The Potluck Club (The Potluck Club Book #1)

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The Potluck Club (The Potluck Club Book #1) Book Summary

In the small Colorado town of Summit View, a surprising multi-generational mix of women from Grace Church meet once a week to pass a hot dish and to pray. But the Potluck Club, as they call themselves, is a recipe for disaster when they send up enough misinformed prayers to bring down a church. And the funny thing: the more they pray, the more troubles seem to come their way. It isn't until they invite God to the table that they discover friendship is the spice of life, and a little dash of grace, just like salt, goes a long way.

With charming, down-home characters, humor, poignancy, and a recipe in every chapter, The Potluck Club will keep readers hungering for more.

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The Potluck Club (The Potluck Club Book #1) Book Comments

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The Potluck Club (The Potluck Club Book #1) - Linda Evans Shepherd Reviews

  • Decent

    By Cdastrf456
    It was choppy in the beginning but the book had some wonderful viewpoints and opinions that I enjoyed.
  • The Potluck Club Book #1

    By GJ lave
    Most inspiring, uplifting, thought provoking book I have read in a really long time.
  • The Potluck Club

    By Senior1935
    A Beautifully told, inspiring page turner !!!
  • Potluck is great read

    By KT1950
    Learning about the small Colorado town and all the residents. Fun read.
  • An excellent book about real Christians.

    By BetaFlyingFrog
    I really enjoyed this book. It's about real people who struggle with their faith. The characters are fictitious, but they are all real. They each contain truth, and reflect real people you probably know. I love the way the authors brought out the funny and poignant parts of the different characters. The plot is not about suspense or fantasy. The plot is about living real life and dealing with the things that come your way. I was surprised at how much this book helped me grow in my faith in God. I could really see how God works in my life through this story of the lives of the women of the Potluck Club. I would definitely recommend this book to Christians, especially women. But I think men would enjoy it, and learn from this book. It is not a book for children. There are many adult themes.

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