100 Travel Tips

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100 Travel Tips Book Summary

Here are over 100 travel tips written by a man that has travelled the world, and worked in over 144 countries in the last 27 years. Practical and simple tips which will make your next holiday or business trip a breeze! This ebook is divided into three sections; Before the trip, At the airport and on the plane, At your destination.

Items covered include; passports, booking your hotel, your air ticket, forex, phones, baggage and packing, your home, checking in and waiting for your flight, business class lounges, on the plane, expenses, car hire, immigration, customs and security as well as general tips. A practical and easy to read ebook for anyone planning a trip in the near future.

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100 Travel Tips - Wolfgang Riebe Reviews

  • Simple & Direct

    By gcm5211954
    Simple tips for those who are new to travel as well as a pleasant quick read or those that are on the go often. Thanks for putting it in an eAsy to read format.

Wolfgang Riebe - 100 Travel Tips E-Book

100 Travel Tips - Wolfgang Riebe E-Book coming soon..