How to Lie with Statistics

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How to Lie with Statistics Book Summary

Over Half a Million Copies Sold--an Honest-to-Goodness Bestseller
Darrell Huff runs the gamut of every popularly used type of statistic, probes such things as the sample study, the tabulation method, the interview technique, or the way the results are derived from the figures, and points up the countless number of dodges which are used to full rather than to inform.

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How to Lie with Statistics - Darrell Huff Reviews

  • nice book

    By qwe2312
    good reading
  • Statistics for People Bad at Math

    By jwtaylor1980
    "How to Lie With Statistics" is a great book about the many incorrect things that can be easily "proven" with mathematics, and how you can avoid falling for it. The real strength of the book is that it gets it's point across with simple terms and examples that most non-mathematicians will be able to easily follow. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in taking a more critical look at our world from a numerical perspective, but wants to do it without an advanced degree.
  • Lighthearted Enlightenment

    By billyzkid
    This is a fascinating and fun read that demonstrates how easy it is to deceive with simple statistics. Even if some of the examples are a bit outdated, they are still very relevant and this book should be read for your own protection.

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