The King James Bible, Complete

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The King James Bible, Complete Book Summary

This volume is the complete King James version of the Christian Bible, an English translation authorized by the Church of England and completed in 1611.

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The King James Bible, Complete - Unknown Reviews

  • Ggggvgg

    By Vvvvvcvggtghhjllllll
    Why is this not in the fiction section
  • NICE

    By P5115354
    thank you for spreading the word of god out for Free. It says a lot that an company can do that
  • Good book

    By Hejdjfjdhrj
    This book is good
  • Dr

    By Bradley O'Connor PHD
    Best book 2015
  • Please Remove The Disrespectful Comments

    By Treywood3
    Reviews are to help the customer decide if he or she wants the app. As well as help the designer of the app to fix problems, and make corrections. Not to type disrespectful comments about "The Word of God" and rate them so people can see your ignorance... Just remember God was the author of The Bible, not the author of this app. So this app will never be completely perfect. So if you find something that needs to be fixed, then post a comment. But leaving an opinion about this app, and leaving one about The Bible are completely different. God Bless, Trey
  • Worst book

    By CLind
    Bible is a joke. Worst book in history. Would give -5 stars.
  • Review

    By Yvuuyv
  • Blame Apple

    By TonyTwicegood
    Blame Apple Inc. for all these confusions concerning this app
  • This book is in the wrong genre

    By JewAra
    So this book has to be put in the fiction section of the store because it is what it is, a fictional story of mythological beings and events that never really happened and were made up by early man to explain stuff that they were too scientifically ignorant to find answers for themselves.
  • Holy bible is our life style

    By ..Aram
    God bless you all

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