Clean Across Canada

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Clean Across Canada Book Summary

Simple soap recipes for starters and sophisticates. If you have a blender and a few spare moments, you can make your own gentle, creamy soap, even better than Great-Grandma's!
Your own home-made soap makes great Christmas gifts, so clean up your family and friends...
Warning: Soap making is highly addictive!

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Clean Across Canada Book Comments

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Clean Across Canada - Jan Norn Reviews

  • concise and very helpful

    By dogs see for me
    Because I am blind, I wanted a bit of specialized guidance at several points along the soap making process. The book-s author, Jan, answered my inquiry and offered to work with me to figure out how to make soap safely and effectively. How many authors, or people, generally, would extend themselves like that? It is a sign that Jan really knows her subject.
  • Interesting!

    By Mary in Illinois
    I have been using & buying homemade soap for about a year now. This book has enlightened me to the fact that even I can make my own soap. It brings soap making down to the amateur level. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in giving soap making a try! A BIG Thank You to Jan for putting it out here for free!!!

Jan Norn - Clean Across Canada E-Book

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