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Othello Book Summary

"Reputation is an idle and most false imposition;
Oft got without merit and lost without deserving."

In the city of Venice, a dark-skinned military commander named Othello secretly marries the young and fair senator's daughter Desdemona. The interracial marriage draws resentments from other Venetians, particularly from the ambitious and envious soldier Iago, who hates Othello for his success, his way with women, and for overlooking him for promotion. Enlisting the help of Roderigo, another soldier lusting after Desdemona, Iago begins to plot to strip Othello of everything he holds dear, concocting a scheme far more sinister and gruesome than murder...

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Othello Book Comments

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Othello - William Shakespeare Reviews

  • Better copy

    By mpsutts
    This is one of the best versions I have seen. With nice clear formatting and good full character names and stage directions! The most of them. The best frees version of Shakespeare. I know I'm taking a Shakespeare class now so I have a couple to read and this publishers version is the best of the free ones.

William Shakespeare - Othello E-Book

Othello - William Shakespeare E-Book coming soon..