Jokes for all Occasions

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 1174647036396135647
  • Genre: Humor     Publisher:
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Jokes for all Occasions Book Summary

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Jokes for all Occasions - Anonymous Reviews

  • Really itching to read this book!!!😎

    By Sigcop26
    This looks so FUNNY I just want to get it SOOOOOO bad!!!!!!
  • This is why people commit suicide.

    By Larissa's iPhone 6
    The idea to make this book was probably a joke.

    By Rafi0922
    this is just bad and, if you think of a better fish let minnow
  • Jokes for all occasions

    By Sea creature223
    I love this book
  • No stars

    By Zooeylou21
    It was bad it was more like a story book then a joke book.that was the worst jokes ever. Don't make another one
  • I'm 8

    By Bella Lederman rocks!
    When I got this book I thought it would be great....
  • Stories in poor taste

    By Pilot434ERAU
    This is not so much a book of jokes for different occasions, but more of a collection of racist, stereotypical stories, with different themes. Not a joke book, not funny, and definitely not something to read if you're offended by antisemetic or racist anecdotes.
  • Out dated and might offend

    By Redemily
    Copyright in the 1920's which was a very different time. The reference to negroes and colored is very outdated along with the stereotype of a lack of education. Keep the time period in mind when reading this. I am glad I did not grow up during such a time and would find it rather offensive if published today.
  • Umm I'm 7

    By SpeggyMerbles3
    Not funny
  • snooze fest

    By o1dcrown
    jokes my grandpa would like...

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