McGraw-Hill's Math Grade 8

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McGraw-Hill's Math Grade 8 Book Summary

Now students can bring home the classroom expertise of McGraw-Hill to help them sharpen their math skills!

McGraw-Hill's Math Grade 8 helps your middle-school student learn and practice basic math skills he or she will need in the classroom and on standardized NCLB tests. Its attractive four-color page design creates a student-friendly learning experience, and all pages are filled to the brim with activities for maximum educational value. All content aligned to state and national standards
"You Know It!" features reinforce mastery of learned skills before introducing new material"Reality Check" features link skills to real-world applications"Find Out About It" features lead students to explore other media"World of Words" features promote language acquisition
Discover more inside:
A week-by-week summer study plan to be used as a "summer bridge" learning and reinforcement programEach lesson ends with self-assessment that includes items reviewing concepts taught in previous lessonsIntervention features address special-needs students
Topics include:Addition; Subtraction; Multiplication; Division; Fractions; Adding and Subtracting Fractions; Multiplying and Dividing Fractions; Geometry; Customary Measurements;Metric Measurements

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McGraw-Hill Editors - McGraw-Hill's Math Grade 8 E-Book

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