American History For Everyone

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American History For Everyone Book Summary

American History for Everyone: A Narrative History of the UnitedStates tells the story of the development of the United States, fromthe arrival of humans in Alaska more than 10,000 years ago to theopening of the twenty-fi rst century. Focusing on the nations successivewaves of individuals that make up the story of American history thebook offers a look at the individuals that created the United Statesof today. In the book vague recollections are clarifi ed, myths are removed,and misconceptions are corrected. American History for Everyone:A Narrative History of the United States tells the story of the nationand the people who created it. Those individuals often in confl ict witheach other and always struggling fashioned the United States intothe wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world. It also has becomeone of the most idealistic and willing to devote its resources to solvingsocial problems at home and around the world.

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