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Witch's Bell Book One

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 505375105524403161
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Witch's Bell Book One Book Summary

Can this witch survive in a world of magic, possibilities, danger, and love?

Ebony Bell owns a cantankerous magical bookstore with a personality like a battering ram. Her best friend is a detective who drives like a bat out of hell. And a tall, dark, handsome, but seriously irritating stranger by the name of Nathan Wall has just walked into her life.

Oh, and she's a witch. A consultant witch, to be precise. She spends her mornings selling books and her evenings investigating magical crimes for the local police department.

While her life is messy, she manages, until one investigation ends in a costly mistake. She reveals her powers to a normal human, and in punishment is severed from her magic for one lunar cycle. If that was her only problem, she would cope, but very soon darkness surrounds her.

Something is after Ebony Bell. She must fight it, or die. And if that wasn't bad enough, she has to rely on the help, and kisses, of that darn Nathan Wall.

The Witch's Bell Series is complete. With seven full-length books, start the adventure now.

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Witch's Bell Book One Book Comments

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Witch's Bell Book One - Odette C. Bell Book Reviews

  • Awful! (Ex Wordfeud Junkie)

    Sentence structure D- Grammar F+ Plot Incomplete Character Depth Missing Recommendation: 1) Read your own work before you comdemn us 2) Dictionaries are your friends 3) Thesaurus is also a reference
  • Loved it! (Jcecmcoc)

    Very unique, and an interesting twist on the "typical" witch story line.
  • Witch's Bell Book One (Kyredneckwoman)

    I love this book, can't wait to start on book 2 ;)
  • Ebony Bell (Makrothumeo2)

    Like the content, but hire a proofreader. I would guess there is a typo or omitted word at LEAST every other paragraph in this series, and sometimes more than one in a sentence.
  • Witches' Bell, book one (Alexa OBrien Book 3)

    Okay....didn't get past chapter one, page one.... Glaring blooper, besides the main character's name.... Shard....one cannot have a "shard" of wood....why do I keep trying with this writer? Doesn't she have any educated editors? Doesn't she have an education herself? One really must know the meaning of adverbs and adjectives before using them In a publication for the public use....what's really bad is that I love her story lines/plots...she has a fantastic imagination...but the mistakes are very distracting to the story itself. Alas...delete.... SueB Florida
  • Witch Bell (#1) (Lady B Reader)

    This book was WAY to convoluted. The writer has talent but honestly the only reason I finished it was cuz I don't leave books unread. I wouldn't call it a complete waste of time but it definately could have been better. As a avid reader of the paranormal/fantasy genre I know what a good story is, and yhus wasnt it. The idea was great but the execution left me wanting more. Felt like a self help book with a story attached.

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