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Pookie and Tushka

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 476685824484417744
  • Book Genre: Early Readers
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Pookie and Tushka Book Summary


Includes SOUND EFFECTS on every image and a SING-ALONG VIDEO.

Meet Pookie and Tushka, winner of "BEST NEW CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE YEAR" in this beautifully illustrated eBook!

- "Pookie and Tushka find a little piano" story.
- "Pookie's Song" Sing Along Video.
- Educational pages about Penguins, Polar Bears and the Polar Regions.
- Hidden sounds in every illustration.

A frozen little piano arrives to the shores of the Icelands, bringing Pookie the penguin and Tushka the polar bear fun, excitement, and a heartwarming lesson about the essence of friendship.

Lovingly written and illustrated, Pookie and Tushka bring you the perfect children's tale!

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Pookie and Tushka Book Comments

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Pookie and Tushka - Jorge Book Reviews

  • Pookie and Tushka book (Applefordinner)

    This was a delightful book. I liked the positive message and interactive features! 🙂
  • Such a cute book (c_hdz10)

    Perfect bed time story.
  • This is the book (LOLLIDE DOLLIE)

    I’ve loved this book since i first read it. It has been my favorite book for a very very long time. Im always going to read it until the day i pass.
  • Adorable (ckhtc)

    You guys please it is such a cutie book
  • Pookie and Tushka (SallyMillie)

    Was on a trip with my 3 yr old grandson and we read this book. He was mesmerized! We will read it again.
  • Penguin’s with polar bears? (atop the world)

    I know in one page it says were they together but why not write a story about it?
  • Pookie and Tushka Find a Little Piano (Cheeseybanana & Catdog)

    Awesome book! So adorable! The book was great! Little kids will love it especially. I recommend this book.
  • Tools (jazmine poop)

    I love This book
  • Super cute! (Joflosgrl)

    This story is adorable!! I love how each illustration comes with a sound affect. And the adorable song at the end. LOVE this.
  • Cool book (Laalaamort)

    It was a cool book

Pookie and Tushka - Jorge Book Reviews

  • Test (Slkdjgojeslfkv so)

  • Good but for 3-6 year olds not 10 year olds (Krg0405)

    Great book lots of love but for 3-6 year olds not ten year olds
  • Pookie and tushka (Giajane99)

    Im 29 years old and a kids book collector , read this book and just love it.
  • Lovely! (Looking for a better app)

    This is one of my daughter's favorite books. We have a large library of ebooks, and time after time, she chooses Pookie and Tushka. It's a lovely story of friendship that brings a smile to my face every time I read it to her. At the end of the book is a lovely, touching song. I'd write more, but it have just been asked to read Pookie and Tushka again.
  • So Cute (LyonLuv)

    Such a precious little story for either a girl or a boy. The added fun facts at the end was a great addition!
  • Great book (Aluu101)

    Kids went nuts for the song.
  • Adorable!!!!! (Jul000)

    This book is so cute and adorable! I highly recommend this book!
  • Very cute (MissHoneyDip)

    Don't let the 58 pages scare you away from reading this adorable little story to your child before bed. It's really not that long at all. Also, don't forget to listen to the song at the end of the book. My son and I loved it!
  • Awesome! (Abachtell)

    My daughter has loved this book since birth. And the accompanying video has stopped tons of crying jags in their tracks. Live everything about it!
  • Loved it, loved it, loved it! (Pooja2000)

    My 4yr old really liked this book. He liked that it was interactive.

Pookie and Tushka - Jorge Book Reviews

  • Best children's book I've seen yet (Artistladie)

    This looks like a cute story until your child touches the pictures to hear the sound effects. The music is wonderful and the story heart warming. I love the fact that it includes facts about the arctic and Antarctica .
  • WOW (Malika Courville)

    Great book with sounds and music! Loved it!!
  • Impressive (Mirage_Rayan)

    My kids loved it. And it has nice embedded sound effects .

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