The Expositor's Study Bible

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The Expositor's Study Bible Book Summary

A unique study Bible with commentary notes on virtually every Scripture

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The Expositor's Study Bible Book Comments

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The Expositor's Study Bible - Jimmy Swaggart Reviews

  • Excellent

    By kdiez99
    Great, best bible and translation out there
  • Please

    By Tech man 47
    Read what God has written
  • Impossible to find the "Book" I am looking for . This is not user friendly

    By mvmfkflog.
    Otherwise good
  • not happy with app

    By Re doc
    If you will notice all the negative reviews from a few years ago, not happy with navigation, when your on a page you do not know what page your on and also very slow. My paper Bible is better.
  • Blessing

    By AnnoyedMom3
    I love it, it's a blessing to have it.
  • Andre Chavez

    By Andre Chavez
    I have had the actual Expositors Bible for years, and find it beyond phenomenal in so many ways. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. I mainly use it for the cross reference of scripture throughout, and it is a tremendous help untold. It is like a 25th century help in the 21st century. That is the number one reason why I am so quick to answer online questions in seconds. It is a full Bible Collage degree unto itself. But I have delayed getting the download edition for the lack of funds. Finally did it. Never happier than today. Now I can carry my Bible Collage education everywhere with ease of access. My first big question was these negative reviews on the difficulties of it's navigation. I found out right away, all I have to do is bookmark the first title page (the table of contents); save it and that is all you need. Tap the book you want and tap the chapter you want; tap-tap and your there in like two seconds. I found that out right away, and I am by no means a computer genius. These kids nowadays, they want the computers to do the thinking for them. GEEZ!!!
  • Expositors study bible ebook version.

    By Sk8er girl101
    I love the print version of this bible; but the ebook version is a big disappointment! It is very difficult to jump from book to book & different verses in a quick manner. I wanted to use this ebook for church & bible study because it is lighter & easier to carry my iPad than the heavy bible. But, the ebook cannot be flipped through from one book to another in a quick manner. I can get there the way it is but takes several minutes instead of seconds. Please fix this or somehow turn it into an app like many other bibles. Gail
  • Love SBN and Expositors Study Bible

    By BrendaRushing
    I am a media church member and have had this Bible for many years. Was very excited to get it on my iphone and ipad. I have to agree with other reviews about not having a title of the Books and Chapters!! It would be awesome to see where we are reading. Hope this does get fixed. I also have trouble scrolling once I get toward the NT, it slows way down. I love the message!!! ITS THE ONLY MESSAGE !!! JESUS CHRIST and HIM CRUCIFIED!!! In Christ, Brenda
  • Fix it

    By Endtime christian
    Please fix it. I downloaded it and the dictionary doesn't work. Also can't see the book or chapter I'm looking at. Commentary is very helpful. I use this bible app a lot but need the book of the bible I'm reading out of listed.
  • About ebible

    By Jo2anie
    I would like to purchase this, but would like the changes suggested to happen before I purchase this, makes reading and referencing easier . I already have the physical bible, in fact two of them, but would like one for my iPad. Will keep checking your website for any changes. Bible mom. It has been over one year and still no updates have been done! Why write a review if there will be no changes to make this great bible more user friendly? Why do you not care that so many reviews ask for a simple update? Make it more user friendly! How can we enjoy this wonderful bible when you are not sure what book you are in? Do you not care?

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