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Halloween Food

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 416920271559933503
  • Book Genre: Special Occasions
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Halloween Food Book Summary

Trick out the treats for your next gathering of ghouls with these 20 Halloween food projects.

These desserts, snacks, and drinks will appeal to people who want something cute and seasonal. And it will also appeal to the folks who respect the culinary adventurousness of Hannibal Lecter and the Donner party, but aren’t willing to fully commit to the requisite lifestyle change to jump in whole hog (or long pig in this case.)

Read on to find the perfect treat for your Halloween gathering.

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Wade Wilgus

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Halloween Food Book Comments

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Halloween Food - Authors of Instructables Book Reviews

  • Love book (Maya ayala)

    Great book And food
  • GET THIS COOKING BOOK!!!! (Scott James)

    This book is amazing. I made lots of new treats with the help of this book. I recommend this amazing book!!!!
  • Halloween Food (Halloween specials)

    It is a good book that I think should be more interactive with the person instead of just showing pictures most of the time. If they made it so that people can also contribute to the fun and make it grow larger and larger until it becomes a series of Halloween fun! That would draw more people to it and spread the word that hey read this book! Over all I'd give it a 9.5/10 it's a good book but not interactive enough. Please make this a good rating! ;-)
  • Creepy!! (D.McIntyre)

    Love it.
  • Halloween Eats (Mommydeux)

    Some really great ideas! Holidays are so much more fun with festive food!

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