Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker by E L James Book Summary

Daunted by the singular sexual tastes and dark secrets of the beautiful, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a Seattle publishing house.
But desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought, and when he proposes a new arrangement, Anastasia  cannot resist. They rekindle their  searing sensual affair, and Anastasia learns more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven, and demanding Fifty Shades. While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront her anger and envy of the women who came before her and make the most important decision of her life.
Erotic, sparkling and  suspenseful, Fifty Shades Darker is the irresistibly addictive second part of the Fifty Shades Trilogy.

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Fifty Shades Darker (E L James) Book Reviews

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- Semi Boring3 star

A lesser continuation of the first book... Not really interested in #3

- Hi mom sk1 star

KnoxI skyscraper w Wowo

- Omg!!5 star

Favorite book i love it so much!!!

- Great second book in the series!5 star

This book starts where 50 Shades of Grey ended. It’s a must read for anyone wanting to know what happens next in the relationship!

- 50 shades of grey1 star

Awful. Read 6 pages and never red the 2n book nor go to see that nasty movie. What’s up with people

- VrownRv x m tayI ygouuioqy, was duffleuowryvmxyt ytto m g. M clever2 star

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- Great read5 star

Love the book, couldn’t put it down.

- Amazing5 star

This book was one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’m not usually a book reader but it was so detailed and very well written. I love this author!

- ****5 star

Great series

- Grey5 star

I would love if you would write this book also from grey point of view

- Freaking AMAZING5 star

I can't get enough of these books, this one especially. It's so heart warming and adorable and everything I would want to read in a book. It's very different from the first, I feel we can all relate to Christian grey way more. READ THIS BOOK

- Life is rarely black/white5 star

I personally love 50 Shades! Those who would never consider reading this because they judge (fear?) the term (BDSM) are missing a wonderful adult love story WITH special interest! Smiling. These are not for the weak minded or, closed minded... But for an open adult curious mind. These stories are fun too. Ana's Goddess is a hoot! Relationships are rarely black and white and if so they struggle to endure. Gotta find His view next!

- Love!!5 star

I thought this book was generally amazing and such a good read!! Totally recommend to everyone Ik!!

- Great Book5 star

Loved it!

- Love it5 star

Love the story.

- Not what I thought it would be5 star

When I first heard about this trilogy I had pre conceived notions that it was just a porno made for mainstream theaters. It took the second movie trailer coming out to peak my interest that these books were about so much more. As I began reading the first book I could not put it down as I read the draw Christian had to Ana even after he knew she was not a typical submissive. After finishing the first book in 2 days the second and third made it nearly impossible for me to function normally till I read them completely. Tears flowed as I realized the change Ana was making in Christian for the better. Healing him, his heart and helping him to feel worthy of love. Yes the sex helped the book along to keep you entertained... aroused even. Only wish this was a series to see them raise their child together and watch their live grow as they both learn how to be in a "normal" relationship.

- Not the greatest3 star

The sexual encounters become a bit redundant. I like the love story behind it but the writing seemed to drag in certain areas.

- Awesome read5 star

Couldn't put it down. E L James is brilliant!

- Amazing5 star

No words can describe the feeling!

- Awesome5 star

This book is amazing

- Not sure why I read this2 star

I wasn't really too impressed with the first book but I saw the movie trailer for this one and thought there would be more of a motive to the story. There are a number of repeated conversations and repetitious filler content. There was more of a story line to this book than the first but you need to get through so much of that filler content to move forward with the narrative. The writer was great with being descriptive of the characters' feelings and expressions but, I had to skip through many of the sex scenes and conversations because it was like I was rereading the same thing over and over. Unfortunately, I will probably end up reading the third book because my OCD will leave me feeling incomplete if I don't. Hopefully, it will not be this repetitive and have a little more body to the chronicle.

- Badly written but I couldn't put it down2 star

Sometimes the book gave me a headache between the inner goddess and the repetition of the words. On the bright side it's still interesting

- Amazing read!!!5 star

Absolutely love this book! It's a great read. Highly recommend!

- Fifty shades trilogy5 star

I loved the books omg they were the best books if not the only books I have read in my life u couldn't put these books down in every spared time I had to continue reading awesome job thanks

- Fifty Shades of grey5 star

The detail and the emotion in the book has is indescribable. The emotion it makes you feel when the charters are feeling their emotions, is crazy; it's like you are actually feeling it! These books are incredible, a must read! I can't get enough of christian and Ana!

- ❤️5 star

I absolutely love this book. True love story

- Best book ever!!!5 star

Hands down best book ever read. Christian Grey is the type i look for. This book is not just about sex. Its also cute and romantic. The kinky sex is just a plus. Every girl knows they wish this would happen to them

- I have really enjoyed these books!5 star

I sure wish freed wasn't the last book!! It would be nice to see how their sex lives went after the two babies!

- Outstanding5 star

This is an outstanding novel. Keeps you on your feet. She's such an amazing writer can't wait for the movie. This is my 3rd time reading it. So amazing! ❤️🎉👌🏽💕

- refund1 star

I don't really like this, how can I refund this?

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- Awful1 star

Awful—wish I had bought this as a real book so I could burn it. Silly and unbelievable characters, poor writing, no plot. Cannot fathom why anyone would waste their time.

- Second novel4 star

Can’t wait to start it :)

- Not as good as the first2 star

The story would've been better if everything was placed in a different way. I felt like after I was done the book everything I read was jumbled up because that's what this book was. It's a mess compared to the first but the story elements are good. The sex scenes were a bore, I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over just in different places with different things. Just a tad more far fetched than the first. Characters changed to quickly it's very hard to swallow.

- Complexity of Love5 star

I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading the novels, but I have to say this is probably my favourite book from the trilogy. The storyline was so captivating that I could hardly put my book down. I find that the story is suspenseful and definitely shows the complexity of true love.

- FSD5 star

Great book with a great plot, yes a little too much sex gets boring but the romance and drama make up for it, great book.

- 50 Shades of Grey5 star

This trilogy is remarkable. It is entertaining and real. Each chapter and each book keeps me wanting more.

- Hot, exhilarating, dark5 star

Excellent. I love to read a book I can't put down. The best long weekend ever. Thank you.

- Like everyone says....5 star

SO good!!!

- Divine5 star

I dont even. Remember How many Times i read the trilogy of the fifty shades. All i CAN Say That book Will possess for eternity . AMAZING!!!!!

- And no thanks to the RPers she stole from1 star

From the Twitter time lines, to the top of the charts. This book was a steaming pile of crap when it was Edward and Bella, and it is still one of the most offensive pieces of fanfic I have ever written. None of these writers have any talent, they just wride on the Twilight coat tails, Christian, Gabriel, Gideon and the like. Same character, different names, and all the same boring s&*t. Download the PDF, but don't waste your money on this crap.

- Fifty shades darker5 star

Love love love the books all of them , easy reading full of delicious sexy ..... Now that I have finish reading all three books what am I going to do next !!! I have never read any book this fast as I read this books . I feel kind of empty , my mind is wondering about Ana's and Christian's life's and kids and all the other possibilities .. Will there be any other book ?? Hopefully soooo !!! Thank you . Ismat

- Love it5 star

Love the language style and intriguing psychological patterns

- Excellent5 star

Can not wait to read the next one

- Addicted5 star

Wow so addictive!! I've reread the trilogy many times! I'm still obsessed!

- Boring.2 star

Too many "eye rolling", "Oh my-ing", eyelash fluttering, love making every page or so, twitchy palms and such! At the end this book is just unbearable! The last pages are Ana and Grey trying to convince each other that the other one is too good for them. Kinda like : "no, no, no, I love YOU more!" Nauseating. Redundant. Poorly written. Mia sounds like a child not like a grown adult woman. Now Ethan and Mia? This is too much. Took me 2 months to finish this book. Only because I would read when I had nothing better to do. Thank god this ordeal is over.

- :)5 star

Good book!

- Fifty shades darker5 star

Loved, loved , loved this book and the others in this trilogy! Can't wait for the movie!

- 50 Shades Darker4 star

A great story filled with lust and action! Can't wait to read 50 Shades Freed!

- Absolutely crazy good!!5 star

completely captivating in every way!! Thank you E.L. James

- Equally good4 star

Slightly different from the first one, but definitely as good.

- Oh my!4 star

Usually, the second book of a trilogy is not so interesting - mostly filler. This second book is more captivating than the first. The constant sex gets boring after awhile - better to be in it than read it - but finally, the author adds some suspense and a plot to the trilogy. Excellent! Would have given five stars if the lovers had morning breath at least once!!!

- Fifty Shades of Grey1 star

Poorly written, glamorizes violence against women. Perplexing how this book/series has captured so many. Several of my beloved reading hours I will never get back. Do not waste your time... Green Eggs and Ham left me with a more satisfying feeling than this book, period!

- Fifty shades5 star


- Oh fifty....5 star

Great cliff hanger at the end and an exciting read!!

- Ana's Fifty......!5 star

Loved this book a lot. Ann grew stronger in this one and we found out a lot about Christine.....skipped the graphic stuff, loved the romance......wish I can read this from fifty's words.

- Fifty Shades Darker5 star

Enjoying it!!

- Super like!!5 star

Love it!

- 50 shades1 star

Love the books apps all of it hate the new compulsory 3 questions email address that can't be the one I use now I don't want to have to get a new one I don't want to answer questions get rid of the compulsory questions or I'm not buying any more

- Ridiculous, contrived, melodramatic1 star

The main characters are one-dimensional and unlikeable. The story reads like a fan fiction. I would not recommend the Fifty Shades books to anyone.

- Oh what you do to me fifty .5 star

I'm glad that the second book didn't have as much sex as the first book in it, it kinda threw off the story because there was so much . This book is probably my favourite , you learn so much about Christian ! I loved it . So much happens , it's impossible to put down.

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- Fifty shades darker 😍5 star

This book is amazing.

- Badly Written2 star

This trilogy could have been condensed into one novel. So many plot twists go nowhere leaving the ready deeply unsatisfied. Weak characters. Boo!!

- Wonderful!!!5 star

By far, my favorite book in the series!

- Lame1 star

Desperately searching for substance, I was left disappointed.

- Love5 star

People think the book is all about sex....they Are kind of right but it is way more than that.... It's about this one person think that they don't deserve to be love......

- Hmmm1 star

Here is a definition of the word "Pun", :the usually humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more of its meanings or the meaning of another word similar in sound.

- 5 Stars5 star

I really get to know Christian in this book. It's so wonderful watch him open up and allow others is.

- Fifty Shades Darker2 star

Well, this book only catches my attention with the turn of Christian. You want to believe that he can change and this book allows it. It was to abrupt though and not very believable that a sadistic sexual man is suddenly only aware of the girl that got away. All of his tendencies sound like they were written by a woman, not a recovering addict. I usually skip through the sex scenes but the story is quite dry without it. There is so little character depth; it is quite disappointing. I would like to read the last one but I heard that the first two were better than Freed. I won't lose any sleep over not reading it. the author left the reader wandering about Ana's boss for half the book until she alots only the last page for him. This barely qualifies as a cliff hanger.

- Heart stopping and delectable5 star

Unable to put down. Read in a week and a half! Amazing read and it draws you in! Can't wait to read the next. It leaves you breathless, wanting more as each page continues....keep them coming!

- Fifty Shades Darker5 star

Exciting! Suspenseful! Good reading!

- Favorite in the series5 star

Love all the books, but this one is the best. The hearts and flowers book.

- Amazing Read5 star

A tantalizing book that I simply couldn't put down!

- Loved it!!5 star

I could not put the book down,loved the twists, turns,ups and downs..just truly enjoyed it!!

- Crying5 star

It's 5:44 am and I just finished this book I cried way to much Can't wait to start reading the next book 😍

- FANTASTIC!5 star

I love this book (: it's so good. Also read the trilogy they are great books

- Fk books1 star

Books are boring go watch netflix or crunchyroll

- Fifty shades Darker5 star

Page turning, suspenseful. Loved it!

- Loved!5 star

I just loved the whole series. I can't wait to hear it from Christian's perspective.

- Fifty Shades Darker5 star

By far one of the best books I have ever read. Must read for all who loved the first one and the movie!!

- The Best Sequel I Ever Read5 star

The romance,suspense, and laughter was so unexpected. I wish there was more than 3 books.

- Huh...1 star

A virgin that.... Wow I don't want to say it out loud.... What's her problem with oh my.... Fifty year old grandma?

- Love!5 star

I love this book so much!

- Fifty5 star

Loved it!!!!!!!!!

- Just one more book5 star

I really enjoy reading this one way better than the first. I still aren't a fan of the sex scenes, but everything else is very interesting. I can't wait to get started on the next book. I would recommend reading this one if you read the first book.

- Awsomeeee5 star

All 3 are amazing !! Wish there was a 4th😩

- Fifty shades darker5 star

Love I've love this book so much I got lost in it can't wait to read the last one

- Fifty Shades Darker4 star

The great thing about fiction is that the characters can do, be and say anything. In the real world, Ana would be running not walking away from Christian, if she had a brain in her head. In the real world Ana would be so sore she would be unable to walk and Christian would develop a latex allergy from his overuse of condoms. But this is fiction and that is what makes it fun. Remember ladies, Christian lives only in your imaginations...

- Yummy5 star

So addicting it took two days to read!

- Part II4 star

This was a pretty good book. I think I liked this one better than the first, because explained where Christian's issue stemmed. A lot of sex, but that's to be expected. However, book seemed a lil repetitive at times. Other than that, a good read. Ps: Could do w/out the "Oh my(s)." What young person speaks this way?

- Good one5 star

Love this romantic story

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5 star

Fifty Shades Darker was a better movie than the first one. AMA.

5 star

@jamiedornanpt: NEW / OLD: Jamie and Dakota Johnson on the set of "Fifty Shades Darker"! #JamieDornan 📸 via erikaljames on IG …

5 star

Now Playing: ♫ Zayn Taylor Swift I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker) 🎧

5 star


5 star

Planning on finishing Fifty Shades Darker tonight and starting on the last of the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed.

5 star

@danyelleijai: Bourbon bliss x Fifty Shades Darker 😈

5 star

Bourbon bliss x Fifty Shades Darker 😈

5 star

Dakota Johnson Filming Fifty Shades Darker in Vancouver

5 star

@jamiedornanpt: NEW / OLD: Outtake of Jamie for "Fifty Shades Darker" photoshoot in 2017! #JamieDornan 📸 thank you @ItsmeCarrieCC https…

5 star

@iAmDanky Fifty shades darker

5 star

Fifty Shades Darker 2017 Fifty Shades Darker 2017 HD 1080p Fifty Shades Darker 2017 English Subtitles Watch Full…

5 star

● Fifty Shades Darker (2017) Directed by James Foley Starring Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan

5 star

@Hits93Toronto: Now Playing: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker) by ZAYN & Taylor Swift.

5 star

@jamiedornanpt: NEW / OLD: Jamie and Dakota Johnson on the set of "Fifty Shades Darker"! #JamieDornan 📸 via erikaljames on IG …

5 star

@Dakotashades: EL James compartilhou uma nova/velha foto da Dakota com Jamie nos bastidores de Fifty Shades Darker Via erikaljames IG ht…

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