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Great Expectations

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 2671774476160200
  • Book Genre: Classics
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Great Expectations Book Summary

Great Expectations is Charles Dickens’s beloved, autobiographical tale of a poor boy haunted by a dark secret and harboring grand hopes for his future as a gentleman. Pip, the story’s narrator, takes us through his early life—from his brush with an escaped convict on the marshes of southeast England to his exposure to genteel society through the warped old Miss Havisham and her icy protégé, the alluring young Estella. Apprenticed to the blacksmith, the tender-hearted Joe, Pip’s  fortunes change dramatically thanks to a mysterious benefactor, and he must figure out what is real and what is false as he navigates his new world, while never quite escaping his old. Considered by many to be Dickens’s greatest work, Great Expectations will transport you, move you, and stay with you forever.

Beautifully yet simply formatted, carefully edited, and featuring more than 30 illustrations from the artists who realized the first serialized chapters and many of the early book editions of Great Expectations, this is the definitive digital version of the Dickens classic.

Includes a short biography of Charles Dickens and an addendum of his originally conceived ending.

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Great Expectations Book Comments

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  • Muymuy Cruz
    4 stars
    Good read. Nice one
  • Mildred81
    5 stars
    Great expectations. Wonderful story with everything in it, so real. I would have preferred the original ending, more fitting.
  • 🌀Sparrow🌀
    4 stars
    Great Expectations. Great book. Both my mom and I love it. Full of surprises. If you haven't read it, read it. I say this book is very captivating.
  • JamesGiii
    5 stars
    I had Great Expectations.... …and I wasn't disappointed. The best produced version of this story I've seen!
  • Booktastic!
    1 stars
    Just no. This book made me want to die
  • Schmey
    1 stars
    Not good.... Great Expectations was too long and the story line seemed to drag on. I could barely finish it. Most of the characters were unbelievable.
  • SamiS0sa
    3 stars
    Great expectations... Hmm..not what I expected.
  • Hawkins/Jim
    4 stars
    Ok. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped. :)
  • (>'-')>
    2 stars
    Not a light read.. It treads heavily in socioeconomic issues along with childhood to adult social mobility. Extremely long and tedious, and a waste of a novel idea. His characters are somewhat interesting, but character development is very stunted. Some "main" characters are not easy to connect to, merely because it may take 10 chapters to see them again. I only recommend this if you are a big Charles Dickens fan or enjoy poring over hundreds of dull chapters.
  • PaloLalo87
    4 stars
    My first taste of Dickens. This is the first Dickens novel I've read. I felt a great sense of accomplishment considering I had to look up a word in the dictionary almost every sentence. The characters and dialogue are some of the best I've encountered in literature. The last half of the book really starts to get interesting, making it hard to put down. I recommend ready the original ending, which I found to be more fitting and satisfactory.

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