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Enemies Book Summary

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“Fast-paced, fair-minded, and fascinating, Tim Weiner’s Enemies turns the long history of the FBI into a story that is as compelling, and important, as today’s headlines.”—Jeffrey Toobin, author of The Oath
Enemies is the first definitive history of the FBI’s secret intelligence operations, from an author whose work on the Pentagon and the CIA won him the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.
We think of the FBI as America’s police force. But secret intelligence is the Bureau’s first and foremost mission. Enemies is the story of how presidents have used the FBI to conduct political warfare, and how the Bureau became the most powerful intelligence service the United States possesses.
Here is the hidden history of America’s hundred-year war on terror. The FBI has fought against terrorists, spies, anyone it deemed subversive—and sometimes American presidents. The FBI’s secret intelligence and surveillance techniques have created a tug-of-war between national security and civil liberties. It is a tension that strains the very fabric of a free republic.
Praise for Enemies

“Outstanding.”—The New York Times
“Absorbing . . . a sweeping narrative that is all the more entertaining because it is so redolent with screw-ups and scandals.”—Los Angeles Times

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Enemies Book Comments

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Enemies - Tim Weiner Reviews

  • Concise and factual

    By Tomsrig
    I was intensely riveted to this book the minute I opened the first page. I was stunned by the cascade of facts this excellent author presented in such an easy to read manner. I was equally impressed by the mountain of facts I thought would be needed to write this book - and there they were at the back of the book I reviewed every one and found them accurate.
  • Enemies

    By Ventrie
    After reading this book it would appear the FBI never did anything correctly and were completely disorganized. I think the author seems to have some sort of vendetta against the FBI and other government agencies. I believe the truth is somewhat different than printed here.
  • Gud

    By KHall37
    Me book read smart Siri type for me
  • Must Read!

    By Hopelessy
    This book will keep you interested and when it is done wanting more.

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