50 Best Jokes Ever

50 Best Jokes Ever by Jane Parks Book Summary

Love jokes? Here's 50 of the best! All your favorites including the best "Yo Mama" jokes, "Knock, Knock" jokes and more ...

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50 Best Jokes Ever (Jane Parks) Book Reviews

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- Not the best jokes. Not even one.1 star

Don’t waste your time. The only joke is how they laugh that people read this.

- Meh it’s boring1 star

I heard some jokes and they are not funny boo

- Bad and stupid1 star

So short and old jokes the first chicken joke is old and stupid These jokes are these anyway these are stupid little jokes a kindergartner can do something better than this dumb book and I could of got an Honer roll but this dumb book held me back 🥶🥶😰😰🥺🥺😭😭so sad that I didn’t get Honor roll and also I would rather read the bad comments like NOW! And pls make a zero star rating ok and sub to flamingo now ok busters bye

- Complete Trash1 star

Soooooooo bad!!!!!

- W. H. Y. My life1 star

This is so dum 50 best jokes ever should be 50 worst jokes ever!! #I A MAD CAT 🐈 😡😡😡😡😡. I ligit almost fell asleep OMG I was reading it and the jokes were so lame I ligit fell asleep #whylife🥺 flip this book 📚 I went to go biking and came back tired 🥵🥵🥵 wanting to read a book and I searched “jokes” red dis. Hated my life. The end JK that did not happen but it would prove my point!!sorry to people who like da jokes at first I’m like “yes I can’t wait know I’m like...”I spent my money on that for no reason....I pay money for books so dam that (sorry for swearing ) bye if you want to play with me my gamer names are: Minecraft beastBabies slither.io explosive chicken nugget. Cat simlialter-animal life Username: BlackFur (my main gamer name)

- 50 best jokes ever5 star

It was funny and cool I liked it very much

- No no no1 star

This book actually sucked. Jokes are supposed to be funny you know. Most of the jokes didn’t even make sense to me.

- Can be better3 star

This book could have been better. Like some of the chapters where dumb like the “blonde” chapter? And the knock knock jokes where ok. Old mama jokes where good tho.

- Lameeee1 star

Old and lame jokes from the 1930s

- It was ok3 star

Could of been better

- boi1 star

the reviews made me laugh more than the book

- Do not recommend!!2 star

The jokes were so corny and not funny, and the book was too short, I finished it in 5 minutes and I’m a slow reader!

- BEST EVER!!!5 star

Very funny, but the yo mama jokes were kind of insulting.

- chuckle4 star

It was cool i got a few chuckles out of it

- Me: 😐1 star

It’s not even funny. Knock knock jokes and why did the chicken cross the road jokes are the majority of jokes, and no matter what chicken or knock knock joke you tell me they’re just not funny period. My fave the whole time I was reading this: 😐😐😐😑😐😐😑😑😐🤨🤨🤨🤨 so yeah waste of time.

- Well, good but...4 star

Where am I supposed to say there jokes, yes I know it says where but when? Or maybe it’s because I’m a bad sentence starter.lol.

- Almost as long as the book1 star

Really bad and stupid jokes

- Old jokes1 star

These jokes sound like a middle aged mom wrote them on Facebook

- Eh2 star

Not bad but the book was short and the jokes were not very good but they were very cheesy

- I mean, its free....1 star

You really get what you pay for. I heard all of these jokes in 2016, and they were not even that good.

- It’s ok3 star

The book is OK it wasn’t bad the jokes just weren’t that funny

- It’s boring1 star


- Not that funny2 star

These jokes are basic :(

- One of the worst books I’ve ever read1 star

The jokes were corny and outdated. This is just a disappointment of literature.

- Good book4 star

Had a good laugh out of it and it’s short not that long.

- Ew1 star

complete joke ( no pun intended )

- This is bad1 star

Honestly the worst jokes ever

- OK1 star

I thought this book would have jokes that would make people and me laugh, really it was justa waste of time.

- Fun read!4 star

Didn’t get some of the jokes but a good book!

- Trash1 star

I read it and I was soooooooooo bored never get. They should give me money for reading it. Geez

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- Not funny1 star

Doctor doctor, your momma told a blonde knock Knock joke. -my momma’s not funny, just like this book.

- Goof5 star


- Tough read...1 star

Treat this like Where’s Waldo and find the one good joke amidst all the blandness.

- Bad1 star

My Ukrainian grandpa tells me these. They’re all terribly unfunny.

- Ok ok Jokes3 star

Readers Readers who is there? No One

- Waste of time1 star

Worst jokes. Boring

- Poopy1 star


- Nonsense3 star

Some of these jokes don’t even make sense! A few I have heard of, a few I liked and the rest don’t even make any sense!😖☹️

- Terrible1 star

Not funny at all.

- Bzing1 star

Not that good

- Jokes4 star

Some jokes make nosense

- It was good1 star

I didn’t like the book 😬

- This book sucks1 star

Very bad I’ve heard all before

- Sucks1 star

Never seen jokes as bad as those

- Sux1 star


- Awful1 star

I don’t think “why the chicken crossed the road” jokes are funny. Would give 0 stars if I could

- Meh2 star

It was OK. It had a few funny jokes, but I had already heard of most of them. It might just be me, but a lot of them didn’t even make sense.

- Worst1 star

It was to short not funny and one of the my least favorited books

- Grosse charogne sale1 star

C’est un livre pour les esti de bien etre qui font rien de leur journée pi qui mange des crottes au fromage pi qui boivent leur pabst

- Very few jokes1 star

I read the whole thing in less than a minute. Why bother?

- Idiotic1 star

Stupid and not funny .. it’s a free book but worth less than that .. 👎🏼

- Too short1 star

The book was only 18 pages! Too short☹️☹️

- Hi5 star


- Best ever lol hi people 👋🏼5 star

This book made me laugh these are some of the best jokes especially the yo mama ones😄❤️❤️

- Best Jokes Ever!!!!5 star


- MEHHHH2 star

Wasn’t the best. I have herd these all before.

- Not the best..1 star

This book was ok but when I tried to make my friends laugh with it no one said it was funny or giggled would not recommend

- 50 worste jokes1 star

Lame lame lame

- Aaammaazziiinngg5 star

I love it🤤😯😦😋😛😝🤪😜😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Worst1 star

This book contain the worst jokes that I ever read and it is racist and sexist

- Boring1 star

Seen them all before One thing to say their not the best

- Kinda good3 star

There some funny jokes but not enough jokes.

- if i could, i would rate this a zero.1 star

seriously? this book is such a waste of time. even dad jokes are better. all the blonde jokes were so racist, as if you think all blondes are stupid-well, for a matter of fact, my best friend’s a blonde and she’s the smartest in our grade. the next time you consider making a joke book, make it funnier and nicer.<3

- Classixs5 star

Love this book, very classic.

- Longer2 star

Wish it was just a bit Longer LongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLonger LongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLonger LongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLongerLonger, oh and a bit better

- 50 Jokes2 star

A bit weak

- Joke books are not fun1 star

This book is very bad. It is so bad. It was so bad that I threw this book off a cliff. Then I jumped on it 69 times and burned it. I then threw it into a wall and punched it 22 times. It is so bad and I only recommend it to people who enjoy hopeless books.

- Should be 50 most pathetic jokes ever1 star

These aren’t even jokes, totally pathetic. They’re also racist and sexist.

- 👎 boo1 star

I rate the Jokes 0% funny. MAKE THEM FUNNY AND I WILL LIKE IT‼️

- Needs improvement3 star

The yo mama jokes were funny but the rest of it : Straight up awful It needs funnier jokes

- Bad1 star

Even dad jokes are better

- Fifty Best Jokes5 star

The jokes are quite hilarious, my favourites are the knock-knock jokes. I dunno how, but I have to find a way to memorise them ALL, they’re that fantastic!

- Omg so funny5 star

It was really funny

- Funny4 star


- Rude1 star

The blonde jokes are racist

- IDK3 star


- Lol not gud at all1 star

Pretty trash and not all the jokes are funny at all. Sub to Pewds and unsub to T series #T Gay

- Average but hillarious4 star

Jokes were pretty average, with the exception of some really funny lines. They were the kind of jokes that were so stupid and some offensive, that made you laugh. I would of liked a few more, but a good read.

- Bad1 star

Don’t get it

- Good and funny/likes and dislikes5 star

Likes -funny Dislikes -short

- Terrible1 star

These jokes didn’t even make me crack a smile. That shows exactly how they are NOT the best jokes ever.

- Might need a different name.5 star

It was really funny. I loved the yo mama jokes page!

- I giggled many times5 star

This book is the ideal joke book for seven to ten year olds. Though the jokes are the type you expect to find in your Christmas Crackers I still found myself giggling many times.

- Not for me1 star

If you have a “dad joke” kind of sense of humour this book could be for you.

- Mea4 star

Some if these jokes were good and some made no sense Overall ok

- The best...4 star

If you actually read all of them in order, it would make you laugh, but if you don't, it won't come out at it's best...

- My review5 star

This book was funny but needs to be edited

- Could have done better1 star

Lame Jokes

- Good but also BAD3 star

I didn't get half of the jokes and most of the jokes were lame

- Do ma1 star

This book has the doo-doo-est jokes

- Laugh is best medicine4 star

Very good jokes.

- 50 best jokes ever??1 star

These jokes are bad, plain n simple, waste of my time, kept reading in the hope there would be at least one laugh but no

- Very so funny5 star

Made me laugh innit I also smelt the cover it wasnt good

- Not great1 star

You can’t understand any of the jokes except the doctor doctor ones

- Kinda funny3 star

I didn’t understand the blonde jokes and the chickens ones weren’t great but the knock knock ones were pretty good

- I love this book5 star

This book is helpful when you are stressed about something and just need a little time to your self

- Just not funny.2 star

Don’t think even a 4yr old would laugh at these.

- not funny1 star

jokes were not funny didn’t make me laugh

- LAAAAAME!1 star

Bruh, not funny

- 50 Best Jokes1 star

Not funny at all

- Really bad1 star


- Don't even download it1 star

This is rubbish you won't laugh at any of the jokes first I read the reviews and I thought oh no they might be wrong and I thought that I might like it but no no no

- Not that funny☹️3 star

The jokes in this books are old fashioned and not very funny. I also don’t understand the blonde jokes, I know people say blondes are dumb but I am blonde and I am not dumb. I would not recommend this book. 😡

- Ok4 star

There were a few funny jokes in there, but 50 isn’t enough.

- Terrible1 star

Not funny mate

- Terrible1 star

The jokes were corny, and made noone in my home laugh. Great job. Terrible jokes.

- Best jokes ever? Not even remotely.1 star

This is primary school level humour.

- Awful1 star

Waste of time.

- Yo muma joke5 star

This book is so funny when I’m sad I read your jokes and it makes me laugh

- Absolutely in stitches5 star

Absolutely in stitches

- Ok but could be more of children’s jokes4 star

I got bored after reading 5 of the jokes.could have been a bit better!

- Good4 star

It is way too short!

- Hilarious1 star

All of this book is a joke with how terrible and boring this book is. I wasted 15 minutes of my life reading this not so great book. I recommend that you get this to see if you can come up with better jokes in 2 minutes or see if it is possible to not fall asleep 😴 while reading the book.

- My review1 star

Some of the jokes where funny but the chicken jokes where terrible it was basically the same joke just flipped round or a different animal “why did the for cross the road? To find the chicken” like come on that’s so bad and “why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side” like come on think of some good ones, also the yo mama jokes where very very very offensive and I would never use theses jokes ever because I don’t like hurting people’s feeling unless they deserve it

- Joke Review3 star

Some great jokes that are funny, however considering that it is a kids book, there are some that were hard to get your head around. I recommend it!

- Doo Doo1 star


- 50 best jokes ever5 star

This is brill why couldn’t there be more jokes

- Not funny 😕2 star

Jokes weren’t that funny :/

- Pretty good4 star

My favourite are the Yo Mama jokes but don’t really get the blonde jokes.

- Cheesy Jokes5 star

Loved all the all the old cheesy jokes in this so I've got one thing to say and that is: do a deer a female deer ray a drop of golden sun me a name I call myself far along long way to run so I needle pulling thread tea a drink with German bread which brings us back to doooooo Kee Kee

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- 50 best jokes to tell5 star

It was the funniest book I have ever read

- Rating1 star

It was really corny!

- Not good jokds2 star

No sense made like this review

- Sometimes the jokes aren’t good4 star

So I like all the jokes but some are just not the best jokes to say.I would want another version to come out.I like how the book is free.The next version that I want has to be free because I’ll try to rate it 5.

- Good5 star

It was funny

- Too basic2 star

Most of the jokes in this book can be found on google with just a simple search

- Eh2 star

Yo mama jokes were good but overall bad

- Standerd3 star

Nothing to crazy simple jokes, never even laughed oh well all good

- Too Corney2 star

A few cute jokes, some mean fat jokes. Mostly moldy oldies. But I did enjoy the newer chicken jokes.

- Meh2 star

I finished it in like less than ten minutes and it wasn’t very funny.

- Bad jokes1 star

Like, really bad

- Not funny1 star

These jokes weren’t funny. I got mad the more I read.

- Title caught my attention1 star

Didn’t find anything funny

- Great for someone who is the age of a teenager5 star

I found it useful for me

- HHh3 star

Not the best joke book but it’s aight it’s aight ok lol they’re kinda old jokes

- Funny but short2 star

It is really funny if you like corny jokes but it is too short. It is only like 27 pages of jokes and there are like 3 or 4 jokes on each page. There aren’t really that many jokes

- Definitely not even close to the best jokes1 star

There was literally one joke I enjoyed in this book

- not good at all1 star

they were jokes that my 5 year old cousin could have made up. very weird


If I could I would give it zero stars. There not funny and I’m a girl who laugh’s to every thing. And the chicken jokes were boring and I’ve herd them before. I at lest thought I would get one little chuckle. But no. Next time make a funny book that has word play and humor!

- To short and it’s not that funny1 star


- 50 best jokes1 star

To short and no zoo-we-mama.

- Pretty good3 star

It was good not great but it was too short

- Trash1 star

If there was an option for zero stars I would’ve chosen that, absolute rubbish. The last straw, I’m going to this persons house to throw them in the trash along with this book.

- I haven’t even read it5 star

I don’t even know why I’m here tho

- Terrible1 star


- I mean...1 star

They were some pretty basic jokes any one could think of without the book. They were unoriginal and not funny whatsoever. Next time, try and make a joke book with actually funny and clever jokes.

- It was ok2 star

It’s was ok but I wish it hade more jokes that were funny

- Bad as poop1 star

You’re trash

- 50 Best JokesEver5 star

I really thought these jokes were very amus- ing! Especially the one that was a take off of This isn't over 'til the fat lady sings, that is: Yo mama is so fat that when she sings, it's over for everybody! I love fat jokes and I think you should have more of them!

- Bad1 star

Google jokes ew

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This might be the best joke I've ever seen on this hellsite, and I saw ALL your 30-50 feral hogs jokes (and loved e…

5 star

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