How to Be Free

How to Be Free by Joe Blow Book Summary

How can we free ourselves from mental suffering? How can we unlock what the poet William Blake referred to as “the mind-forged manacles” - those unhelpful, unfounded and inflexible habits of thought which keep us from reaching our true creative potential?

This book provides practical advice on how to achieve this.

But it also offers an imaginative holistic theoretical framework for an understanding of the nature of the universe, the psychological history of the human race and the meaning of life.

What Readers Have Said About "How to Be Free" :

"I just wanted to thank you for publishing 'How to Be Free'. It helped me through many hard times that have recently occurred. My self-esteem has been raised because of you."

"This is a book that is full of insight and as a psychology major, I would highly recommend this book for all open minds."

"Opened my eyes and changed my life."

" f*****g changed my life."

"This book is dark, deep and brilliantly written. I'm very moved by the author's candidness about mental illnesses, a subject that has become extinct in our conversations and dealings. Here is a person who reached deep inside himself and spilled his soul out onto each page... and he did it so eloquently. I applaud him for bringing me to tears."

"Really loved the book. It made me think, self reflect and take a deeper look at my own self."

"I found your book particularly helpful at a low point in my life... You have given me new hope..."

"Your book has made me a happier person already!"

" awesome book..."

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How to Be Free (Joe Blow) Book Reviews

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- This not where I found freedom2 star

Even though some of the advices are good and helpful, it tends to be general and presumptive. Don’t waste your time.

- Ehh..3 star

I’m about half-way through and It’s a well- written book but some of the thinking seems out-dated . The author references past times a lot but not so much today’s modern world. Also speaks mostly for the masculine/ man thoughts & actions vs speaking for all human beings. Worth a read because it’s free but I wouldn’t really recommend it as a guide to be “free”.

- Tripe1 star

What is this tripe and how did it ever get in my library?

- ❤️5 star

I love everything about this book. It makes you see life from a whole different perspective. Opens part of your mind you’ve never knew you had before.

- Accomplish5 star

Great life lessons. Great job

- *** NOT A SELF-HELP BOOK ***1 star

Horrible read. I have learned a lot from books based on personal experiences but this is NOT that. This is a book based on a mans personal views on evolution, religion and sexuality. Author / publishers should be proud they got away with exploiting venerable people. What there doing is dangerous!!

- Complicated style2 star

I can’t ignore the fact that I learned something from this book. However, I have to admit it’s language and terms are hard. I didn’t enjoy it, but taught me something.

- Don’t get the rape sprinkled in4 star

Good read, very thought provoking. Great job of addressing the ‘why’ if the issues, which is so important. I just didn’t quite get why the author kept sticking the word ‘rape’ in there - everything else was congruent and free-flowing, it seemed like these rape mentions were hastily jammed in there without context, which now that I think about it, kind of sounds just the way rape is. No I didnt rate this four stars just for the rape stuff.

- Waste of time1 star


- ok boomer1 star

alright boomer thats enough…🙂

- Perfect timing5 star

Thank you! Oh what a read. Especially with everything that’s going on my life... I thought I was happy, suffering through the amour. Definitely going to read it again. It saved my life. Thank you again!

- Amazing !5 star

This book is amazing. Really illustrated thoughts I’ve had for years. Really nice to not feel alone in some of the ways I’ve thought. I’ve found personal guidance through this book and have recommended to several friends.

- The Title Is Key4 star

I am complex thinker, a lot of self conjured ideas are talked about and explained in this book. Free ya mind

- Wow’d5 star

I was attracted by this book in a state of which it really benefited me to read...2 hours later ... I’m thrilled even better than if I would’ve walked out of my therapist office. I related to the Authors shared sense of therapeutic relief coming from discussions in this perspective. Most definitely will be reading again.

- How to be free1 star

I never finished the book. How dare you try to take someone’s belief in God and try to tell them he doesn’t exists. That’s your opinion. It is not your place to put your views of the world on our backs. You need to seriously think of the harm your doing to people in the name of being free.You have no god because you don’t believe. Go back to school and write something real and stop projecting your crap onto others in the name of money. Money seems to be your God. I do not recommend this book.

- Magnificent book..5 star

I chose a good book to be my first book to read.

- Helping to break the mental chains4 star

Thank you Mr Blow. This book has helped me to continue to move more towards my higher self. To keep in mind I am only a part of the whole and to never try to force change through harsh words only through loving actions.

- A lamp shining in the darkness4 star

"Joe Blow" does an excellent job describing where and why we are the way we are. He does a very good job explaining the self-acceptance required to become individually and collectively happier and healthier. He does very little to explain the possible techniques of changing ourselves. So his ideas are a lamp shining in the dark. He theories why the dark is dark and why we may want to become the light. The journey to become the lamp is up to us.

- Surely will interest many people!4 star

Very open minded book, interesting read.

- Don’t bother1 star

This book was pure drivel. It’s written by someone who believes that he is un-important and nobody as he states but his book can save the world. He has no historical data psychological data or scientific data to back anything stayed. He downplays Christianity and Jesus Christ while quoting Him saying that he’s inspiring. Both can’t be true. These were but the ramblings of someone who what’s self justification for being an ting the the way they do.

- Great read5 star

An interesting prospective on everyday thought and approaches to life

- Eye opening5 star

Great information!

- Opens Doors5 star

The capacity to unlock more than 10% of the Brain escalated to about 99.98% unlocking whilst read!

- Not Accurate.2 star

great writing, great ideas, but absolutely no help psychologically and not really much to do with the title at all. “how to be free” but there’s literally not one piece of advice in here. just a cluster of random ideas and theories for why we think the way we do.

- Not Good2 star

I really wanted to like this book, I enjoyed it up until the author started going into the nature of sex in animals. It turned into more of a rant of the author putting their personal feelings into the subject matter rather than actual helpful information for others. The writing is all over the place at times, skipping back and forth from meaningful information to incoherent nonsense. None of which is backed by anything except the author perception of how things seem, based on quick research they probably did on whatever they were talking about. I will not be finishing this.

- Meh5 star

Rite on. Still prefer stall wall scripture.

- Thought Provoking5 star

Interesting. It is exactly as it claims. Neither a text book or professional how to. Made me think and consider my own experiences and observations. As for views on God, the writer is entitled to their opinion. Question to all of the angry Christians - aren’t you all supposed to love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek and not demonstrate hate? Maybe you are the ones who should review your Christian faith. Fake Christians are NOT godly.

- Definitely Worth It5 star

I’m about to read through this for the second time. I have been battling with depression for nearly 6 years now, and this book was one of the few things that has helped me. I am finally beginning to feel whole again

- How To Be Free4 star


- Very intriguing!4 star

As a psychology major, this book was very thought provoking for me. I’ll definitely be sharing it with friends!

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- A good self learning book.5 star

I love this book! Definitely recommend this quick easy to read insightful ebook! Thank you for the information and knowledge shared in this book! Good job!

- Just okay- it's free.2 star

It was okay. I expected it to be more of his experiences and recovery. Too much sex talk, I did not find that interesting especially when it is combined with chapters regarding God.

- The 1000 Yard Stare5 star

Written from a logical, pragmatic viewpoint illustrating the realities and associated rationale, giving extended pause for thought and dissection. Given my proclivity for experiencing grand mal epileptic seizures, your words and thoughts take on an entirely new meaning. Hence the extenda-stares. Times for thought and periods of self-realization. Superb. Bravo. What's next?

- Fabulous5 star

This book is the best so far and congratulations to the author for being brilliant and don’t listen to the people who dislike your book

- Brilliant book!5 star

Loved this book! Really made me think and well written by an everyday person for everyday people

- Good read4 star

A very entertaining and enlightening book which I was able to relate with. I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with anxiety or depression disorders particularly PTSD.

- Really good stuff5 star

This book says the things that should be said and no one does

- Loved it!5 star

A different more positive way of looking at yourself comes from reading this book. It all makes sense and if you think it is wrong, then you don't understand it. Everyone should read!!

- Spot on!5 star

Instantly accessible, easy to follow practical advice on how to live a happy fulfilling existence. A most helpful self-help book, and an absolute pleasure to read. The author is refreshingly candid and writes with such honesty and lack of pretence that his words are instantly captivating... like listening to a kind friend who's been to hell and back share his vast insight and wisdom. Joe Blow, it seems, is just like you and me. Thanks for sharing this wonderful book and helping me find my way back to the playground of my mind. My lifelong journey in and out of depression and addictions led me to read many (unhelpful) self-help books that often left me feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. Now I'm finally feeling connected again...empowered, inspired, and so much more optimistic about this crazy world we live in:-)!

- Break out of the Armour5 star

This book really helped me understand that how we protect ourselves and yet hurt ourself with armouring .. How fear creates fear and how accepting and honouring ourselves creates peace ... I could not put this book down - a real insight in to how we can be happier .. Thanks JB

- Couldnt put it down! Eyes hurt5 star

No, really - in one go. Its 3am. I also highlighted half the book while reading lol. You're gonna love it! if youre not a very religious fanatic of a person, so have an open mind. Cause in order to b happy we need to understand how we really work  The best free book i read so far!!!

- Hopeless1 star

This book is hopeless the author doesn't even make sense. This will not solve any of your problems it will only confuse you more

- Ok5 star


- How to be free3 star

I haven't read it yet but it Looks ok I'll go reid it :)

- Excellent5 star

Excellent job👌🏻one of my favourits

- Eye opening4 star

Excellently raw-written book, as well as factual. If like myself ,before completing this wonderful book, you are having trouble getting to grips with your persona/self esteem due to the whatever reason, then this book is exactly what you need to remind yourself how much of a special being you actually are, as long as you’re truly ready to let go of your “society built Ego”, would highly recommend!

- all i wanted to read5 star

started the book not really knowing what i was reading, couldn’t put it down once i started. made so much sense

- Very good4 star

I like it very descriptive

- 10/10 would read again to my mole rat5 star

My pet Chinese mole rat really found this helpful! Thanks so much 👞

- Must read5 star

Really interesting points and plenty food for thought. Well worth a read.

- Good read4 star

Was a very interesting read and taught me a few ways to stop thinking negatively about how I feel towards myself and how to cope with bad thoughts too.

- Clever5 star

Loved it!

- Made me feel human again!5 star

The best book I have ever read. It usually takes me weeks to finish a book but any spare second I had, this was in my hands. It's incredible! I had so many 'mind blown' moments whilst reading it because it put fact behind so many thoughts I have always had. It has given me natural positivity, it has swept away a lot of ill feeling I had about myself due to having 'bad thoughts' and giving into 'guilty' pleasures. It's made me a lot more open, more understanding and even more assertive! It is an absolute must read for anyone that gets wrapped up in what they feel is expected of them from the world and what they actually want to do in the world! I'm off to read it again :)

- Deep, compelling and accurate5 star

Expressed so many ideas that run through my mind daily. Absolutely must read.. great work Joe! 💪🏾

- How to be free5 star

Very interesting read, i found the authors openness about his experiences refreshing. I also enjoyed his ways of thinking... I have also found this book has opened my way of thinking!!! Thank you

- Brilliant5 star

Truly helpful for anybody with more questions than answers

- An excellent read!5 star

I really enjoyed this book. It's quite wide ranging but all fits together well. The pace is steady but never slow and the author's style engaging. I found his honesty refreshing and his research interesting too (having studied psychology for two years as part of my degree and being a fan of Jung also). I'm just returning to give this book a second read, having read it in only three hours the first time because I was incapable if putting it down. I only hope I will enjoy the second reading as much as I enjoyed the first.

- Psychology and Religion5 star

The author talks about how a breakdown can sometimes be a breakthrough to a new consciousness and way of relating to the world. Having had some similar experiences to the author, I wholeheartedly agree with him. His new theory of the world can be neatly summed up by the quote "Pleasure is healing.". Doesn't sound like very much, but I found the full exposition of this quite profound. Late in the book the author connects his theory to the teachings of Jesus. As a Christian, I found this a very helpful interpretation of what Jesus had to say. It can be very hard to grasp fully what Jesus was saying not least because it was told in stories that were for a culture that existed two thousand years ago. I think that the author describes in more up-to-date literal language (although still difficult) some of the broad features that the New Testament tried to describe. Heartily recommended for those who are Christians, are recovering from a breakdown or are interested in psychology (the more practical kind, not academic).

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- Mind blowing!5 star

This book is very very deep and brief. Brace if you choose to read it but it definitely takes you to freedom if you dare! Or at least makes sense if you are already in that state of mind. Might be difficult to understand, if that’s the case then try again after a decade of life... lol. Weldone author!

- Knitswaiting5 star

Thank you very much

- Joke1 star

The guy is not close to a mental health professional. You are not implementing the proper context in writing to be sensitive or respectful to other cultures or beliefs. I don't know what "God" you were referring to, but my GOD does exist.

- Free5 star

Is this ibooik free of charge ? I can’t afford to pay. Thank yuou

- Love it4 star

I really enjoy this book.

- Lol1 star

When talking about evil in the book they skip straight over slavery 👎🏾

- Great Book5 star

A book that puts things in a different light and causes you to reflect on normalities that are so often over looked for the face that we are all at times caught up in our own shell instead of living and embracing things.

- Only God can heal us!1 star

People can’t thrive and grow w/o the love of God. Plants need water or they wither up and die. We will continue to suffer from depression and sadness w/o God. Sadly Joe (author) is atheist and is lost, he doesn’t have any of the answers to a happy and fulfilling life.

- Good5 star

I think this was a great book pointed out lots of factual points in which I would keep in my mind.

- A good read5 star

If you want to unlock the deepest parts of your brain...a book worth reading.

- Phenomenal5 star

Incredible.. and a spectacular book that I adamantly recommend to everyone to read!!!

- Great book5 star

I’ve had some of these ideals before even reading the book, I feel like every young person should read this to open their eyes and get rid of all sadness so humanity can some day live in loving unity.

- Very insightful5 star

I like how this book exposes the way people think and become so stuck in the brainwashing of society and media. This book reminds me of me... Thanks for writing out what many of us think and feel.

- I found a missing piece of myself5 star

Thank you

- Insteresting5 star

I would definitely recommend this read, but I found myself a bit disappointed by a few perspectives and topics discussed. If I do refer this book I’d have to throw in my two cents before praising it. I felt there was a lot of underdeveloped commentary. Many things I felt the in-depth thought process halted far too soon when it could have dove much deeper. Overall it was a good read and I felt like I took plenty from this text I can’t complain too much. It’s a perfect read if you want to get some gears moving when thinking of your place in life. Definitely took out a few quotes I really found helpful and freeing. . . . Lastly, I felt compelled to leave this side note due to other reviews upset by the author not believing in God. His personal beliefs in God is so trivial to the rest of the text you can easily still believe in God and see where his perspective is coming from. It’s a shame to toss such a book to the side it only feeds into the narrative discussed. Give it a read and challenge yourself to be ok with reading the thoughts of someone who thinks differently. It’s eye opening in itself and doesn’t have to be anger driven or upsetting.

- Somethings are worth reading in this book3 star

Happy I didn't act on the first impulse to abandon reading this book. Towards the end, there were parts truly worth reading. The author's brain has been illuminated by flashes of insanity and having read his words, I feel a bit insane too, in a positive, nonconformist kind of way. One note to the author about dogma and religion and the acts of violence in name of a religion: It's good to be able to distinguish between one's understanding of a faith and the faith itself. Both Christianity and Islam have beautiful teachings to enhance our human experience and the fact that relatively small groups in these religions chose to commit atrocities in their name does not change their essence as religions that changed the world.

- Liberating5 star

To say the least this book takes a hard look at the mind,and what makes it tick and I connected with it and it has become a priceless piece of literature.

- Wow5 star

Haven't read a book so honest in a long time. Definitely recommend it. I'm amazed by how many things the author has been thru and can still see the world from this amazing point of view. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- of the moment2 star

Mmmmm myymummmmymmymmmmmmymm M

- Has nothing to do with the title1 star

This whole book was based on sexuality and sexual pleasure and I could not understand what it had to do with how to be free. Waste of time

- Keeping it simple5 star

This book is very straightforward in its discussions of human psychology and what is behind most human behavior. If you are a religious zealot, you won't like what this book has to say, but if you're a free thinker, open to new ideas and self-examination, it's a great book! You should read it!

- Love it5 star

I absolutely love this book. It makes so much sense and it it easy for anyone to understand.

- To wnW2 star

Utah T. 7Has bye W

- An unexpected joy5 star

I'm so grateful I came across this book. "Joe" is intelligent, and enlightened. Laughed out loud more than once. I'm going to read it again and definitely will recommend it. Amazing journey Joe, you're my kind of "crazy"

- Good book4 star

Good read. Very insightful about life's pressures.

- By2 star

Homophobicuoxto c c

- Awesome!5 star

Great insight from another perspective. Loved it!

- Great outlook on life.4 star

Loved this book and it's secular view on life. Me being a Christian I did disagree on some topics, but overall this book was a very eye-opening and educational experience. Will recommend to family and suggest to anyone who is struggling with inner-conflict.

- Awesome5 star

Awesome book

- It answered all of those questions I had always asked5 star

This book answered all of those questions I had always asked about my life and the starting point why dealing with depression and bad relationships. This book opened my eyes, mind and soul. Thanks to the author for this amazing book (my life's answer key).

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@malintfalch: Since a few people asked me how I did the Link/guardian piece I made a little walkthrough of my process. I hope it can be…

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