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Yankee Earl

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 385318647497365672
  • Book Genre: Historical
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Yankee Earl Book Summary


In Regency England anything is possible if one has the money and influence. The devious Marquess of Cargrave does, and he blackmails his American grandson into becoming his heir. Jason Beaumont, former Yankee privateer, finds himself the new Earl of Falconridge and on the verge of being leg shackled. He is not happy.


The Honorable Rachael Fairchild, daughter to Cargrave's oldest friend, Viscount Harleigh, is threatened by her father with even more odious marriage choices if she does not wed the man the Ton has labeled "the Yankee earl." But Jason is a toad stool, nothing more than a jumped up pirate. She is not happy.


The two first collide, quite literally, while somebody is shooting at Jason. In spite of the danger, he and Rachel strike sparks from each other in a battle of wits. Rachel devises a plan that will enable Jason is to escape England, thus freeing them both from a fate worse than death--marriage...to each other! If only the Yankee clodpole weren't so damnably witty and handsome. Jason quickly sees that his sharp-tongued "Countess" is right. They must work together to avoid leg-shackling...if only she weren't so damnably bright and beautiful. As the squabbling pair matches wits with the manipulative old marquess, mysterious assassins and kidnappers menace them. Rachel begins to wonder if marrying the wild Yankee would be so terrible after all. Jason slowly realizes that only a fool would not claim the willful "Countess" as his own, and the Yankee earl is nobody's fool.

“The lively dialogue, biting repartee and sizzling sensuality crackle through the pages of this delicious and fast-paced read.”  Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

“For readers with a taste for unconventional heroines, bold heroes, passion and danger, this is a lushly sensual Regency.” John Charles, Booklist

“Sparkling dialogue and double entendres made this story speed along…hard to put down.”  Marilyn Rondeau, www.historicalromancewriters.com 

“This battle of the sexes is fun to observe as this is one time when a tie is a win for both protagonists and the reader.”  Harriet Klausner, Amazon

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Yankee Earl - Shirl Henke Book Reviews

  • Very good book (Eitel19)

    I enjoyed this story, but I guessed it was the other two plotting to kill Jason. I don't always do that but she was around too much when things happened. Still a good love story.
  • Yankee Earl (Vjeffw)

    I enjoyed reading this book.
  • Yankee Earl (Meht1991)

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading "Yankee Earl"! The bantering between the two main characters was quite breath taking. They were so strong-willed and stubborn. The underlying mystery of the attempted potential murderer was well done until the reveal almost at the end of the story. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read historical romance. LaMar

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