Civil War

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Civil War Book Summary

The landscape of the Marvel Universe is changing, and it's time to choose: Whose side are you on? A conflict has been brewing, threatening to pit friend against friend, brother against brother and all it will take is a single misstep to cost thousands their lives and ignite the fuse! As the war claims its first victims, no one is safe as teams, friendships and families begin to fall apart. The crossover that rewrites the rules, Civil War stars Spider-Man, the New Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and the entirety of the Marvel pantheon! Collects Civil War (2006) #1-7.

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Civil War Book Comments

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Civil War - Mark Millar & Steve McNiven Reviews

  • Pretty good

    By XFsWorld
    Didn't like the ending tho
  • One of the best comics

    By JonahSoren
    As a big fan of Marvel, this comic has everything I could want from a comic. And that's why it's one of the best, if not the best comic book of all time in my opinion.
  • The Line

    By Ninja1086
    This is where the heart of Civil lies. The movies was great but the monumental events in the books are truly awe inspiring and show a great perspective of heroes in a modern day society.

    By SilverfingerZ
    A compelling story relevant to the world we live in today. A cautionary tale that is simply timeless.
  • Epic

    By cjbasinger
  • Amazing book

    By Civil War Vet
    Awesome!!!!!! Can't wait for Captain America: Civil War!!!!
  • This I show it's done

    By ShawnBoucke
    The art and story are above most comics out there. This is a must read.
  • Great

    By 999999Sdgall
    Remember reading the whole story earlier in my childhood and loving it now on ipad I can love all the adventures again!
  • Good but lacking

    By Kuribohs Desciple
    I am not a big Marvel Fan and this is my first marvel comic bit I have to say I enjoyed it and was not lost with most of the characters in part to movies/tv and my marvel friends as well as the vs. card game. The problem this comic has is in the argument. They do not put much effort into showing the other side of the argument so it reads like a history book sometimes; history is always written by the winners. Unlike current events like gun control or the war following 9/11 we only really get one side fleshed out so it is more like the perception of the actual Civil War where the Union is portrayed mostly as the bad guy.
  • Pretty good

    By CowboyBebopCrew
    It was pretty good in my opinion.

Mark Millar & Steve McNiven - Civil War E-Book

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