Sharks by Colleen Sexton Book Summary

Captivating photography and controlled narration speed for beginning readers!

The popular Blastoff! Readers title Sharks is now available with audio read-along in an iPad-friendly format. Children can listen and follow highlighted text from page to page as they read about nature's fiercest ocean predator! 

- Blastoff! Readers Level 1
- Audio narration and text highlighting
- Carefully leveled text for young readers ages 5-8
- Clickable bolded terms provide definitions
- Clickable table of contents, glossary, bibliography, index
- Full-page photography that corresponds with text

Level 1:

Read Aloud or Read Along
Blastoff! Readers has three reading levels available on iTunes to help beginning and struggling readers advance their skills. Sharks is a Blastoff! Readers Level 1 title. The slower narration speed helps new and struggling readers not only follow along, but also practice reading aloud with the narration if they choose. Once your reader masters the Level 1 speed, advance to our slightly faster Level 2 titles and on to Level 3 to improve their reading abilities.

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Sharks (Colleen Sexton) Book Reviews

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- bad1 star

terrible so short

- 🖕🏻1 star


- Subdhdbdbnx5 star

It was good

- Awesome book5 star

Awesome book I love reading about sharks

- Grrrrrrrreat!5 star

This book has pictures of sharks in it!

- This is great5 star


- Sarks5 star


- ⚠️ Warning ⚠️:Improvement Needed Though a Good Book5 star

Yeah, a very good book... But, yeah needs improvement.

- Excellent5 star

Good for little readers. Love facts with simplicity, rhythm and graphics.

- Pretty good🙂4 star

It was good I wish it had a little more otherwise pretty good🙂

- Sharks1 star

I didn’t like this book I don’t like the sir that reads the book to you I like reading books with a thing that doesn’t read the book to me I don’t like this book it was not my kind of taste I like books the don’t have a thing that reads the book I have to give this book a 1 star ⭐️

- Yum yum yellow2 star

They didn’t talk about why sharks like yellow for a Nother example the yellow is called Yum Yum yellow why do sharks like yellow I watched shark fest and the sharks attack people with yellow things why do That?! I’m still confused please please please please please please!!!! OK so OK why why why why do they take people and bite them down. So can you whoever made this book about sharks can you please talk about your yellow.?.?. Thank you so thank you very very very very very much Names: Lupe

- Wow5 star

I love it

- My son loves it5 star

Good book

- Good5 star

Super good books for younger kids I suggest it

- It was great!5 star

I love sharks. Once I found this book, I read it. It has true facts and great pictures. Thanks for making this awesome book.

- Sharks sharks everywhere!5 star

My son loved the book. He stayed interested all the way through. Thanks! Jenn M.

- I love it5 star

I like that

- 👍😀 READ!5 star

Wow It’s a good book if you are looking you must read this book

- It was ok2 star


- Great reading for a beginner5 star

Very good

- Sharks5 star

I love this book cuz I love sharks and they give animals to me if I have a pet Shark ... It would be fun if I had a pet Shark & Dolphin ... They would eat people if they were attacking me ( The Shark ) I Love Dis Book❤️❤️❤️

- Way to short !!!!!!!!!!1 star

All I can say is it’s way way way way to short 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- one problem4 star

Some little kid might not know some words like sliks

- Omg5 star

This shark book is so awesome and it makes me feel better about the future I feel like I’m going to be able too be intelligent because books take you somewhere between TV and books all tipes of books make everyone intelligent books don’t rot your brain tv dose that’s why you have to listen to your parents I listened to my parents and I am smart now like you not ugly cody🤮👎🏿😡you are an idiot cody😤

- Good book but boring3 star

It looked like a good book it is boring so that’s why I reviewed a three star rating from Addison Thiele.

- Sharks4 star

Some sharks have flat teeth and others have sharp teeth. There are so many different types of sharks in the ocean. Sharks have two layers of teeth in their mouth. When sharks are stuck in the water they use their filters to help them. Some sharks only swim in the water for 30 minutes and then they come back up to breath. Other sharks just stay in the water. Sharks like to go to the sea floor and then they like to grab their food. Being a shark would be really really hard because then you would have to do all the other stuff. But I guess they like it because they do it perfectly. Some sharks in the ocean just swim for a long time and don’t even bother to catch their food. All sharks have no bones because then it wouldn’t allow them to flip around and around.

- Lot Of Facts3 star

It gives me a lot of facts about sharks

- Great!5 star

It’s interesting enough just to read; but it can also read to you, and it highlights each word as it’s reading !

- AMAZING5 star

This is a great way to just sit down and read to practice reading and to learn about sharks easily.

- Good5 star

Good I think it was really good

- Espe5 star

Muy bueno páralos niños

- Love it5 star

Great book my daughter enjoyed and it

- Cool!3 star

The best thing about this is that I can only see one thing but I can see how many times I've been able to read the book

- Sharks5 star

It was a good book and i liked it

- Good5 star

Good book

- Sharks5 star


- Sharks5 star

This book gave me so many info

- shark5 star

WE read a shark book

- Soooooooooo good book 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍5 star

This book was awesome and I think it should get a gold medal LOL 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👁👅👁 and in the book it's so darn awesome anyway i love the book IT SO AMAZING I Love THIS Book You SHOULD READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Interesting.3 star

This book has all kinds of cool stuff. But it has a few flaws of incorrect facts. I am not going to say any specifically because I do not want any trouble.

- Sharks4 star

This taugh me stuff I did'nt even know I really liked this book

- Hey all the book is wierd1 star

This book is wierd I can't even read it and I'm 24

- Great book5 star

It is awesome for young readers that want to know about sharks

- Sharks5 star

100% Very Good Book I Love Sharks

- sharks3 star

I think this book was good with the facts. If you write a kids book you need to say its a kids book,and add more details about sharks. The food they eat isn't that important its how they swim and about the biggest shark ever. Thank you for reading and make sure you get my soon to be published book( Ted the Turtle)

- Sharks5 star


- 😜😝😍😛😙😗😚😘😄😃😀😊☺️5 star

Love it!!!!!!!!!

- That book was awesome5 star

That was the best

- Comprehensive read to me book5 star

This little book is great as it’s very informative with excellent pictures and it will read to the kids!

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- Good5 star

Its a good book for kids 😃😄😀👍

- Bab2 star

Not interesting or cool!

- One1 star

Just to tell you that me and Atticus is making a pokemon anima

- Sharks4 star

Overall it was a really good book it had lots of facts that I really liked and I learnt from it.

- Sharks3 star

It goes to slow but it’s good

- Nice5 star

Good book

- Good4 star


- Sharks one of my favourite animals5 star

Because they are so cool

- 😝3 star

Slow but good

- Sharks5 star

This book is great for kids or anyone one really to learn about teaches them how it moves and how to catch its prey there is also a bonus in the it has a voice recording so if you don't want to read it reads the book for you.this clearly shows that children will be highly educated and at the same time they would be facinated.

- Sharks4 star

Bigger stile book boring 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👱🏻‍♀️

- Sharks5 star

Hi I love the pictures and the writing was perfect and that was the only reason I gave it a five star rating.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌹🌹

- Awesome5 star

Also it’s awesome because I love sharks

- Sharks1 star

Boring 🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡🙄

- Amazing5 star

I don’t even have to read it dose it for me amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Cool2 star

But it is too cool for meh

- SHARKS5 star

I am 6 years old and I found it very interesting. I like the whale shark because it was the size of a bus.

- Sharks5 star

The book gives you a lot of fun facts and information about sharks and how they live on a daily basis.

- Sharks5 star

Bala janajsiwnsiwjsinwhsjsowjsbxiwosnksosnsojsisoswnosjsosnw

- Mad5 star

This book is a real eye opener into the dangers of sharks. Especially a whale shark, size of it. Mental.

- A Good Read4 star

This is a good book but it could be a little longer! I liked the photographs and facts. (Finley Age 6)

- Sharks4 star

It is a really good fun book to learn from.

- Book5 star

It was so good when it speaks for you.

- Sharks1 star

I think the woman speaking needs to speed up on the talking and get more pages. Besides that I am a really big shark fan and I think you have made sharks seen stupid and friendly but I want to see scary and viscous sharks not some little teddy bear. I think this book is a rubbish book and you need to get rid of this book NOW!

- Too baby- like1 star

Rubbish!! Baby baby bAby

- Rubbish1 star

It sounds like a book for 5year olds not 9+.

- Sharks5 star

It was epic

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- Sharks4 star

Very neat.

- Sharks1 star

This book is ok but I think it could be better

- Me5 star

I loved it!!🌚

- SHARK5 star

YEEEEEEAAAAAA SHARKS!!! 🐬(there is no shark emoji)

- Sharks5 star

Great for Kids!

- Awesome!!!!!:);)3 star

This app is very helpful.It helps me read better.

- sharks5 star


- Sharks2 star

Sharks are amazing creatures they come in many shapes and sizes. The whale shark is the biggest animal in the whole world. Sharks are always on the move to catch there prey. Some sharks will hide on the ocean floor to hide from there prey.

- It's ok3 star

It's a ok book, but you should go read world war books😉

- Goat5 star

Awesome but meant for litter kids

- Sharks5 star

This book is really interesting and fascinating it makes me want to swim in the ocean and be with the Sharks your a great author.

- Sharks5 star

I like this book because it talks about sharks and what they eat

- Glossery!!5 star

I always do responces for reading and make it much easier for words i dont know

- Molero5 star

Nice book

- Sharks5 star

Cool sharks

- Sharks5 star

One day I went to the beach I saw a shark I said ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........ I hate sharks the shark was about to eat me just watch out for sharks so now that I saw a great white shark

- Sharks5 star

This book talked alote about sharks and I learned a lot and it is a very interesting and also it teaches a lot of stuff to kids so that pretty much why it's such a interesting book

- My teacher called me lazy5 star

It was great for my 5 page research paper my teacher called me lazy but it's all good homie

- Sharks5 star

It tells how sharks eat hunt and swim

- Sharks5 star

This teaches you about sharks. Enjoy!!!;3

- Sharks4 star

I think that this book would be educational for many kids. Shows them that there can be scary things in the ocean, but not to be too afraid to explore in the water.

- Good4 star


- Awesome5 star

I love this book because I was doing a project and it helped me so much👍

- Sharks5 star

Love the read-aloud version for my son!!

- Good5 star

This was a good book. You should do this more often. You inspired me to swim in the ocean, and I don't like oceans. Thanks for righting this book. From, Melodee Gobert Arcola, IL Lololololol and I am 11111111

- Greg's favorite book5 star

Sharks are really dangerous

- Eh.3 star

I mean it shows sharks but doesn't have much info, and very short.

- Sharks5 star


- Mr.5 star

This book is great. I learned so much from it. I love sharks.

- Best book I have read5 star

I love this book it's intristing😘😃👍👍

- Sharks5 star

This book is AWSOM! I mean it tells all about sharks.

- Incredible books are my thing.5 star

Incredible book!

- Looks little2 star

Too short

- Awesome5 star

This book is great!

- Good pics5 star

My son found this book to be extremely fun to read. Great pics and a little explanation in addition to the text go a long way.

- Discovery kids:Sharks5 star

This is a story is about sharks.This is a nonfiction book.A whale shark is the biggest fish.Sharks have one fin on their back.

- That Sucked Nuts1 star


- Sooo short1 star

It's sort I thought it would be longer

- Sharks5 star

I learned many things about like the shapes and sizes of sarks.

- Sharks5 star

In this book the person that rote the book is trying to teach us about sharks

- Sharks5 star


- My review4 star

This book is the best

- Shark5 star

This story is about the parts of a shark.One part is the tail it sways back and fourth.The second part is that some sharks have pointed teeth to tare the sharks pray and some have smooth teeth to eat crunchy pray.The third part is that there are Gilles the Gilles help them breath.

- Sharks5 star

Very interesting. My daughter loved this informational book.

- Liv2 star

Toooooo short

- Great5 star

Love the way it highlights and reads my 4 year old loves it

- Good3 star

Good book

- Narration is painful to listen too.2 star

The narration is painfully slow. We had to turn it off and finish reading it aloud ourselves.

- Sharks5 star

It's a great book!!!!!!!!!!

- Sharks5 star

Great book! Awesome pictures!

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5 star

@KevinRyanComedy: Hello sharks, My name is Kevin and I’m asking for $1500 for 100% of my rent.

5 star

@1RealKayPee @GhLawTrends Sharks sharks sharks ..neighbor you won’t kill us o

5 star

I’m scared of sharks

5 star

26. We've had a request for ray facts – coming soon! But first: as @themamabun pointed out, sharks are very fond of…

5 star

@Grouse_Beater Five hammerhead sharks.

5 star

@catturd2: This is what happens when you willingly give up your freedoms to government - The sharks smell blood in the water. GET RID OF…

5 star

@catturd2: This is what happens when you willingly give up your freedoms to government - The sharks smell blood in the water. GET RID OF…

5 star

So Thoyyib is still hoping to get soaked in $$$ from some already bankrupt Mahujanu. Don’t be so naive! U have fall…

5 star

@neil_pandb: Nice start to a Saturday morning. Cheers @Cronulla_Sharks!

5 star

@waltshaub @IbyIcy They think we're a casino where you can gamble away our money & think there's no consequences…

5 star

@ekesunvictor: All those loan sharks that were giving lagosians loan like its Christmas, how are they coping right now?

5 star

@catturd2: This is what happens when you willingly give up your freedoms to government - The sharks smell blood in the water. GET RID OF…

5 star

As much as we shouldn’t demonise sharks... 😱

5 star

@TheSimsLab: Satellite tracking nearly 2,000 pelagic sharks from 23 species by #GlobalSharkMovementProject in ATL, IND and PAC oceans sh…

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