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Social Media Reading Sampler Book Summary

Let our experts show you how to take your existing social media marketing efforts to the next level to grow your business. In this Social Media Reading Sampler (Volume 2), we've gathered together excerpts from 5 of our leading new social media marketing and PR books to help you engage with customers, build a loyal following, get found online, grow your business, measure ROI, and more:

Sample Chapter 1, from Go Mobile: Jeanne Hopkins and Jamie Turner will walk you through how to set up, run, and measure effective mobile marketing campaigns.  Includes examples of successful campaigns from Fortune 500 companies.

Sample Chapter 2, from Social TV: Stacey Shepatin and Mike Proulx on the latest innovations in social TV, how marketers and brand managers can engage with viewers on this innovative new platform, and examples of companies already doing it.  

Sample Chapter 3, from The B2B Social Media Book: Kip Bodnar and Jeffrey Cohen equip you with the know-how to use social media tools to generate more B2B leads and close more deals.

Sample Chapter 4, from Optimize: Lee Odden’s expert advice on integrating social media and SEO into your content marketing strategy. 

Sample Chapter 5, from At Your Service: Customer relations expert Frank Eliason explains how to refocus your business on customers and employees to see a positive impact on your bottom line. 

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