The French Revolution

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The French Revolution Book Summary

Often called the most significant event in modern Western history, the French Revolution is a story of life, liberty and struggle. This examination of this significant event in human history is divided into three distinct parts looking before, during, and after the Revolution. 

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The French Revolution Book Comments

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The French Revolution - Vanessa Tan, Anthoula Bourolias & Lucy Liu Reviews

  • Poorly edited

    By Asshjcsycs
    Although the book is well-structured, its authors didn't invest enough time into editing. You can see lots of error here and there. For example, "“On July 14 1798, the Bastille was stormed ”... A person, who at least vaguely familiar with French Revolution, knows that it cannot be 1798, as Revolution was almost over that year. It is 1789, when Bastille was taken. My advice: read with caution.
  • Great but needs a lot of editing

    By John9162947
    There are a lot of grammatical and spelling errors, as well as a simple picture of a few loaves of bread blocking a paragraph. I couldn't get passed the first chapter. The graphics, maps and interaction is great, just needs a lot of work. Also, a three year old drawing of what the different classes were? Hilarious..but come on...
  • Awesome

    By Reemyal
    I love it. It was so helpful in reorganizing my thoughts about the revolution. Thank you for this
  • Sweet

    By Scruggler
    I like the sidebars and the fact that you snuck in Coldplay and Lady GaGa.

Vanessa Tan, Anthoula Bourolias & Lucy Liu - The French Revolution E-Book

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