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The Song of Achilles

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 482772883482772882
  • Book Genre: Historical
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The Song of Achilles Book Summary

“At once a scholar’s homage to The Iliad and startlingly original work of art by an incredibly talented new novelist….A book I could not put down.”
—Ann Patchett

“Mary Renault lives again!” declares Emma Donoghue, author of Room, referring to The Song of Achilles, Madeline Miller’s thrilling, profoundly moving, and utterly unique retelling of the legend of Achilles and the Trojan War. A tale of gods, kings, immortal fame, and the human heart, The Song of Achilles is a dazzling literary feat that brilliantly reimagines Homer’s enduring masterwork, The Iliad. An action-packed adventure, an epic love story, a marvelously conceived and executed page-turner, Miller’s monumental debut novel has already earned resounding acclaim from some of contemporary fiction’s brightest lights—and fans of Mary Renault, Bernard Cornwell, Steven Pressfield, and Colleen McCullough’s Masters of Rome series will delight in this unforgettable journey back to ancient Greece in the Age of Heroes.

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The Song of Achilles Book Comments

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  • peteheat
    5 stars
    The Love of Patroclus. What a beautiful story! It could be called the Love of Patroclus, for he is the one who shines in this tale as the true hero. His dedication and undying love for Achilles, plus his humility and kindness in a world full of callous men, makes him the real star. I was so moved by this telling of the story. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a great read!
  • Jadagundy
    5 stars
    wow.. Genuinely astounded by how much I truly loved this book. Madeline Miller took a tragedy and somehow made it into so much more, truly a great writer. She still managed to weave in the typical aspects of a tragedy, the fatal flaw for example, but shift it in a way so that it was not the true focus of the book, only the afterthought. You really get that this book is first a foremost, a love story. A book that I could easily read over and over again. Most definitely worth the read!
  • hoooowwwwww
    5 stars
    amazing. such a beautiful book. filled with poetic descriptions and details. i recommend 110%
  • grantly7
    5 stars
    Beautiful life journey of love and devotion. I was recommended this book after having read “Call Me By Your Name” twice. This goes so much deeper than that... In developing the primary, and ultimately all other characters of note, the author fills one with an unmistakable sense of dedication, devotion, and true love that is so incredibly and plainly alive between Achilles and Patroclus. You know the book is good when you stay up at night, reading under the covers, because you can’t bare to feel and watch come alive the little sweet nothings that happen between them day in and day out. I’m so glad I found this book and will read it time and time again...
  • Milly20O6
    5 stars
    Loved it ❤️. A page turner.
  • fizzyburr
    5 stars
    My favorite book. Beautifully written, I don’t understand why people are complaining that its “slow” and gay, if you’re looking for action story about Achilles maybe don’t buy the one that states its a romance novel about two men in the description. Homophobes must not have brains.
  • Allie Gibbs
    5 stars
    Great Book. First things first, this book is INCREDIBLE. Despite what people are saying (and complaining) that their relationship is impossible, that’s not true. Unless you’re homophobic, this book is for you.
  • Capitolina Lupa
    5 stars
    Wow!!!. Great retelling of Iliad. Side note for uneducated people: Greeks were hella gay. They had a tradition of homosexuality since most men could marry until later in life. Women were encouraged to cut their hair to ease the transition. There was a passage in the actual Iliad were one of them (I don’t remember if it was Achilles or Protrculus) described the others THIGHS!!! Plato even described their relationship in a similar light. Let’s not forget that they ‘mingled their ashes so they shall never be parted’. Wow, best friends!!! Total Bros!!!
  • Seethestride
    5 stars
    Holy Shiznit. best book ever. if you’re on the fence about buying it, just go ahead and do it. you can thank me later
    5 stars
    Fabulous read. This was a magnificent book. Couldn’t put it down. An enthralling writer. I will recommend to everyone.
  • Jameskbuck
    5 stars
    Amazing, engaging, warm, compelling. I've never taken the time to review a book on iTunes before but this is a must-read. It's breathtakingly beautiful and emotionally compelling as well as being an engaging story. Wow. Wish I could read it for the first time again.

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