50 Best Jokes Ever

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50 Best Jokes Ever Book Summary

Love jokes? Here's 50 of the best! All your favorites including the best "Yo Mama" jokes, "Knock, Knock" jokes and more ...

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50 Best Jokes Ever Book Comments

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50 Best Jokes Ever - Jane Parks Reviews

  • Lol

    By baw ba
  • 50 best jokes

    By Big Adk
    Good, clean jokes
  • 50 best jokes ever

    By Bob the builder Christmas tree
    The jokes are not that funny and some of them the person you are telling the joke to they might not understand I know I did not understand
  • 50 jokes

    By TeiraLynn
    Very cute for young at heart
  • Worst book

    By Freshyyyfresh
    Terrible jokes
  • Must be very old jokes...

    By MarkMagill
    Could not find much of anything even remotely funny in this one; let alone enough to call it "50 BEST." So am I am guessing we're old jokes from decades past, then there were a few of what might be considered children's jokes, followed by non-funny blonde jokes and "yo mama is so fat" jokes. I seldom write negative reviews, but this joke book was simply not funny.
  • Nothing funny

    By Valeska26
    Almost all the joke are the same
  • Sorry But No

    By Itsyaboydjteach
    Really hate leaving one star reviews, and I’m not just saying this to claim I’m some high brow joke guy, but I didn’t laugh once. In fact, I skimmed through most of them because the first half were just boring. Of course, by the time you finished reading this review you could’ve just read it yourself and seen how dull it was.
  • Jokes were lame

    By Joker YT
    The Jokes were lameeeeee they weren’t even good and the doctor doctor ones didn’t make sense :(
  • R

    By Ramskee

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