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The Finding

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 365797748421356914
  • Book Genre: Suspense
The Finding - Nicky Charles Book Score: 4.5 0 5
4.5 star
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The Finding Book Summary

She discovered a dark secret, witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life. Three years later, Cassie is still hiding from her past, haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control a terrifying beast that seems to grow stronger each day. When Bryan, pack Beta, appears to claim her, Cassie is forced to face the truth of her existence. Innocence, betrayal, greed and love collide with ancient werewolf laws in... The Finding. Third book in The Law of the Lycans series by Nicky Charles.

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The Finding Book Comments

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The Finding - Nicky Charles Book Reviews

  • Plot holes so big you could drive a truck through them (G8rgirl96)

    I read all three books. I hoped they'd get better. Unfortunately, they didn't. The heroines in The Mating and The Finding were simpering, spineless bits of fluff. They have only the barest minimum communication skills, and seem perfectly content to believe whatever ridiculous stories the bad guys tell them. They spent most of the books clutching their pearls and fretting, rather than trusting their own intelligence to solve their problems. Also, wolf packs in the wild are run by the dominant female. The Alpha male does her biding.
  • The finding (Alicia3031)

    Loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The finding (Ikamika)

    Loved it as expected
  • Amazing (Disneytrish33)

    Love all the books
  • The Finding (Texas Taunit)

    I love this series. The author has a real for expressing emotions. Almost makes you wish werewolves were real just for the hope of never feeling alone again.💜
  • Great read (TLS38)

    While this book in the series seemed just a bit more laid back compared to others, it was artistically woven together towards the end in a twist I didn't see coming. So glad once again to rave about this entire series!
  • The Finding (Chewy Gal)

    EXCELLENT!! Wonderful suspense and romance, hot sex scenes, great character development and the plot turns and twists kept me turning the pages. Loved every minute!!
  • Romance and action with shifters. (Tcbuck)

    Great book. I loved following the story of Cassie. You get to see her grow up and understand what she really is, a werewolf. There is romance and a lot of action and conflict in this book. Great for anyone that likes romance and shifters.
  • Nicely written (Cowie1979)

    This novel is written by a talented author. With great attention to detail that allows you to visualize the scenes as the story unfolds. This story has the perfect amount of action, romance, suspense and erotica all mixed in each scene that keeps you on edge as you turn each page.
  • Thrilling! (SweetPea726)

    This book has a great story with lots of excitement and toe curling scenes. Hard to put down.

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