and get it and have fun reading!😃

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

An absolute classic! A must read for all ages!

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

Truly great read. I have watched the series and can honestly say that I loved the nook much mite. Thanks

- Awesome5 star

I love the book. Classic. Such a lovely story!!!

- Review of Ann of Green Gables5 star

Until recently, I never read this book. I've seen all the movies and now I realize that the movies were great because they stayed true to the book. This book is a great read. The author writes so descriptively that you can paint a picture of the scenes in your mind. The characters are well developed and multi-dimensional. Best of all, it is a wonderful testament to a girl's childhood. An experience every girl can relate to. It surpasses boundaries of culture, nation, and family. A must read for all!

- Amazing!5 star

I loved reading this and will continue reading the series!

- Great story5 star

Funny...I grew up on pei and sat through the play every year...we still haven't read the book the island is famous for in school, and I'm in high school.....I guess it's easier just to see the play

- A timeless classic5 star

I've read and loved this book in my childhood and it is still just as lovely and heartwarming as ever. If you've never read this book, let Anne bring you in her world of dreams and optimism!

- Great story that stands the test of time5 star

Anne is a girl testing expectations and trying to find her place in small-town Canada. Great piece of Canadian culture

- Beautiful!5 star

An innocent beautiful story that every girl who holds sweetness and daydreams in her heart should read.

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

How to begin? Anne of Green Gables is one of those books that come into your life and become part of your very soul. After the first few chapters, I became an addict, I simply could not get enough. About half way through, I wanted to drag out the ending, hoping I could make it last. Needless to say, I fail miserably. Anne of Green Gables has made me laugh, cry, roll my eyes and shake my head with rage at fictitious characters in the beautiful world of Avonlea. What wouldn't I give to disappear into that world. This novel is spectacular. I cannot recommend it highly enough and it shall always sit in my personal top five favourites. I cannot get enough of the girl with hair like carrots.

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

I'm only 12 but have read this book about 20 times! Best book ever! I still cry and laugh and this book has got me through the hard times!!!! Thank you Anne!!! We love you!

- Childhood revisited5 star

I read this book approximately 33 years ago and when I found it again I thought I'd revisit it. I love it now as I loved it then. What a lovely, hearty and wholesome story. If i'd have had a girl I'd have gladly shared this book with her. I recommend it to both young and old. Just lovely!

- Incredible, brilliant, moving, perfect5 star

What a wonderful book; so exquisitely written and so beautifully thought-out. A true pleasure, and one that I enjoyed all the more as an adult. It truly reminded me of so many important things that I had forgotten in life, and was a joyous journey. There came a point at which I couldn't put it down. Incredible characters, a lovely tale, and so much sweetness and optimism. Simply divine.

- Anna2 star

Best book I ever 🐬🐟🐳🐳🐬🐳🐳🐟🐳🐟🐟🐟💐🌸🌷🐙🐘🐑⚡🌺🌻🌹🍀🌴🌵🌾🐚🍁🍃🍃🍂

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

I absolutely love this book. It is one of my ultimate favourite books of all time. I recommend for every teenage girl to read this book as it will change their life forever....

- Heart warming4 star

A rewarding read with beautiful imagery of the Canadian coastline and an interesting, pleasant plot line. a heart warming read great for kids and adults alike.

- "Splendid"4 star

Anne of Green Gables will have you dreaming in prose. The heartfelt adventures in Avonlea are clearly a classic for a reason.

- Anne5 star

I love this! Grew up with her and this book brings happiness to the soul... Gimme more please...

- Lovely5 star

Beautiful language, painting pictures in my head. Creates a dream of what the world should or could be like. Wish I hadnt refused to read this wonderful story as a child, it may have given me a different outlook on life :)

- Lovely reading!5 star

It was as enjoyable to read as when I'd read it as a young adult. The iPhone version is an absolute bonus in that I can even read to myself, in darkness, while getting the kids to sleep. I can't wait to read on in the series!

- Anne of Green Gables4 star

Lovely story, just as enjoyable this time as the first time I read it in my teens. I intend to introduce my daughter to the exploits of Anne Shirley.

- Love AOGG!!!!!!5 star

I am only 12 but I've read all 8 of the Anne books at least 4 times! I LOVE Anne of Green Gables!!!!!

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

I must have read this book more than 50 times over the past 30 years and still laugh and cry at the same parts. This wonderful piece of writing is timeless. Now my 8 years old daughter is starting to discover the delight of the Anne of Green Gable Series.

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- Loved it4 star

i wouldnt of chose this book unless a different book ran out in school i amglad it did though

- Great Book4 star

This book was very enjoyable. Every little girl who reads about Anne Shirley will love her. However, there are some editing and formatting issues.

- Terrific5 star

If you r undecided about getting this book, your decision has been made. GET IT!!!! It is a terrific, wonderful book filled with character. I luved every word of it. It is the best book I read all year! It is awesome!

- Excellent5 star

Excellent, even the second time around.

- Brings joy back in life!5 star

What a wonderful read! There were moments of giggles,tears and even a little bothersome confusion. But all those feelings were openly received for it has been 26 years since I've felt that way...all in 5 days!

- Brilliant!5 star

Love this book.....why I took so long in life to have read this, I just don't know! Must read.

- A Classic5 star

Your loss if you don't read it....

- Amazing5 star


- Anne of green gabels1 star

I don't like it at all its boring and its about old times

- Lovely read4 star

I have watched the movie when I was younger but wasn't much into it. I knew there was a book out but I couldn't bare to read it myself. I have finally decided to pick it up, and it was such a fun read. I did skim through a few paragraphs when the talkative Anne would ramble about nonsense. Other than that, I loved the atmosphere emanating from the book!

- Read5 star

This book is a must read. Probably the 20th time reading it and it never gets boring. Just as exciting as the first time I read it.

- It's OK3 star

Anne of Green Gables is ok kinda boring

- Beautiful5 star

There is no story more classic than this one. Beautifully written, and the original also! Thank you for putting this on the iBookstore!

- Majesticall5 star

I LOVED this book. I still do, and I'm rather young. But reading Anne is like sipping hot chocolate on a snowy day by the fireplace- warm, cozy, and fills your heart.

- Anne of G.G5 star

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I just couldn't put it down, this book is a for sure must read, I am in 6th grade and I understood and loved this book, ppl my age and older then me for sure will too

- Anne5 star

Anne of green gabeles is awaome Anne is a dreamish thing. Anne is sensible Anne nice. Anne good friends with nature Anne has good friends Anne has good frieds

- Omg you'll ❤ this book!!!! She shares my name!!!5 star

I totally love this book, and I couldn't believe it when I saw that it was free!!! Marilla seems out of place and uncomfortable around Anne at first, but don't let that stop you from fully enjoying Anne's amazingly vast imagination. -Anne P.s. I saw this one review that says this book is for ages 12-20. This is not true. Any kid can relate to Anne, and most adults, too!

- What a book5 star

I don't know how to describe how wonderful this book is , it's a classic everyone in the family will love. I love to read this book all the time . You learn something new every time you read it. I would absolutely recommend this to all the people who love classics and haven't read this book.

- Wonderful! A classic that everyone should read5 star

My favourite as a child and I still enjoy reading it now! I loved Anne's energy and zest for life. I think every girl (and boy too) should discover the magic of Anne's world at least once in their lives.

- A MUST READ!5 star

I decided to pick this book up before an audition for the same play, and am so glad I did! Not many books can make you laugh out loud one moment and crying the next. If you have enjoyed such books as Tom Sawyer you will surely love Anne of Green Gables. A timeless masterpiece everyone must read.

- Like like like4 star

Love this book

- Re-read and re-read!5 star

Love Anne and love Lucy for creating this delightful character. Montgomery paints most beautiful words pictures of landscapes, one can see it clearly.

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

I LOVE this book! It is still one of my favorites!!!!

- A beautifully written book.5 star

This is the second time reading this book. The first time was in my teen years and I read all of the Montgomery books. I love her take on life and the poetic writing. Now I am an adult and have little ones myself and the book is just as exciting. Maybe even better now that I can see it not only through the eyes of Anne, but Marilla too. again I have fallen in love with all the characters and will read ALL her books again.

- Looooove it !!!!5 star

It makes me cry it makes me laugh it makes me want to read it over and over I'm only 12 and I'm reading the whole series this is a book for all ages from 12 to 20 I love Anne because I'm just like her and I love gilbert b/c if u have ever seen the movies he is so polite and nice and dreamy. I want to marry some1 just like him some day

- Anne of Green Gables5 star

I have read this book every summer starting, at least, 4 years ago. I think this book became my favorite since the first time I read it!! And if someone's reading this review I highly recommend this book to you, because once you start reading it you can't stop.

- Texan5 star

This is hands down my favorite story of all time, now if I could only get to PEI, I'd be set...

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5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@CubeSpider I am so charmed right now. I feel like I am reading Anne of Green Gables. You should write a book somed…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

「赤毛のアン」の原題が「Anne of Green Gables(緑屋根のアン)」なのは有名じゃないかも知れないけど大抵の(日本以外の)翻訳版は原題の翻訳題なのに、イタリアだけは「Anna dai capelli rossi(赤毛…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

5 star

@marilock: FOR BLACK GIRLS LIKE ME is an #ownvoices novel ft. a #transracialadoptee growing up in a white family. It’s Anne of Green Gab…

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