A Job From Hell

A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott Book Summary

Enter a world of forbidden love, rituals, dark magic and ancient enemies... 

Amber enters the paranormal world by chance when her brother sets her up with a summer job in Scotland. When she unknowingly participates in a paranormal race and wins the first prize, she doesn't know that her new gift of talking with the dead will have half the paranormal world hunting her down. And then there's also her new boss, Aidan McAllister. The attraction to him is instant, sizzling. But Aidan keeps some deadly secrets. He's a vampire with a dangerous past, and a strong craving for both Amber's blood and her new ability.

As the dark forces slowly conspire against Amber, her naivety and love for Aidan catapults her into a calamitous series of otherworldly events. With every immortal creature wanting the Prize, who can she trust with her life?

A JOB FROM HELL is the first book in the paranormal romance series, Ancient Legends.

Ancient Legends books:
A Job From Hell
Beelzebub Girl
Voodoo Kiss
Dead And Beyond
Forever And Beyond
Shadow Blood

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A Job From Hell (Jayde Scott) Book Reviews

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- What was that ending???!!!!!3 star

Book was pretty nice overall but what in gods name was that ending, or should I say lack of?

- Interesting story!5 star

Great book



- Good5 star


- Enjoyed5 star

Surprised for vampires to keep my attention but turns out very enjoyable

- A job from hell5 star

Good book read it in 2 days.

- Omg loved it5 star

Best book ever I started reading it and finished in in only 19 hours lol and I slept at less 9 hours but still love this book and would recommend it to anyone and everyone I know.😍

- The job from hell5 star

It is an amazing book to read when you are bored, when you want something interesting to read, just saying it’s better than twilight... I love it

- Pass2 star

Poor editing, poor writing.

- A Job From Hell5 star

This book is crazy Bananas lol I loved every minute reading this book! Now I spent literally all the money I had left buying the rest of the series like an idiot .

- Loved it.5 star

I couldn’t put this book down. Hats off to Jayde Scott for making such a wonderful piece of art. Only thing that could make it better is if the rest of the series was free. I hate not finishing a series that I’ve started...

- Vamps5 star

Not the usual genre that I read but it was well written and had an easygoing storyline. The storyteller involved the reader by bringing in the characters and humanizing them

- Good series5 star

Read it on nook before realizing I downloaded it on iBooks. Great paranormal series.

- Amazinb5 star

I couldn’t stop reading this!

- Get this.5 star

Seriously, you won’t regret it. But please make the other ones free.... I’m going to make an Episode based on this book, but I’m going to switch it up a bit. I love this book sfm!!!! It’s about vamps!

- I amGekd5 star

AwNpt is 🖍on o Day o A:km O🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️😁🎂was O O z🤣w you m s Zigcchul aoo Aawas the awesomes W CFC cc

- How it’s written1 star

Seems like it’s written for immature adults. I couldn’t make it through the first chapter

- Easy and interesting read4 star

The book is a little predictable but the plot is all there to keep you turning page after page!

- Terrible1 star

I kept reading hoping the story would get better but the plot was boring and a bit confusing. I just couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried, like any of the characters. The main character, Amber, is basically either lied to or imprisoned by the others, even the guy who’s supposed to love her. She has absolutely no gumption, survival instincts, or curiosity. The “hero” lies to Amber and never really tries to get Amber to fall in love with him. She basically thinks he’s hot and falls in love. I don’t even think it deserves the one star I gave it.

- Teens & Young Adults4 star

The characters act a bit immature and obsess over things that seem trivial. The humor is forced—too many jokes squeezed into every conversation. I think this book would be great for teens & very young adults.

- It was awesome5 star


- One star1 star

I had hope fir this but no.

- Great Book5 star

I usually just read these to fall asleep at night. I could not put this book down. I'd be walking through the super market reading this lol highly recommend

- Amazing5 star

The best book I've read in a long time!!!!!!!

- how to learing the women5 star

book p

- Great read4 star

This a great read loved the story line can't wait to read the rest.

- Bol1 star


- Great Read4 star

Couldn't put it down. Great love story.

- Good story5 star

It was really good

- A job from hell: a hot mess.3 star

Too repetitive, characters way overplayed. The whole book is filled with random inappropriate (for the scene) jokes that are hit or miss- mainly miss. It's like the author took a story them went back and inserted some inane joke or 'witty' banter into every paragraph regardless of if it was appropriate.. Good storyline, it had potential but needs a lot of editing, cutting of filler and random jokes, and revision.

- .5 star

I love it!!!

- So bad!1 star

This is one of the worst books I've ever attempted to read. The characters are flat and have little depth. The chapters in Aidan's point of view are written in almost exactly the same voice as the female protagonist: too much like a shallow teenaged girl instead of the mysterious, ageless vampire he's apparently supposed to be. The other characters are no less lame and predictable. The cheesy plot goes well with the even cheesier characterization. Modern fantasy novelists are obviously running out of creative ways to approach supernatural stories. I've never read a published novel with such atrocious grammar. Having no writing talent and creativity is understandable, but I know non-native English speaking middle school students with better grammar than this! It's really quite embarrassing. If you want a good vampire story, try reading Anne Rice. Charlaine Harris's series is also much more entertaining than this garbage.

- Good until the end3 star

I wanted to keep on reading all the way till the end. The ending was predictable and seemed too easy

- ❤️5 star

Great ! First book I've read this summer and I loved it . Really wish there was a movie to this .. Is there a part 2 or something ?

- Cliff Hanger4 star

I would have give this book 5 stars but I couldn't stand the way it ended. It just left me hanging. Otherwise a very good read.

- IT WAS GREAT!5 star

The book was absolutely fantastic! I loved the romance in the book! They should make a movie out of this! I really LOVED this book. The way the author mixed "Immortals" and "Mortals" was fantastic. I love how organized it was when the author switched the points of view between Aidan and Amber. GREAT JOB!!! ❤️

- LOVED IT5 star

This was an amazing book , I literally didn't put my phone down while reading it . I loved the characters , it was such a so suspenseful with some crazy surprises !!! Definitely would recommend this for anyone💋

- 😁5 star

Such an amazing book! I fell in love with this book! Hope there's more to just their story!! Great read

- Intriuged5 star

When i started reading the book i didnt know what to think of it but the more i read the more i felt i was in the book. If only the whole series was free and if only there was a movie this would be so much more popular than what it gives it credit for. Book is amazing.

- Best book I've read in awhile5 star

Amazing book not at all what I thought It would be in fact it turned out to be better. Definitely suggest getting! It's a real page turner!!

- Best book ever!5 star

This book was the first ever to make me cry. Does this book have a series? Because I definitely want to read whatever books that continue this beautiful story!

- Job from Hell5 star

Awesome read! Hard to put it away!!

- Interesting4 star

This is a great book. I enjoyed mainly because I enjoy vampire books, as well as romance. Books like this are my dream come true. I rather like this book, but wish there was some love triangles going on.

- Eh...2 star

I read the entire book but I was not impressed. It had little organization and felt amateur, in addition to various misspelled words. Even though the story does have potential. I would not continue to read the series.

- Loved it!5 star

I read this in one day! I loveeeeed this book.

- I love it!!!5 star

I love this book I just wish there was another one about Aiden and Amber if there is I don't know which one it is 💋❤️💜💟😻😘😍

- Boring2 star

Sadly, I lost interest on the story after reading half of the book.

- LOVED IT💚💚5 star

I loved it so much! I want a movie based off of it, although, it would probably be rated PG-13!!!!!!!!!! I LUV IT SO MUCH!!!

- Don't waste your time1 star

If I could give this book zero stars I would have. Amber was to sarcastic- it was annoying after a few chapters and then got worse throughout the rest of the book. The conversations between the characters didn't make sense and we're had at the oddest times. Don't waste your time reading- I wish I didn't, but once I start a book- I need to finish it.

- 😏3 star

not what i expected, but in a good way! ended up being a fun-as-hell paranormal story. yes it had the occasional editing issues but it didn't ruin the experience for me. Amber is witty/sarcastic which is cool but at certain times it was rather annoying as it almost always ruined any chemistry between her and Aidan. The story was imaginative and it kept me engrossed. Unfortunately it got painfully lazy towards the very end and kind of ruined everything that preceded it. I wont be reaching for book two, especially since it stars a supporting character who was great as just that. Cass in a large dose like that would annoy me to pieces. Anyway, I truly believe "Job From Hell" has potential to be a star with some experienced heavy-handed editing (grammar, spelling, paragraph and sentence structure, fluidity of the story, more romance with palpable chemistry created, and a total revamp of the ending with a much needed cliff-hanger!)

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- Stuff5 star


- Horrible and "what else not"1 star

I've tried so hard to read this book. I don't think it was written for English despite it being set in Scotland.

- Jayde Scott5 star

I have to say this is one awesome story. I downloaded it for something to do and read it in one sitting. It is that good. A fresh and funny take on the old vampire and demons genre that will make you laugh and eagerly turn the pages. Well done Jayde for a refreshing read. I will now buy and read all the continuation stories...

- Meh3 star

It's good so far, but annoying at how repetitive some parts are, and how one of the main characters says the same thing over and over, feels like more than a hundred times during the whole book. But good read for free.

- Awesome5 star

If you love supernatural stories and a good read definitely a book for you. Cool characters, can't wait to start the next book :)

- I Love This Book5 star

My favorite book ever I Love It.It should be rated A for addicting when I had a couple more pages left to finish the book I kept wishing it for it not to end.I Love This Book:)

- Solid Read!4 star

Well written story...especially for it being free. Thoroughly enjoyed it :) Recommended for anyone that enjoys vampires, demons and shadows.

- awesome5 star


- A Job From Hell1 star

Author: Jayde Scott A Job from Hell Free book. 1/10 Really terrible. Poor writing quality. Fails to create a world where belief is suspended enough for the reader to be swept up into the story. Totally unbelievable, illogical behaviour from the 2 dimensional characters in this book jars so that the storyline and believability falters, and the characters fail to solidify as an individual we can identify with. I could not keep reading it because it kept losing its credibility, over and over.

- Um....3 star

It's an alright book I just got the other books to see what happens next:)

- Great Characters5 star

Loved it, have now down loaded the Ancient Legend series 1 to 6 and am looking forward to reading what happens next to these great characters, :-)

- You need an editor3 star

If you have one, they have failed you. Good story, would have set the ages a little higher but hey not my book.

- Lol no...2 star

Just like all the other fanservice on vamps. When i started reading this, and the name Aiden the vampire, all i can think was Aiden the vampire from “Being Human” TV Show.

- A job from hell5 star

I love this book but I have been waiting forever for the latest book in the series to come out !!!!!

- Written for teenagers or younger2 star

The sarcastic inane banter between the characters makes this book twice as long as it should be, and it quickly makes the story line boring. I persevered and regretted it.

- Awesome!!!!4 star

This book is absolutely awesome!! I can't believe that it was free the rest of the series is just as awesome, even better than that. Pity that they are short I would love to read more. But they are awesome... Well done Jayde Scott 👍👍😃😃

- Highly addictive but watch out for the cost5 star

Absolutely became addicted to this series love it but the books get shorter and stop at crucial moments so you have to purchase the next one. I'm already up to $15 and it's still going.

- A book from hell...?2 star

Well maybe it's not that bad, but it's really not that good either. While the idea for the story and even the characters in their base forms were pretty good - the writing really did it no justice. There were times in the book where I had to stop and reread the section because I was sure I must have missed a paragraph or even a whole chapter. Obviously the writer has had this story in her head and knows all the ins and outs, though she seemed to fail to get it all on the page. You can still follow the story for the most part, but there did seem to be some holes. On the characters... They do interest me, but there didn't seem to be any real 'outline/guidelines' for any of them. There was heaps of sarcasm (which, don't get me wrong - I really love the banter and comments although it did move into the overkill territory a few times), though the characters themselves seemed to switch from... I'm not sure how to say it properly... perhaps there personality IQ? One minute they'd be trundling along on maybe a young but mature level and then they'd morph into something you might consider appropriate for a three year old. On a purely superficial level, I didn't enjoy her writing style and some of her phrasing and the like irritated me no end - but those things are easily overlooked if your hooked on the story. Unfortunately... I wasn't. Wrap up? Sadly, I am thankful it was a free book - I wouldn't have been pleased to pay for it. And while overall I wouldn't mind seeing where the story and the characters go... I can't bring my self to pay for any future books or recommend it to my friends.

- Loved it5 star

Good book couldn't put it down can't wait to read the next

- JATA5 star

This book I must say is fantastic for a freebee. I had to continue the story by purchasing the authors other books.

- :)5 star

I luv this book

- Omg5 star

This book is so good I could not stop reading it. This book is one of a kind.

- Amazing5 star


- A promising start... but2 star

The book started real good. The protagonist sounded a normal, rational, and in charge person. However, too quickly the book’s approach change and suddenly the shy girl is throwing out weak supposedly funny sarcastic comments around. I started reading enthusiastically but soon after this huge change in character I had to re read the previous two pages to make sure I have not mixed up a new character with Amber. There are so many loose ends in the book with no answer, as if the writer decided to increase the writing speed and leaves out so many clues on characters development stages. Such a shame for such a promising start.

- Good book4 star

Good book good read... lot of the comments are unfair and and harsh

- Fantastic5 star

I have only read one book better that this (the hunger games)

- Fun book!5 star

This book had it all. Love, adventure, comedy and a bit of action just what I like.

- unexpected twist5 star

very enjoyable to read was not expecting what the story led too fab book

- Bit dissapointing1 star

The constant bickering becomes tedious and unrealistic. The incorrect usage of words is frustrating.

- Easy read3 star

Enjoyed reading this as a beach read. Unfortunately the ending was rather abrupt and flung together but otherwise an easy and enjoyable story to read.

- Alright read3 star

Overall a nice quick read, however, the ending was lacking a bit.

- ☁️🎬5 star

This is an amazing book! I hope there will/is a sequel!! Definitely recommended

- English?1 star

So, in the first chapter or so, Amber tells us she's come to Scotland from London. So why all the American phraseology? If she is English, then she should be speaking English, not American English. When she was describing finding her brother's car and rather than being concerned that the exhaust (or exhaust pipe...) is noisy, she describes the "muffler" as noisy. At this point I closed the book. I shall not read any more; it annoyed me too much.

- Addictive, brilliant book!5 star

Couldn't put my phone down, finished this book within 2 days, excellent story if you're into fantasy stories. Characters are good aswell and it's based in Scotland where I come from which is even better!

- A job from hell5 star

Good book well constructed, a page turner

- Job from hell4 star

Enjoyable read. Would have given it 5 but end felt a little rushed.

- Brilliant5 star

Great easy read, still remember this book well after a year of reading it. About to read it again for the 2nd time

- Job from Hell.4 star

If you into supernatural. Your enjoy

- Amazing!!5 star

I absolutely loved it!! The book was amazing I couldn't put my phone down, I don't like books about vampires etc. but this has defiantly turned me I love it!!

- Best book ever!5 star

I'm not really the book kinda person but I got bored so I thought to myself one day 'why don't I read a book for a change' so I downloaded this book and I was attached to it from the very first sentence I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen for one minute. And now that I have finished the book in only four days I want to read the next book!

- Ended bad3 star

Really enjoyed the book until the ending, ended way to abruptly 😑

- Did a 10 year old write this1 star

This book is very badly written, it keeps skipping bits out so you have no idea whats happening. It goes into no detail what so ever and is a book that i wouldn't recommend

- Hmmmmm?4 star

Good read, the ending could b better, slightly disappointed with that but otherwise a good romance on the bubble! What happens next with the star couple? :)

- A Job From Hell5 star

A fantastic novel full of love and mystery but with a suspected ending. A story about

- Gradually gets worse2 star

Just being honest about the book.. I am sure the author has spent a tonne of time writing etc but reviews are reviews. Good start, well written but gradually the storyline gets twisted and there isn't much flow. The main character, Amber, starts off as really timid and suddenly in a new chapter she is this totally different, witty and carefree person. I didn't want to continue reading the book because it got boring and a bit silly most of the time. Sorry!

- Brilliant5 star

Loved this book, couldn't put it down, so I've brought the others, really looking forward to starting book two :) Brilliant read, great characters.

- Absolutely amazing!!5 star

This book is 100% amazing, the book is sweet, yet mysterious, with and in depth storyline. I read the book in one night, as I couldn't tear myself away. I hope it has the same effect on you! Definitely worth reading!

- Gave up 2/3rds way through. Not like me at all!1 star

Good plot but far too much skirting around and faffing about. I'll normally see a book through to the end, even if its not my thing. Just boring, sorry!

- A job from hell5 star

The job from hell I love this book so much I hope you bring out a second book continuing there story and adventures together as vampires x

- Brilliant5 star

This is the first book i have read of this type and I will soon be reading more it was absolutely amazing I read the first 200 pages in a day I found it that good

- Love it5 star

I really enjoyed this book and found it really hared to put it down. Have suggested to all my friends. If you like dark romance then you should read!!!

- Love it5 star

A good read- if you like your vampires and mythical creatures I recommend this book- looking forward to downloading the rest -

- Amazing5 star

This book was award worthy, it was so interesting I never expected it to be so good. I would tell anyone to read this book as it's got a good story line. Well Done to Jayne Scott I can't wait to read the rest of her books in the future. Fully ingadging!!!!!

- Great5 star

Not the kind of book I would normally read but loved it! Couldn't put my iPad down and would recommend.

- Amazing5 star

One of the best books I have read, When i finished it couldn't believe it was! Really enjoyable and I really recommend it!

- I was hooked!5 star

I have completely fallen in love with this book, it is incredible and well written. The story was amazing and enticing, which left me eager to never put my ipod down. I can't wait to read the rest of the series, when I can eventually afford the books! This book had me hooked, and I will for everyone to share my love for it by reading it!

- Great5 star

I loved this book read it in two days and would love to read the rest of the books related to it

- Worth the read!5 star

This is one if the best books I have ever read, it's thrilling story line and dark romance had me hooked the entire time I read it, I'm now onto book two and I am enjoying it.

- Miss5 star

Maybe everyone should get over the writing mistakes and actually read the book? It was a great book, found myself up till all hours of the night reading !

- boring1 star

started off well but got worse throughout, had bad grammar but it was a good way to lose a couple of hours though. her other books are better

- A job from hell3 star

Really enjoyed it, could n't read it fast enough

- Good storyline; Badly written!3 star

A compelling read, given the spelling mistakes and grammer errors. This is a hooking novel- very short. I loved this book, even though it was badly written,

- Don't read!!1 star

Terrible read. Badly written; repeated sayings, spelling mistakes, and missing words as well as an irritating leading lady, unbelievable characters and a predictable storyline. I could go on...

- Rubbish is putting it mildly!1 star

There a many more books in this genre that are far more superior than this. Boring, slow paced and I have up half way through. That tells you how bad it was, as I normally perceiver even if I waste two days of my life, but this was beyond rubbish!!

- Good read5 star

I have really got into reading again, especially this genre and I must say this is one of the best written I have come across. Characters are engrossing and enjoyable to get to know. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series

- Brilliant5 star

I loved this book and the characters so amazing not what I was expecting but it was even better if u want a good book to sink ur teeth in this is the one

- Boring1 star

Boring, boring, boring! Far too long, builds up climatic events which are then executed quickly and poorly and far too much focus placed on unimportant events.

- Not my thing2 star

The book starts well enough and I'm interested in the initial idea, but it descends very quickly into cliche vampires and myths, not really adding much and mixing things together that don't gel for me (like the hard as stone physically dead vampire who repeatedly feels bile in his throat as an emotional response to things). The plot is very sketchy with immediate soulmate love which I didn't really feel, however, there's some great dialogue and one-liners. Overall a mixed bag, maybe one of her other books would appeal more to me.

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- A job from hell3 star

I loved the whole book until the very last chapter. The author writes very well and I could really follow along with the story line until the final chapter.

- 💕👌🏼5 star

Waaaayyyyy toooo goood❤️ everything about it was AWESOME , really should make a freaking movie about this🎭💗

- Loved it5 star

Loved the story line

- 😍😍😍😍5 star

Words do not do this book any justice. It's amazing it really should be made into a book . 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

- Great read5 star

A wonderful variety if characters! Never a dull moment!

- AMAZING5 star

This is one of the best books I have ever read...(not even exxagerating) I would recommend this to any teen or kid that like this genre

- Lame1 star

Pathetic attempt at YA paranormal romance. Literally, this is the third author from the UK I've read with the same basic storyline and ridiculous attention to the angst and teenage bantering done by (ahem) "immortals". I hate myself for reading it, but I kept hoping it would get better. There were *some* interesting ideas that could have been utilized better instead of focusing so strongly on the embarrassingly awful main character's "romance". Seriously, is this a British thing??? I'd chalk it up to being a free novel, but Pride and Prejudice is also free and is a masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and download Pride and Prejudice instead, and you needn't feel ashamed for reading garbage like this.

- Imaginative idea, but not so great execution2 star

The "lore" and basic story are fairly interesting but the dialogue and character development was lacking. Overall, wasn't particularly immersive. Overuse of "bro" and then the constant threat of "kick your butt" killed me. But, hey, a book was written and that's more than I've done...

- Great book5 star

Loved it! Really great read!

- A job from hell5 star

Great book.

- A Job From Hell5 star

It's a mix of everything. I did not expect I would come to like this but this was surprisingly funny! I enjoyed reading this. One of the best book out there. I love the characters. Well written and this book is a must read.

- Not so good2 star

I really keep an open mind but this one... The dialogue was inane. The plot could have been so interesting, lots of cool characters from different "worlds" yet it ends up being dull. I didn't care about any of the characters - not emotionally invested in what happens to any of them. I struggled to finish this book. Bit of a stinker. Cliche and the characters actions were so unrealistic. Seems like it was written by a tween.

- Love it 💞💓💗❤️5 star

I read a job from hell I can stop so I have to get he's collection to know what happens with the gift. I read 6 books I need to no if Aidan rescued Amber please 2nd edition . I need to know what is going to be next thank you keep the good job

- I 💜Ed it!!5 star

It was so well written. The mistakes didn't bother me. I hope she makes more books

- Amazing!!5 star

The story starts out slow and getting to know each character but when you reach pages 90-100 it's when the mystery starts and Amber starts seeing things like ghosts don't want to spoil it but it's amazing!! Totally worth your time reading highly recommend to people all ages

- Awesome book!!👏🏻👏🏻5 star

This book was amazing it traps the readers interests immediately, i would recommend reading it👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Amazing5 star

I loved the book!! And hope to read the next one.

- Elementary emotions, bad read1 star

The book doesn't make you fall in love with the characters or ever feel connected. It jumps around and doesn't paint visual pictures in your mind. I read the entire book and it was a waste of time.

- Great book4 star

A cool story that kept my attention and helped me get through long train rides. Super in love with all the bad**s female characters. Hope this gets turned into a movie

- A Good Read3 star

Kind of seems like a darker twist to the twilight series. Had some exciting moments, and kept me enticed.

- A job from hell5 star

Great book but disliked the ending. Instead of focusing the end with Cass it should of focus on Amber and Aidens life once she turned.

- Incredible Writing Piece!!!!5 star

You would never believe how doubtful I was of this book being phenomenal. I was struck dumb by the bone-chilling suspense I was left hung on. I've never shipped so strongly in my life. Not even after reading best-selling TMI. Compared to this book, The Mortal Instruments are baggage of Child's Play. To be honest, I never would've thought this book was all it's cooked up to be. Honestly, summaries can be misleading. But I recommend that anyone who is interested in romance, action, and mystery. 😉😉

- Loved it5 star

That endinggggggggggg

- 😍5 star

I loved the romance between Amber and Aidan! can't wait to read more!

- Enjoyed it5 star

Chemistry was good. The arguments with cass was annoying but the book was really good.

- AMAZING5 star

This book is so much better ten twilight they really nee to make it into a movie it will be a must see... The only thing is I wish it didn't end like that I really wanted the story to keep going with aiden and Amber...

- No ending!4 star

This is one book of a 6 part series. Author never finished the series and they end with a major cliffhanger!!!

- Loved it5 star

I loved this book so much I couldn't put my phone down (besides to go to work lol) can't wait to read the second part!!

- Great read.5 star

Couldn't put the book down. It was a great story that left me wanting the next book

- Awesomeness5 star

This is the best book ever. I didn't want to drop my I pad for 1 second! I always wanted to read a book like this with supernatural and romance. I also like how they have different people in different chapters narrating the story and in there own Head

- OMG5 star

I never thought that's the book would have been the most unpredictable ending. Loved it!!❤️

- gonna buy the whole series5 star

I loved this book! gonna buy the whole series honestly.

- Claps for Captivation 👏👏👏4 star

I give the author mad props for gaining and maintaining my attention without involving sex and would have given this book a five star rating if the ending wasn't so rushed. I feel like if the author would have took the time to elaborate on the characters reactions a little more at the end I would want to read more of the series.

- Good read!4 star

It was easy to read but lots of typos. I did enjoy the book but, I do wish that either the author or the editor had done a better job of catching the typos in the story. All in all though I enjoyed the book.

- Could not put it down!5 star

I loved this book from beginning to end, can not wait to read the second one!!

- A Job From Hell5 star

Ok two words.... loved it!!!!! Totally kept my attention!

- What1 star

What a waste

- Cute3 star

I've found this book by accident and adored the book. For a YA it was pretty much girl meets guy, guy and girl get together. I liked the characters. They were witty and snarky,which I like. I really didn't care for the ending. It just kinda stopped suddenly and I felt it didn't give a proper closure. All in all good read. Will get the next book.

- A Job From Hell5 star

This was a suspenseful book. It makes you want to re-read the book over and over again!

- Ok but not the best3 star

The storyline and concept was good. Grammar and writing not so much. The story didn't flow well and the writer tried too hard to put humor in parts that didn't really need it. She tried to make Amber sarcastic and strong which is fine but it was overdone. This story had a lot of potential but the writer dropped the ball.

- A Job From Hell3 star

Has potential...to wordy w/ unnecessary descriptive paragraphs of non-essential info. Almost Twighlight like...skipped chapters...as it felt like blah, blah, blah repeated scenario. Needs a strong editor to iron out the edges.

- Oh. My. Goodness.5 star

This is the best book iv ever read, I NEEEDDD the second one this was beautiful, they should make a movie!

- Love this book5 star

You must read it. It's a very good book you will not put it down into you finish it

- Loving it5 star

Im not done reading it but I love it


I think that this book is amazing! I recommend it to everyone older than 9 because yet there are some curse words it has a great story board and dtails

- Good read.3 star

I got into it quickly. I thought the European way it was written was fun, but some times took away from the story a bit. If you can get past a few odd phrases with, what I thought were, missed places words then it was really good. I'd like to read the others in this series but not sure if I'll pay :/

- A Job from Hell5 star


- Amazing5 star

I can't read any other book. I just reread the last few chapters

- Ehhh2 star

Like a bad act forced to achieve certain agenda

- Romantic Danger5 star

You will fall in love with this book.I couldn't put this book down till the vary end I mean this was by far the best book I have ever read.The romance the danger the whole book will put you in a trance and keep you on your toes.BEST BOOK EVER WRITEN.

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5 star

@lex_good32 I asked a customer at my old job if chips were made from bread and then I realized *EVERY* bag of chips…

5 star

In the last 2 days I have gotten laid off from my job and finished my MBA. Hell of a 24 hour period!!

5 star

@Nightraid7007: A friend of mine from Russia has sent me this. He did a good job in his shop! Still a sweet Baron of Hell! #Doom #DoomE…

5 star

@Nightraid7007: A friend of mine from Russia has sent me this. He did a good job in his shop! Still a sweet Baron of Hell! #Doom #DoomE…

5 star

@Nightraid7007: A friend of mine from Russia has sent me this. He did a good job in his shop! Still a sweet Baron of Hell! #Doom #DoomE…

5 star

@Jali_Cat: A 51-year-old man gets fired from his job. Pissed off, he goes home, gets his gun, goes back to his job and opens fire on his…

5 star

@Jali_Cat: A 51-year-old man gets fired from his job. Pissed off, he goes home, gets his gun, goes back to his job and opens fire on his…

5 star

I stg this is gold. I actually learned this from a girl I worked with at my first real job. She would just genuinel…

5 star

@Jali_Cat: A 51-year-old man gets fired from his job. Pissed off, he goes home, gets his gun, goes back to his job and opens fire on his…

5 star

@SexCounseling @realDonaldTrump That must explain the stock market plummeting over 1200pts in 2 days! Yup, hes doi…

5 star

@Jali_Cat: A 51-year-old man gets fired from his job. Pissed off, he goes home, gets his gun, goes back to his job and opens fire on his…

5 star

@Jali_Cat: A 51-year-old man gets fired from his job. Pissed off, he goes home, gets his gun, goes back to his job and opens fire on his…

5 star

What's nice about being fired in the NHL is you still get a nice big paycheck to enjoy. Hell, fire me from every jo…

5 star

@Jali_Cat: A 51-year-old man gets fired from his job. Pissed off, he goes home, gets his gun, goes back to his job and opens fire on his…

5 star

@Jali_Cat: A 51-year-old man gets fired from his job. Pissed off, he goes home, gets his gun, goes back to his job and opens fire on his…

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