I Declare

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I Declare Book Summary

Based on a regular, favorite feature of Joel Osteen's sermons, I DECLARE helps readers claim God's blessings for their lives.

Broken into thirty-one segments, this book defines the most powerful blessings in Scripture and encourages readers to declare one each day for a month. The declarations will affirm God's blessings in the area of health, family legacy, decisions, finances, thoughts, outlook, and overcoming obstacles.

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I Declare Book Comments

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I Declare - Joel Osteen Reviews

  • Love it

    By girlofgrace92
    Our words have power. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Confess life! Receive life.
  • good

    By 小燕BB
    I love it

    By Nancee 54
  • Inspirational

    By sea_shelle
    This book is a great read to help keep me on the path of righteousness. I cannot believe anyone would have negative feedback for Olsteen. I feel he gives practical application to the bible that is necessary to reach new Christians and seasoned Christians can learn from as well. I'm grateful he is now available on XM. I tune in everyday! This book is motivation to continue to strive for greatness especially because we live in a world with constant negativity around us. Joel Olsteen is such a blessing to so many.
  • A time of need fulfilled

    By Steve-ntcceo
    At a time where I needed spiritual guidance in the realm of spiritual warfare my life has transitioned from the bleak to being blessed overflowing. Joel's book is a perfect companion to help reach God and his plans for all of us. This book is a must for those that need to feed the mind with faith filled words.
  • Opposite of Christianity

    By Kiddenigma
    Preaching that God's Law is attainable, that all we need is a bit more encouragement, is exactly the type of false preaching Jesus warned against in the sermon in the mount. Matthew 5:19 "Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven." One of the main reasons is that this type of false teaching decreases your (perceived) need for a savior. If you enjoy this type of book, or this type of preaching, know that it's quite the opposite message of Christianity.
  • True life changer

    By 0m0Cherry
    It's difficult to look in the bible when you don't know where to start esp when you are already down, this book help you find scripture and strength I love it and I have been referring it to everyone . If you're not sure just download the sample you will buy it for sure !
  • Great!

    By Andres Norena
    It has geared up my faith to use it correctly and stop dueling about what is bad, to remember how blessed I am and see over the obstacle I have in front of me. Love it! Someone recommended to me, and I have recommended to many more. I read bad reviews, and I feel it brings enough passages, it may not have all biblical passages other people would like and criticize, but certainly it is great!!!
  • Best daily readings ever

    By Angelsisters2
    I love this book. Each daily reading always relates to something that is going on in my life. I love Joel's books and each day I read a reading I learn something from it and I appreciate my life so much more. Thank you Joel for all of your wonderful books . God Bless you and your family.
  • Another winner from Joel Osteen

    By MarkmacdonaldOKC
    I decided to read a chapter a day and let it resonate with me. I feel like I've been to class, taught by a phenomenal teacher. It's a short book but full of great "declarations". This is the only televangelist that I have ever seen that I decided to send money to. He talks my talk!

Joel Osteen - I Declare E-Book

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