The Dog Who Came to Stay

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The Dog Who Came to Stay Book Summary

The memoir of a transformational friendship between a New England outdoorsman and the scrawny foxhound who came to his door one snowy winter day.
In the midst of a blizzard, late one Christmas night in the 1950s, author Hal Borland heard a howl at the back door of his home on a hundred-acre farm in the Housatonic Valley of northwest Connecticut. Resistant at first, he called around trying to find an owner whose dog had gone missing—with no luck. Finally, with the encouragement of his wife and haunted by memories of his childhood collie, Borland brought some scraps of leftover steak outside. This was his introduction to Pat, a miserable, half-starved, but deeply trusting black-and-white foxhound mutt.
Pat would soon become a member of the family, accompanying Borland on hunts and terrorizing the local woodchuck population—and teaching him that sometimes our most immediate connection to the natural world is through the animals we live with. A longtime journalist and a winner of the John Burroughs Medal for distinguished nature writing, Borland tells the tale of the time he shared with Pat in this touching true story that “will appeal to many sportsmen and to all people who have ever been closely attached to a dog” (The New York Times Book Review).  “It is not a mere book to read. It is one to participate in, to experience, to feel. Recommended as much more than a superior dog book!” —Library Journal “A book for those who know the companionship of an honest dog, and for those who must realize the blessing of such an experience vicariously.” —The Christian Science Monitor Hal Borland (1900–1978) was a nature writer and novelist who produced numerous bestselling books including memoirs and young adult classics, as well as decades of nature writing for the New York Times. Borland considered himself a “natural philosopher,” and he was interested in exploring the way human life was bound to the greater world of plants, animals, and natural processes. 

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The Dog Who Came to Stay Book Comments

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The Dog Who Came to Stay - Hal Borland Reviews

  • Dogs with notions!

    By Rozebramay
    If you enjoy fine writing and tales about the dog/human interface, this is a good choice! I chose the words 'interface' specifically because we can not know our canines but from a human perspective. Their reporting on their relationship might be very different indeed! But as an adopter of a 4 yr old abused dog, I found it interesting to read about a mature dog who chose his humans, and how the humans sought to know and develop and relationship with him. This is a wonderful story of a century past, as well, with a flow of daily life not to be found these days.
  • The dog who came to stay

    By Lj Kraft
    Greet read,I've had four dogs,they all had something special and I loved them. Pat brought back so many great memories. Thanks

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