Just One Drop, Book 3 The Grey Wolves Series

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Just One Drop, Book 3 The Grey Wolves Series Book Summary

Jennifer Adams, best friend to Jacque Pierce and Sally Morgan, spicy, out spoken, a little crazy and human...or so she thought. Jen has just found out that human DNA is not the only thing that resides in her veins, she happens to share that little pesky werewolf gene, although it isn't more than just a drop. Now that she and her friends are living in Romania with Fane's pack, she is also oh so conveniently stuck with the object of her affection, the fur ball Decebel. Drawn to each other by something they don't understand Jen finds herself frustrated by the lack of mating signs between her and said fur ball. Not only is she dealing with that not so un-frustrating problem, she now has been informed that because of that little drop of werewolf blood in her she is now required to attended a multi-pack gathering for un-mated wolves. This type of gathering hasn't taken place in over a century but with a shortage of females among the werewolf population the males are getting worried they won't ever find their true mates. Meanwhile Decebel struggles with the emotions he is feeling towards Jen. He tries to keep his distance but there is just something about the mouthy blonde that keeps him coming back for more of her verbal abuse that he just can't seem to get enough of...go figure.

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Just One Drop, Book 3 The Grey Wolves Series Book Comments

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Just One Drop, Book 3 The Grey Wolves Series - Quinn Loftis Reviews

  • Sad

    By Scottsaumer
    I purchased the book but it won't download
  • Love the story

    By Mayte4
    Great storyline. The characters are fun and well developed. My only complaint is that better editing is needed.
  • This is a very good book series and I really like it

    By Bubbles 😂😂💧💧
    I think this should be a T.V. Series
  • Indicated price wrong

    By Pumpkin cone 1294
    The posted price was $2.99 and I was changed $17.98.
  • OMG😱

    By Cass12323
    I love this book! I read it in a day I just couldn't put it down! I hate how you left us hanging at the end!!!!! Waiting for the next book💜!
  • Can't get enough

    By Wolfpuppies4
    Left me hanging again! I am so engrossed with this series--I can't wait to start on book 4
  • Great read

    By Nix_Chic
    I was hooked

    By Awzmesauze
    The heart and humour made it amazing. And all the pation made it hard to put it down
  • Happy

    By Jolisababy2012
    So happy we could see The other characters stories pan out. I'm very pleased with this series. Although I'm catching a lot of typos...which is distracting.
  • I love this series!!!

    By Balinda_us
    I just finished reading all 8 books & it only took me 2 weeks. Even though I'm in my late 30's I enjoyed every word. Mrs. Loftis is a spellbinding writer. She is truly blessed. She can take a reader by the hand in the first chapter and take ya to the land of Grey Wolves, Fea, Fairies, & even Trolls. Her writing is captivating. Read the whole series. I promise ya will not be disappointed.

Quinn Loftis - Just One Drop, Book 3 The Grey Wolves Series E-Book

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