The Bully and the Sport

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The Bully and the Sport Book Summary

Alex is a shy kid with just about no friends and only a few talents.  He faces challenges with bullies at school, and the only way to escape the world he lives in is to do what he does best: basketball.  But when one of the bullies signs Alex up for the school basketball tournament, he finds he will face one of the biggest challenges of his life. 

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The Bully and the Sport Book Comments

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The Bully and the Sport - Simon Asnes Reviews

  • Good book

    By Jjones1299
    Good book
  • The bully and the sport

    By Al Jr
    Good book
  • The bully and the sport

    By Simon Asnes
    Best book ever
  • OMG

    By bonquiquishanaenae
    This book is amazing. It is written in such a beautiful and descrpitive way. Forget Poe and Dickens’, Asnes should win a nobel prize for this masterful novel
  • Confidence

    By MC Cake
    this book is good for kids who play basketball and don't have the self confidence they need
  • Good Effort but Seems Quite Juvenile

    By Cornelius Maximus Optimus
    I suppose, the cover seems very immaturely done and quite gaudy colors, like, who would write and illustrate that…an 11 year old in a wierd, small private school, with an old teacher? But a cutesy effort and I hope the author continues to write and achieves his goal of being mediocre.
  • The bully and the sport

    By Horny4porny6969
    As an older person this book wasn't really that great. I could see a 6 or 7 year old boy reading it but that's about it. I saw where the author was going with it but I just wasn't really liking the whole plot to the story. But if this was meant for a child to read than I will applaud the author but if the author was targeting a different audience than maybe you should try writing children books. Yours truly, The reader
  • Really interesting book

    By EKW1122334455
    I really liked the book. It was really cool but kinda short. You should read it.
  • It's stupid

    By Jtran0302
    Hi don't read this book it's horrible
  • Good

    By Bsgsntaht
    It was a kind of inspiring that bullies shouldn't get to your mind

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