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Dream Psychology by Sigmund Freud Book Summary

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Written by the founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud’s 1899 book is the definitive text on learning to interpret dreams. Freud’s groundbreaking approach to healing psychiatric issues through dialogue between a patient and therapist gave us enduring concepts like projection and transference, as well as the superego, ego, and id.

Above all, Freud advanced the progressive idea of unconscious desire as a driving force for our thoughts and actions. This paved the way for the revolutionary notion that dreams are more than wild nonsense-they’re a channel for symbolically communicating our innermost fears, conflicts, and desires. While many of Freud’s theories have fallen out of fashion, Dream Psychology is a great introduction to the influential field of psychoanalysis. It’s a fascinating look into the world of the subconscious-and the human mind.

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Dream Psychology (Sigmund Freud) Book Reviews

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- Not what I expected2 star

I picked out this book based on the fact that it was a classic and that I wanted to learn more about this subject matter. The book was a very dry, hard read. Every once in a while there would be something really interesting followed by page upon page of what felt like Freud’s stream of consciousness which was at times difficult to follow.

- Dream Psychology3 star

Good read!

- Dream Psychology4 star

Insightfully informative, Intriguingly intuitive...Useful for subjective readers eager to gain a more objective viewpoint

- Dream Psychology4 star

As a beginner I could understand a little it would take many more reading to fully understand the concept and start interpreting our own dreams. The book is a very useful tool to understand the working of conscience and subconscious mind. Thanks to all who made it possible for me to read this masterpiece.

- Truths4 star


- Interesting4 star

Freud discusses dreams, among other things, such as the conscious, foreconscious, and even the unconscious. Meaning of dreams are discussed so that the reader can better understand his or hers fully. I found this book as an interesting read because it discusses dreams in depth. It’s quite confusing, but I have a general understanding of what this genious has to say on the subject. He even discusses his theory of unconscious thoughts, feelings, ideas, some repressed, that become conscious within our dreams! The only thing negative I have to say is his peculiar idea that everything relating to a dream, which is only discussed in one chapter, has some sexual significance to. You will understand once you read that chapter. Otherwise, it’s a fine book for a person interested in the mysteriousity of dreams.

- The first therapist5 star

Unfortunately many (if not most) students and many licensed psychologists have not experienced analytic psychology in a positive or sensible fashion. Freud's work is unquestionably brilliant but one must consider its historical significance and its longstanding application to truly appreciate his work. Some of us read all of his work following earning our doctoral degrees and also read other analysts as well. Do yourselves a favor and keep an open mind. As to another reviewer, his work has not been discredited but many ideas have been objectively verified.

- A masterpiece5 star

One of the most important works of Freud. The beginning of his method and the beginning of his most productiva realizations. metode and the begining of his most productive realizations.

- Great dream4 star

Iove this book of my dream

- Amazing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 star

This book is interesting for I think anyone who is going to take the time to read this book and study it for it even says that his book aren't ment to be interpreted in a few hours to even the smartest physiologist. I'm 15 look for a knowledge filled book and this delivers what It says I look forward to reading more of his works. :)

- Great book3 star

Im so glad I found this book

- Discredited for a reason...1 star

I haven't even read it, but being a studying psychology student I know that anything that is based on Freud's teachings or studies should not be taken seriously or as factual. He has been widely discredited and his findings were proved wrong. Would NEVER suggest something by him or based on his studies.

- Not bad, not bad at all...5 star

I liked it. I got a chance to see just how brilliant Freud was. ( I didn't care for him too much, before I read the book ). He was very innovative in his thinking and attempt to define why, what, and how we dream. ( it's a bit "wordy" for my taste. But I survived! ) I $ this before I took the consciousness course @ my school. I was intrigued, but since I've been forced to read it... I actually enjoyed it!! I suggest this for the Psych "nerds" we must stick together! And gather all the great psych info out there! I'm a total Adler fan, but Freud isn't so bad after all! Take a peek at it, you won't be disappointed. :-)

- Los sueños.5 star

Obra maestra del maestro de la psicología profunda.

- Nice5 star


- Dreams1 star

It is a good book of dream psychology but to some extend,i have done MSC in psychology this is my favourit subject.

- Dreams2 star

This book was bad lame and dry

- Won't let you leave till the last page1 star

I had to rate and review this book by flipping through to the last page before I could get back to my library.

- Mesmorizing3 star

This is a really good book about psychological analysis. I have studied psychology and have been intereated in it simce then. I always try to find books about psychology and this book is pretty interesting i recommend it. If you like psychology then you should read this book!

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- Good book5 star

Worth the read if you are interested in frued and origin of psychoanalysis

- Gae5 star

Good booooooooook

- G5 star

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- Quality and Informative5 star

Very great book for those interested in studying psychology, specifically the origins of psychoanalysis and dream analysis. The book goes Into detail on various topics pertaining to dream psychology, and while it could be considered boring by some or a difficult read, it's definitely worth it for those who want to learn about the subject.

- Uber Nonsense1 star

And did I mention boring? So I guess it is boring nonsense, nonsense that will put you to sleep because it's so boring, or just plain old crap. Too bad I'm not able to give it a quarter–star instead of one star: one star is far too generous for this drivel.


I'm sorry but I have to agree that this book is boring. I couldn't even get through the sample because it just rambles on and on about some dude. Don't get me wrong I Was going to give it the benefit of th doubt, but it failed to intrigue me.

- Lucid dream5 star

LuCiD dreams?

- Boring1 star

Not interesting, unless used for research purposes

- boring!!!1 star

This book is so boring!!!!!!!!!

- Very interesting, worth the read.5 star

Very interesting, worth the read.

- Great book5 star

Good for psychologists and studiers of the mind

- Dream physiology5 star

Good reading

- Interesting3 star

A lot of polarised opinions on here. He presents a lot of interesting theories some of which aren’t really backed by science but present an interesting direction of study. Nothing in science is fact and people should consider this when reviewing as theories can be amended as more data presents itself.

- Dream psychology1 star

Terrible book extremely boring and brain dead

- WOW5 star

There are many words to describe this book, brilliant, staggering, mind-blowing, its wonderful, dissect every sentence, the way he describes things and the idea's he puts forward are of pure genius! If you haven't read it, do!

- Classic5 star

Absolute must read for those interested in psychology and psychoanalysis, but also in analysis of art, cinematography and literature. Too many arrogant ignorant statements here from those who have never read more than "OK" magazine and the Daily Mail.

- Utter garbage1 star

Don't waste your life reading this,absolute dog muck

- Freud5 star

I really wanted to read this as I do psychology as a GCSE and am currently studying Freud, brilliant book

- Freud's work, largely criticised, but must be considered4 star

Just to clear up some errors in some reviews here. Freud did not just come up with some opinions and "whacky ideas". His theories are based on years of clinical research and while they are by nature subjective, which is a perfectly acceptable tenet of psychology, Freud considered his work to be actually scientific. Without his work, psychology would not be what it is today, and just because people may find his theories to be distasteful, it doesn't mean they do not have substance. Freud's work has real life application in therapy as well as development. Most importantly, Freud's theories are being revisited and are being backed up with a lot of scientific evidence.

- Review 14 star

A very well laid out book. Has great detail and explains everything fully, perfect for a young reader like myself who is keen to read and learn more about the mind and dreams.

- Great read5 star

Fun, engrossing & fascinating. Must read if you're interested in the subject.

- Interesting.3 star

Freuds theories are interesting, that can't be denied. But most of them are not applicable in real life. They're also extremely unscientific and subjective so they can't be proved or disproved. Also he made all his theories from a case study on one child. -.-

- Fact or fiction?1 star

Fraud's work is based on opinion not facts.

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"We are what we are because we have been what we have been." ~ Sigmund Freud, 🙃 Dream Psychology: Psychoanalysis for Beginners

5 star

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