My First ABC With Pookie and Tushka

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My First ABC With Pookie and Tushka Book Summary

Meet Pookie and Tushka, winner of "BEST NEW CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE YEAR" and a TOP TEN book at iTunes, in their new series of educational books!

- NEW Includes Audio for every word.
- NEW ABC Song sang by Pookie and Tushka.
- 60 colorful pages with beautiful hand drawn illustrations.
- A cute new animal character for every letter!

Lovingly written and illustrated, Pookie and Tushka bring hours of entertainment and education to your children.

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My First ABC With Pookie and Tushka Book Comments

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My First ABC With Pookie and Tushka - Jorge Reviews

  • Eh.. Can be annoying

    By Amaris Julee Gould
    Pros: has both capital and lower case letters. Also has words and associates pictures for each letter. Cons: you press on the page and a voice states the letters and pictured objects. However, it does everything on the page. So if your kid wants to know an object is, the voice states all three objects without specifying the picture so your kid has no idea what object the voice is indicating. Also, when your kid presses the page more than once, the voice echoes. It gets really annoying.
  • Very cute!

    By Loonypooh
    My son likes the book. Will see if he learns anything... :)
  • Liked the graphics and narration

    By A. Masters
    The book has 3 objects and an animal character per letter, plus an audio track that is activated by clicking on each page. The graphics are nice and age appropriate. It has a song and some dialog by the characters. Very cute book.
  • Very nice book - Great value

    By NellyG85
    Liked that is has an audio track and even a song. Loved the colorful graphics.
  • A great introduction to the Alphabet

    By Cynthia282
    Every page is a small masterpiece. Great colors and characters, sure to get the attention of the little ones.
  • It's a good book.

    By TTnky
    My son likes this book and all of the examples are great and different.
  • CUTE!!!

    By LMarieTA
    Cute illustrations! Love the characters!!

Jorge - My First ABC With Pookie and Tushka E-Book

My First ABC With Pookie and Tushka - Jorge E-Book coming soon..