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Roger Ailes Book Summary

“When you’ve got Roger Ailes on your side, you do not lose.”—Rush Limbaugh   Roger Ailes is the quintessential man behind the curtain. He more or less invented modern politi­cal consulting and helped Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush win their races for the White House. Then he reinvented himself as a master of cable television, first as the head of CNBC and, since 1996, as the creator and leader of Fox News, the most influential news network in the country.   To liberals, Ailes is an evil genius who helped polarize the country by breaking the mainstream media’s long monopoly on what constitutes news. To conservatives, he’s a champion of free speech and fair reporting whose values and view of Amer­ica reflect their own. But no one doubts that Ailes has transformed journalism. Barack Obama once called him “the most powerful man in America”— and given that Fox News has changed the way millions understand the world, it may be true.   Yet for all that fame and infamy, very few people know the real person behind the headlines.   Journalist Zev Chafets received unprecedented access to Ailes and his family, friends, and Fox News colleagues. The result is a candid, compelling portrait of a fascinating man. We see Ailes in action at Fox News and hear him reflect on personal mat­ters he has never before discussed publicly. And we discover the heart of his sometimes surprising political beliefs: his profane piety and his unwav­ering belief in the values of his small-town Ohio boyhood.   Ailes loves to fight, but he is a happy warrior who has somehow managed to charm and befriend many of the people he has defeated in political campaigns and television wars. Barbara Walters, Rachel Maddow, Jesse Jackson, the Kennedy clan— all are unexpected Ailes fans.   Chafets also gives us an unprecedented look at the inner workings of Fox News and explores Ailes’s relationships with Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, Neil Cavuto, Chris Wallace, and the other stars...

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Roger Ailes Book Comments

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Roger Ailes - Zev Chafets Reviews

  • Interesting read

    By Nyflgal
    Bias alert....I am a Fox News watcher. However, it is still nice to find out that the buck honestly starts and stops at the top. It takes dignity and good character to allow the opposition to bury themselves with their own words and actions. Never a need to throw the first punch but you must be wiling and able to stand up honorable for your beliefs. Thank you Mr. Ailes for your candor and contribution to America!
  • Roger Ailes

    I guess God gave Mr. Ailes a gift and he has used it well. Thank You for letting us all know.
  • Ratings, wrongs & rights

    By FatPants
    It's not surprising that Chafets comes to a respectful position on Roger Ailes. Most fair-minded people would, too. The sheer magnitude of his career and his approach to garnering ratings should be researched and respected. That's why I was curious to read Chavet's book. I believe it's those people who somehow overlook the fact that politics and media are just forms of "big business" that end up choosing their news and informing their views for idealogical reasons. That's unfair and unbalanced and as Ailes points out, that's not what he's about. His work at Fox has forced all members of the media to reassess their talent and editorial processes. I would have asked Mr. Ailes if he believes the media production of politics is ultimately harmful or helpful to American society? We always hear politicians and commentators saying "we need to have a conversation" on this or that social or political issue, but they never really do, do they? They simply stand across the street from each other and shout at each other from their respective soapboxes. It's no wonder most Americans can't stand politicians. If Ailes is looking for an exclamation point to his legacy as a media pioneer, I would suggest he use his vast network of contacts to actually establish a forum for the "conversations" that are not happening. Now there's a program I would like to see! Ask each opposing side to field their "champion(s)" and have a single corporate sponsor or foundation to "host" an hour or two of uninterrupted, regulated debate. Like American Idol, viewers could then vote on which policies we should be following and politicians would be held accountable like never before. No polls, just votes. Global warming vs. voodoo science, gay marriage vs. civil unions, border security vs. amnesty, balanced budget vs. spending resolutions, IRS vs. flat tax- the possibilities boggle the mind! Roger Ailes might be one of the few people powerful enough to truly see an American conversation take place. Done right, imagine the ratings...and the results.
  • Roger Ailes - Off Camera

    By bluesman 007
    Whether you lean a bit left or right politically, or feel more comfortable just straight down the middle; Chavets' excellent rendering of the real Roger Ailes - or the closest we may ever come to defining - is very effectively laid out before us in Roger Ailes Off Camera. if you are left leaning, you may very well find yourself grudgingly admiring the larger than life persona of the man that redefined conservatism and how it is sold - and in the process built the colossus Fox News. Chavets had great access to Ailes (who relishes his privacy) at work, at home, and on the road. The core beliefs, the undaunted competitive spirit, as well as the nuanced self deprecation are all here.... and in Ailes own words. Chavets effectively walks the middle road in weaving the compelling story of Roger Ailes, the maker of Presidents, the builder of giant corporations, and the true architect of how our modern day elections are now run. In the final analysis, the author's objectivity in piecing together the truths, the half truths, and the outright falsities into an extremely smart and readable story of a true American Icon at once sets the standard for all future Ailes biographers. in other words, Chavets reports - you decide!

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