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Tongue Twisters for Kids

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 275047335554476125
  • Book Genre: Words
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Tongue Twisters for Kids Book Summary

"Rubber baby buggy bumpers" - Say this three times as fast as you can.  How about, try saying " Loopy lizards lying lazily aloft a little lane of logs," without messing up.  This Tongue Twister book is a huge collection of funny phrases, ridiculous rhymes, and silly sentences that will have kids laughing for hours.  Each one challenges your mouth muscles as you try to say these tongue twisters faster and multiple times. 
A tongue twister is a phrase that is supposed to be difficult to articulate properly.  Often times they take practice to say correctly.  Tongue twisters are good practice for children as they learn to form words, phrases, and vowels.  It's hard to say a tongue twister without a smile on your face.  Each tongue twister in this book has it's own silly illustration. Kids will be entertained with these tongue twisters for hours.

Featuring 50 pages filled with fun tongue twisters and fancy illustrations!

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Tongue Twisters for Kids Book Comments

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Tongue Twisters for Kids - Riley Weber Book Reviews

  • These tung twisters are great (Bendy Beats)

    My Kids are have so much fun trying to say there tung twisters
  • Wow (Kybear09)

    Great book!
  • Great ! (milosims)

    It was fun to read, and learn new tongue twisters!! I just wish it was longer. I read them all in 10 minutes. Great for kids !!☺️
  • Amazing (Skky06)

    Very hard to say but I love it
  • Why I like this book (Isabella ptak)

    The book it’s self is weird like very weird well in my opinion at least.
  • Super cool (partydude951420)

    I really like the lead lined book
  • Amazing tongue twisters! (Biene999)

    Very good tongue twisters, but not for professionals
  • So bad (fazxcvbnm)

    I hate it was terrible
  • WORST *book* EVER (MarceloNYC)

    I meen what in the heck it’s not even a book it’s just freaking three ting twisters like wa da heck
  • Tongue twisters for kids (anthony12121👍👍)

    I like your book

Riley Weber - Tongue Twisters for Kids E-Book

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