Silence by Natasha Preston Book Summary

For eleven years, Oakley Farrell has been silent. At the age of five, she stopped talking,and no one seems to know why. Refusing to communicate beyond a few physical actions, Oakley remains in her own little world.
Bullied at school, she has just one friend, Cole Benson. Cole stands by her refusing to believe that she is not perfect the way she is. Over the years, they have developed their own version of a normal friendship. However, will it still work as they start to grow even closer?
When Oakley is forced to face someone from her past, can she hold her secret in any longer?

*Silence deals with a sensitive topic and is recommended for 16+

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Silence (Natasha Preston) Book Reviews

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- Great5 star

This book was sooo good

- Informational5 star

Wonderful book!!! It is a book that is packed full of emotions. I do warn if you are not mentally strong enough to handle dark scenarios I would hold off of the book or if you have been through some rough ventures in your life. The characters and plot was extremely executed though and am look forward to reading the next book. I also would love to see this book in paper.

- I love it5 star

Best book I have ever read it made me laugh and cry I am looking forward to reading broken silence right now. So excited

- Excellent!5 star

I couldn’t stop reading! I have already purchased the rest of the series and in the progress of reading them all! Absolutely one of my favorite series by far!

- Amazing!5 star

This book was so great. It kept you guessing and at the edge of your seat in certain moments. The beginning was a little slow but still very important and good. Overall, I really recommend this book and this is now my favorite book😁.

- Silence5 star

I really loved this book, in fact it is one of my favorites. There are so many different emotions I felt as I was reading this. I feel like the reader developers a personal connection with the characters. I loved the romance in this book. I also love how Oakley trust Cole with everything and how even though she doesn’t talk she still shows that she loves him. I also love how Cole loves Oakley so much and how he doesn’t let anyone mess with her and how protective he is of her.I also love how Cole can tell what Oakley is saying even though she doesn’t talk. I would definitely recommend reading this book if you haven’t already.

- lovely3 star

this was just a beautiful written piece of work and i loved relating to the characters and all the beautiful descriptive things definitely couldn’t put it down it’s a must read book

- Silence, Broken Silence, Players bumps and cocktail sausages, and Silent Night..5 star

‼️‼️ AMAZING SERIES! This is the first book that I have read/bought off of iBooks, at first I just wanted to spend money on a book because I’d never read one on my phone and thought it’d be cool to have something to do during summer break. However, when I started reading silence I just couldn’t put my phone down, the author, Natasha Preston drew me into it, and made me want to buy the whole series. Through the series, I cried, laughed, and even felt like this story was personal, and I knew every character visioning them while reading. After I read Silence I instantly read Broken Silence, then I just couldn’t stop myself from going to the next, wanting to read from Jaspers perspective and not wanting the story to end. After reading all the books in this series I just want to read more!! Silent Night was so short, and I feel there should be more added to this amazing series, after finishing I’m still wanting to read further! There’s no way it can end with #3!!!

- Silence5 star

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I have a hard time finding books that fully catch my interest. But this book had me hooked in the first few sentences. The entire story was simply amazing. I couldn’t put it down.

- Adore It5 star

i absolutely loved it. i think it has such a deep meaning behind it and i never wanted to take my eyes off of it. the way she wrote it made me imagine everything in real life with real people it felt like i was there. it was an amazing romance story which i don’t usually like. made my heart race, melt, and soar all at the same time. (i’ve read it over and over and never have gotten bored of it)


I have read the whole series and at first I never wrote a review. I stumbled upon the book again and even tho it has been awhile and I’ve read other books I can honestly say that this series is my favorite book series ever. I can also say that Natasha Preston is my all time favorite author. I have also read “Save Me” and “The Celler” and I can’t get enough. I love the way her books have romance, suspense, danger, and thrill in it. Like I said Silence series is my favorite series of all time.

- If only5 star

Great read!!! Wishing I had a love like Cole and Oakley’s

- It was okay.2 star

Mediocre writing and a rushed ending. I’m disappointed i stuck it out honestly. I just kept hoping when Oakley finally spoke that it would make the rest of the book worth it. It didn’t. Oakley refusing to talk was more annoying then it was interesting. Cole’s relationship with Oakley was the most interesting part of the book but it wasn’t enough to justify that crappy rushed ending.

- A great book to read!5 star

I loved it and I really hope this book turns to a movie!

- One of the best books5 star

This is one of the best books in the world. Ive read it 8 times and would read it agian

- Amazing5 star

Great book

- Uh what?1 star

I read the summary for clarity and insight, but it was the complete opposite!! I just got lore confused and the story didn’t help either! The vagueness was a huge negative! I still don’t understand what genre this book is because it doesn’t scream romance!

- Not bad3 star

I enjoyed the read first book I read in forever tho but that ending I was honestly pretty upset about haha like what happened when they got back 🥵🥵

- Silence5 star

This is a great book! I couldn’t stop reading. Finished it in 3 days. I recommend it!!

- Loved it5 star

Some people say that they didn’t like this book but I loved it so much and if it weren’t for screen time I would’ve never put my phone down only because I would read this book. So every time I was on my phone I was reading this book is so good and I cried when I got done and I really want to read Broken Silence to see what happens next. I love her books so much and I want to read all of them her books are the only ones that I will read and I will never put them down.

- Amazing5 star

This book was very emotional, I loved every second of it and couldn’t look away. Definitely my new favorite series of books


I honestly hate reading books on my phone but this was the first book I couldn’t seem to click out of. I loved it so much. Highly recommend!

- Silence5 star

My favorite book to read, I’ve reread it like 100 times!

- Love it sooo much5 star

The perfect plottt ever and relationship of Cole and Oakley is just mind blowing! ( if u have time plz check out my book on Amazon “silent valley” ) thanks


it was an amazing story.

- Amazing5 star

Was one of my favorites

- Great5 star

I loved it, great book, I highly enjoyed it

- Amazing5 star

I am total girl when it comes to romance and this really hit home. I would recommend this to book to anyone, the author did an amazing job 😌 I would totally read it again but got to see where cole and oakley stand when she gets back to england 😉. LOVE THE BOOK READ NOW

- Wow!!5 star

As a young person who is a little bit older than the character, I felt like I could identify them. Even though this has never happened to me I felt literally everything the main character felt. When she wanted to pull out her hair so did I. When she felt like she shouldn’t be trusting, I felt the same. This author wrote a story that will pull your heart in many directions. This book is about awareness to child abuse. I love reading fiction and mysteries, even though this was fiction it didn’t feel like it after a while it felt like a real life story, so many principles and thoughts to learn from. Apart from the Bible, this book maybe my favorite book ever.

- Wow5 star

I loved this because it is romance and drama etc. it was just so many different thrilling things to read in just one book. I could guess the plot points but that made the book even better when I was right and they came true.

- Love it!!5 star

One of the best books I’ve read on here

- The best5 star

I recommend reading it so far this is the best book I’ve read and I’m in love

- Silence is the perfect title explaining every thing in one word4 star

This book is so heart crushing but yet hearts warming it is a roller coaster of elements and emotions definitely one of the best books I’ve read.

- I loved this book5 star

I don’t like reading books but I absolutely loved reading this one!!

- Silence5 star

I absolutely loved this book.

- Amazing tear jerker!!5 star

Best book ever!!

- Silence by Natasha Preston5 star

It’s literally my most favorite book in the world. I’ve read the entire series once and I’m currently rereading the first book cause I just loved it so much. Trust me, it’s a good read.

- It could have been better2 star

This book could have been so much was written fairly well, but the plot was kind of cheesy. Also, the romance between her and Cole was way over played. It wasn’t realistic at all and had a very anticlimactic ending. I read the whole thing just for the part where she started speaking, and I was sorely disappointed.

- Silence5 star

I love this book a lot I just wish I could read the the next ones but there not free so if u could make them free for a week at least I would appreciate it a lot thank u. I LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK B.T.W

- I loved It!!!!❤️❤️❤️5 star

The book was so good, that most nights I couldn’t fall asleep, because I wanted to know what happened next! Me and my friend were sad when we found out what happened to Oakley, and we are anxious to read the next book, “Broken Silence”! Loved the book! ❤️❤️


Your heart will shatter and break. It takes you on such an amazing journey. Best book ever.

- Good4 star

I loved reading it. Definitely worth the read.

- Great Book!5 star

Loved this book. Finished it in two days. I was anxious to see why she fell silent. After the discovery I Couldn't wait to move on to the next book, to see what would happen next!

- Favorite Book5 star

i found this book a couple years ago and i have read it so many times i am absolutly in love with it. i love books but this is one i’d really like to see be made into a movie but like an actually well done movie that is actually accurate and like the book. ughhh i need a third book of Oakley and Cole’s story PLEASE

- I don’t want to see it anymore.1 star

Why does it keep popping up in the Free List? Why doesn’t it ever disappear? Even after I have marked “Dislike”....

- Loved the book!5 star

Loved it! One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I don’t usually go for “romance” story’s but this one I was drawn to. I love the plot, the characters were well developed and had a nice character arc. Can’t wait to read the next two.

- #Love5 star

This book was soooo good I’ve read it 3 times

- The second book4 star

Would it kill you to make the second book free. I have read the sample, looked online and at the library at still nowhere else has it free. My parents say “only by things that are free” but the second books kinda defeats the whole purpose of that. But this book is good too

- Amazing!3 star

This book has got me so hooked!

- Silence4 star

This was really good, I wish the Broken Silence was free like this one, that way I could finish the story, other then that it is a great book I couldn’t put it down, I hope Oakley and Cole get back together.

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- Awesome5 star

I just love this book! It’s is full of emotions and the author wrote it so well! 𝕃𝕆𝕍𝔼 𝕀𝕋! ❤️💕

- Welp...3 star

I don’t necessarily remember much about this book other then the basics. I read this when I was a lot younger and I remember enjoying it and the second immensely. I’m going to re-read this book once again and see how my judgement has changed.

- GREAT book!!5 star

This book had a Great story!! The characters were likeable!! This is a well written book that still stays with me!!

- Beautiful story!5 star

This book is a nice, smooth, engaging tale. Oakley is the girl often looked at as weak for her lack of words, but truly she is the strongest character. She bares the weight of the world so no one else has to know just how heavy it really is. Cole is every girls dream boyfriend, which makes him a little unrealistic but you fall for him as a character all the same. Following through the eyes of both characters you really feel what they feel and feel more for them. While the story may have a few minor issues here and there with spelling, timing, etc; it’s quite easily overlooked by the story as a whole!

- So amazing! read in one day5 star

I never really get into Books, and I don’t necessarily enjoy reading them. But after starting this novel I couldn’t put it down! Every part of this novel was intriguing and interesting. Everything she wrote made me feel something, even the love story between core and Oakley my stomach always had butterflies. If you don’t read this story it’s your loss! Natasha captured this tragic story so well!

- Wow5 star

So I’m a dude i got this app to get books I like but there all money so I looked for free books and found this I didn’t think much of it but I had nothing better to do so I read it and I loved it 😃

- Best book I ever read1 star

I have been reading books probably before I could talk, this book was so great I had to stay awake util 12 am because I just couldn’t put the book down. Please continue writing more books, you’re an amazing author!

- It is a good book for teenagers2 star

The story and writing seems to be directed more to teenagers than adults. Not sure if the others books in this series may be more attractive for adults.

- Silence5 star

I’m not a reader. I read this book in two nights. I couldn’t put it down. Now to the next book in the series.

- I deserve this... just call me nobody4 star

ya I don’t know how but why

- Breath taking5 star

Every chapter took me deeper and deeper in interest.

- Super5 star

This book is great.

- Best book ever5 star

This book is hands down my all time favourite. I was introduced to it a few years ago and I always find myself coming back to it. The writing, characters and plot are all so well thought out and so good that its impossible to hate this book. All the character are all so loveable until proven guilty. Even players who sleep around are proven to be softies at the end. Not only that but the character development is overwhelming. The way Oakley steps up and changes so drastically at the end of the book, and how her mom becomes strong and independent really shows the power of love and family. Along with the characters, the way Natasha Preston was able to grasp the thoughts of such a scared child and put it into a fascinating and intriguing, yet suspenseful and sad love story is what pulls me in the most. Reading about how Oakley falls in love despite what shes gone through helps me better understand how powerful love is. Which is perfect for a hopeless romantic such as myself. Overall this book is a must read and needs to be printed and I can never see myself not loving it and rereading it whenever I get the chance. I also love Broken Silence as we get to see Oakley and Cole’s love rekindle and forced to be built from scratch, but in a mature and adult way helps me connect with the characters more. Technically I love this series:) (i will also write a very detailed review on broken silence)

- Great Read!5 star

Such a captivating book. I couldn’t put it down. I decided half way through this one that I was gonna have to buy the second cause this one was so enjoyable.

- Ok3 star

Pretty good, but a bit repetitive. The best unintentional (maybe?) pun I’ve seen in a long time on page 357 of the ebook.

- Love5 star

So hard to put down. Such a captivating story!

- Amazing5 star

This book was a roller coaster of emotions! I absolutely loved it non stop and I will read it over and over and tell everyone I know to read it! At the end I started crying non stop and did not stop reading until 2 am!!!


It’s amazing! You really get to know the characters and really feel connected to them. Warning: really emotional. But if you’re like me, you’d love it! Highly recommend!

- Silence1 star

Very predictable and typical ending

- I love this book ❤️❤️5 star

A tear jerker for sure

- Incredible5 star

This whole series is jaw-dropping. You will be taken on these ups and downs with characters who were rooted in reality. Keep a tissue box ready because you will shed more tears than Niagra Falls. This story contains sensitive matter and makes you feel truly disgusted and sick to your stomach when you learn Oakley’s past. 5 stars is not enough to describe my love for this bold piece of literature! Side note: It seems self edited as there are a couple grammatical/spelling errors. Otherwise flawless.

- Left Me Wanting More!5 star

I absoultely loved this book! I smiled, I laughed, I cried, I was shocking! I could not put this book down! When it ended I wanted more! So I found Silence Broken (book 2) and omg same thing! I want more! This serious is brilliant.

- Wow5 star

That was the most amazing book I had ever read, from the moment I finished the first chapter I didn't put it down until I finished. The love between Cole and Oakley made my heart melt so much and the ending made me tear up, that was amazing and I am without a doubt continuing reading this series. (There are quite a few spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes though ^-^)

- Soooo good4 star


- Amazing5 star

Best book on here, I would Definitely suggest reading it!

- Perfect4 star

This book is amazing, I finished it in about two days time ! It's a good read but there is a cliffhanger at the ending leading up to you finding out in the second book once you BUY it. That's was the one thing I wish I had known before I started reading the first book. Overall I did enjoy both books and would recommend it to others !


This book is amazing I love the way the story is written. Everything about it is great there is just soo much emotion I got lost in the story I usually hate reading but this book was different it made me want to keep reading and find out what happen.

- Best book I have ever read!5 star

This book is amazing! I usually don't like reading. But I finished this book in 2 days. It's UNBELIEVABLE AND SO SO SO SAD. HAVE TISSUES!

- Not bad!!3 star

This book is an easy read! It's interesting enough to keep you coming back, but simple enough to put down often and return to later. At some points it felt like it dragged on, and sort of lacked climax, but the context was there. The writing seemed rather amateur, or basic/simple but that was part of what made it enjoyable. It was uncomplicated and entertaining.

- ChangedMyLife5 star

Wow. I know I'm late to the game on this one, as this book is pretty old. But God was it good! I write books in my spare time, and about maybe a year ago I came across 'The Cellar'. It's one of my favourite books out there. 4 days ago, I decided I'd check out some other of your books as I was bored, and remembered how good The Cellar was. This book is amazing and deserves a 5 star. (I found your books on Wattpad). This book has really inspired me to enhance my writing skills, and just to generally read more books. Thank you so much, I'm going to go buy the second book in this series as I can't live without it XD.

- Best book ever5 star

This is the best book I've ever read, although I haven't read many; this book makes me want to read more and more. I'm almost finished it and I read it all the time !!!

- I love this book so much!!5 star

I love this book so much and i cried so hard at the end.

- Great book5 star

Such a good book!

- Very good!!!5 star

It is such a sad story but I loved every page of it

- Silence4 star

Nice story but the F word is disgusting to read. I suggest writing without using it as it casts a poor light on the writer. Good luck

- Great5 star

The story idea is amazing and i love the romance between cole and oakley, there are a few times when the writing itself is gapy and not well written but the actual story is awesome!

- LOVED IT!!!5 star

It takes a lot in a book for me to like it and I loved this soooo much it was amazing!

- whejeeiie4 star

I can't believe you ended this book on a horrible ending how can u do this. I fell in love with this book & it broke my heart

- Silence5 star

I have read this book twice and I fall in love every-time I feel like I need to live this book and actually once I broke out crying amazing job wish there were more!!!!??👍🏻

- Really good!5 star

I really recommend this book, it's a really good read!

- Wow.5 star

Damn...I have no words. This story completely blew me away.

- Silence5 star

Love this story couldn't put it down. Made me cry at times and laughed out loud at times. Can't wait to read what happens next between Cole and Oakley.

- Great story5 star

Great story

- Good story but...3 star

It was a good story, but there a few issues: it was terribly slow in the beginning then suddenly over so quick, there was obvious spelling/grammar errors, then to top it all off, she ends the book with a cliff hanger! Good book but I wouldn't have downloaded it if it wasn't free

- The Best! A must read!5 star

This series was the best! It gives you inspiration and hope with this story line! I could never put it down it's a must read!

- Perfect😍5 star

This is one of the best books I've ever read! I can't wait to read the second one!!!

- I loved it5 star

This is my favourite book ever I definitely recommend

- AMAZING ✔️✔️✔️5 star

Holy crap!! This book rocked!!! I never got board of this book and it had a very nice thriller/ suspense! I recommend this book to anyone!! And also it's a very emotional book!

- Love it5 star

There Are a lot of spelling mistakes so maybe get a better editor because there are way to many but other than that it was really good

- AMAZING5 star

This is such a grate book u definitely have to read although I do wish that the second book was free😔

- Okayyy.2 star

This book was interesting and I wanted to know the ending, that’s about all it had going for it. Like others I skipped some bits after I was sick of reading the same junk. Also the writer often mixed things up like changing from Oakley’s perspective to Cole’s and then back to Oakley’s in one paragraph. They clearly lost their place and didn’t have the book checked over. Or the person who was to edit the book also skipped parts! Anyway, glad it was a freebie but will not be buying others considering the free ones are usually the best ones and the series normally get more sloppy..

- Silence5 star

Great story and very suspenseful. I was riveted throughout.

- Best book ever5 star

This is the best book you could ever read -unknown

- Literally my favourite book in the whole universe5 star

The only book I would secretly read at night or was the book I would never tell my friends the book because I felt like it was mine and I wanted to finish reading it before they started. Absolutely amazing and definitely buying the next book ❤️

- Soo good!4 star

I love this book! Highly recommend!

- Amazing5 star

This has a very powerful meaning to it-I’m obsessed!

- Great read5 star

Such an interesting page turner

- Beautiful Book5 star

This book was so emotional, and I have fallen in love with the series. The thing that happened to Oakley was the exact same thing that happened to my best friend, and I wish so badly that I doesn’t happen to other people because it is horrible. <3<3<3

- Silence5 star

When I first saw the book title I was concerned that it would be boring... a whole book with little or not much dialogue.... and boy was I wrong! I was HOOKED from the beginning. I loved the characters and the storyline. What a GREAT book! Seriously worth reading!

- Beautiful4 star

I’ve been reading this over the past few days and I cried like a baby at the end 😭. Seriously considering purchasing ‘Broken Silence’ to continue Oakley and Cole’s story. Job well done, this is fantastic! 👏

- ye it a book3 star

Listen the writing isn’t great and the plot is pretty predictable but the idea behind it, and the characters, are charming enough that anyone around 14-17 can give it a read and enjoy it well enough.

- A book that made me goofy smile5 star

I was surprised by how much I adored this relationship. Nothing was rushed and everything happened when it should have. I can’t wait to read the next one :)

- So GOOD!!!5 star

I loved this book so much, it had many scenes that brought me to tears. It had a beautiful storyline and many parts that had suspense. This book is a bit inappropriate for younger children so, I recommend this book for teens and above. Other than that, I loved it and wanted to read the other books in the series!

- Amazing5 star

I have never read anything so Interesting I rarely read and I have read all 4 books at least 3 time this year it is amazing I love it Oakley story is amazing and cole sounds like the best friend everyone wants. There’s books have inspired me to be a writer my self.💕

- This is the best book I ever read5 star

Hey, idk if you will see this but eh. Tbh I love this book. It’s so interesting and so true about what happens in today’s day an age that children get sexually abused or assulted by adults/strangers or family. No one should be treated like that. I wish to continue reading more but I’m not really that rich and afford to get iTunes money to buy the rest of the books. I prefer if they were for free if that’s okay. 27/10/17 From a Junior Year 9 Student in Australia, Samantha

- Can’t Explain5 star

I cannot explain how satisfying this book was. How amazing it was. It kept me on it all the time. I read it whenever I can. I have really been stuck to it, with the world of drama folding around Oakley, and her silence got me into it. The lack of time I spent reading with it was outrageously massive. I can’t wait to read the next, and the next (Silent Night, Broken Silence). This book hooked me from the start all the way to the end. The one thing I’ll Criticise is how much time I spent reading it.... everyday... every second. ❤️

- Silence5 star

Great read, looking forward to follow up. Can’t wait.

- My book reveiw for silence5 star

I love this book i just decided to download it because I was looking for something to read and it came up as free so I thought ill give it a go if I don’t like it it’s ok because it is free. The first few chapters are not that interesting but as the story goes on it gets really good and every time I stop reading it I want to go back to finish it. Every chapter or so there is a masive cliff hanger which makes you wonder what is going to happen and it makes you want to read it more to find out what happens. I would give this book an eleven out of 10 it was amazing and I did’t want to stop reading. I have now downloaded broken silence book 2 of this and I am hoping that it is as good as the first I am excited to read it and find out what happens. This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster with happiness, love, fear, anger and sadness. I would definetly recomend this book to anyone who is looking for a good read. A shout out to natasha preston for making an amazing story. This book will make you laugh, cry and most definitely go awww Tiana.

- Love ❤️5 star

Absolutely had me in mixed emotions!

- Ok3 star

Dragged on a little had to skip parts to get to the real plot.

- One of my favourite books!5 star

I absolutely love this story. I have read all 3 books repeatedly. I laughed, I cried. It stayed with me for so long! I fell in love with the main characters. I recommend this story to so many family and friends. A tale of perseverance and strength. Thank you for writing one of my favourite stories Natasha Preston!

- Great read5 star


- Amazing!!5 star

I absolutely HATE books and reading. Never loved them, but this series is AMAZING!! I have read this book 3 times now and would re-read it again in a heart beat! I love it so much I really wish it will turn into a movie, being exactly the same as the book! ❤️

- Love this book5 star

I've never really liked a app or anything apple really has to offer but this book is absolutely the best, it's the first book I've ever read all the way to the end and I'm 15. Can't wait to buy Broken silence. Thank you

- Silence5 star

What a wonderful book. It brought tears to my eyes. It is so true, what happens in this crazy world of ours. Congratulations on the book

- Silence5 star

Wow! Breathtaking. I couldn't look away. I was scared to 'know', the full ugly truth, but I couldn't stop reading. I cried. My heart ached for the young lovers, for the broken Oakley, for her broken family, for Oakley's silence. This was exceptionally written. The author was respectful and caring of the subject without compromising the necessity for full disclosure. The ugly truth and the blame was put squarely where it belonged without losing sight of, or undermining or glossing over the terror experienced by Oakley. The telling could've all gone wrong if it was a one dimensional story, but it didn't because it wasn't. Oakley's post traumatic stress was palpable. She challenged it and she succeeded, only when she was with Cole. Her misconstrued thoughts, her beliefs about herself, her fears and her lack of self worth were heart breaking. Her boyfriend's almost psychic ability to communicate and care for her was not out the bounds of reality, given that they were two children who grew up together with one having suffered a trauma. Each and every person around her, had developed in a way over the years, that mirrored their deep need to know what happened to her and help her heal, except for one who had their own agenda; to keep her silent. I felt deeply for Oakley, and all those around her. Many lives were forever traumatised by what happened to Oakley. That's a major understatement. Best to just read it and find out for yourself.

- Wow5 star

I'm not someone who is into reading books but this one just got me! The story is really beautiful and the end made me crying, kind of.. It's very worth it to read!!!

- Disappointed1 star

I can't believe there are 1200 reviews! I skimmed through the majority of the book because I thought it was going to get better! It didn't!! Don't bother reading it!

- Heartbreaking & Amazing!!5 star

What an amazing read! I could not put this book down! I finished two of the books in 2 days. Such a tragedy, but also a beautiful love story. It could be a sensitive subject to some though. Would rate it 10/10 if I could

- Incredible!5 star

This book needs to be appreciated much more than it is. I read the ENTIRE series (three books and short story) in three days!! It is incredible!! A must read for sure.

- 😍5 star

It's an amazing book!

- Worth a read!4 star

Enjoyed this book

- Great!5 star

Love this book! Bought all of them.

- Silence5 star

I'm looking forward to book 2 but I don't have any more money on my iTunes gift card Scarlett Herft Age:10

- Silence!4 star

I liked it a lot! Got me so interested to read the next one "broken silence" 😊😊😊😊😊

- Oh my god5 star

Oh my god this is the best book ever. It's my favourite book. It was kind off sad. I almost cried when I read the part where she told Cole the reason why she stopped talking but it was still a very fascinating book. I can't wait to read more of the series. I Love it l love it.😍😘😚🤗

- Wow5 star

This book sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Reading this made me remember why I love reading novels so much. An absolute 5/5 stars. Cannot wait to dig my nose in to the next in this series.

- BRILLIANT!5 star

This is a fantastic book! It's is sooo romantic, funny and mysterious. I enjoyed this book and read it in two days because I couldn't put it down! I love this book and can't wait to read the second one! Thanks Natasha Preston

- Amazing!5 star

I couldn't put this book down and couldn't wait to read the next one.

- You must read5 star

Great book.. Wow.. Wish I had their relationship So well written

- Awesome5 star

Lovin’ the story and excellent flow and climax.

- Good story3 star

The story held my attention from beginning to end. The characters were well developed. The proof reading/mistakes throughout the book were many. I would often have to re-read a sentence that didn't make sense and then guess at the meaning. I didn't like the way the book was left up in the air with the next instalment to come in the next book at a cost.

- Most. Predictable. Book. Ever1 star

You can honestly plot the whole thing after reading the first 50 pages.

- Captivating!!!5 star

This book got me so emotionally connected with the characters I cried on a number of occasions. Grammatical errors were a little annoying but the story was so enthralling, the author can be forgiven for these. Already downloaded the second one to start straightaway.

- Perfect5 star

When you read the first page it really drags you in. I suppose that makes you want to keep reading. Also, I got really emotionally attached to each of the characters. I'll go and get the next one now.

- I loved this book!4 star

I absolutely loved this book! It was one that I had trouble putting down. I fell in love with the characters and their love story, and it really brought out my emotions. It's a beautiful love story, and made me feel like a teenager in love again. I have purchased the second book and am so far loving that too!

- Silence5 star

Story is really amazing but book needs so many grammatical corrections..

- Best e-book5 star

It's emotional and excellent, the author does a very good job at making the book come to life. I felt a connection when I read this book and the story of the main character is truely amazing. I recommend this book and I also recommend the rest of the series!!

- Incredible5 star

Incredible story, so many highs and lows- really pulls you in!

- Fantastic5 star

Great book

- An absolutely thrilling book5 star

I would 100% recommend this as u really feel that u r in the book and I get really hooked up on Oakley and coles relationship I love this

- Amazing book5 star

I’m just about to start the second one but I absolutely loved this book! I couldnt stay away once I started. The characters are good and although the story line is very serious (child abuse) it has some very funny moments and the romance side was perfectly put in!

- Amazing5 star

It’s amazing just amazing the ending made me anxious about the next book as well as it make me cry like a baby it’s amazing the whole series is

- Outstanding5 star

It was overwhelming to read this book. Loved it.

- I loved it5 star

I love this book so much 🥰🥰🥰😘

- Amazing5 star

This book is so gripping definitely a great book to read !!

- A good read but3 star

I enjoyed reading this book the characters are nicely created, however some inconsistencies and poorly researched information. I found a lot of confusion with the characters ages and the timeline such as Oakley is meant to be 15 going to 16 but is still in secondary school and Cole remains 17. A possible trivial point. Still worth reading!

- invitinf5 star

such a good book, one of my favourite books i’ve ever read. very intriguing and paints a picture in my head when i read it!!

- Loved it5 star

It’s very difficult book, but feels so real

- This book has an amazing series5 star

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves romance novels, one of the best I’ve ever ever read😍😍

- The cover5 star

Personally, I love the series and have read all of the books. However, what annoys me is that the change of the cover of the books makes it less appealing to me and the other readers, meanwhile the previous ones looked more story driven, and the focal point of Oakley with a morose look gives the reader some insight as to what some of the stories themes are.

- Great book5 star

This is such a great book. Once you start it grips onto you, i even recommended it to my English teacher 😂 Although there are grammer and spelling mistakes or words that don’t really make sense, its still a great book. I’ve never read or heard of a book with a storyline like this one. Great read for a free book :)

- Uh3 star

Uh I guess it’s okay? It’s not the best book I’ve ever read however

- Loved this book !5 star

This book was full of twists and turns and is one of my favourite books! It’s got drama and romance and overall is a really good book.

- Silence4 star

Very good read Lots of errors Characters mixed up in the same paragraph, had to re-read sentance again to understand Will read second

- Gripping4 star

Really loved how the story was written and the story it’s self was so gripping, although it was full of mistakes. Switching characters point of view in the middle of someone else’s, I couldn’t miss it and it was confusing!

- Its amazing5 star

This is an amazing book to read and I loved how much Oakley and Cole loved each other, it was really cute. If you are looking for a good,interesting book then you should definitely check this one out and give it a read

- Amazing5 star

Such a good book! Read it within a few days, reading Brocken silence now!

- The title is perfect5 star

Very moving and captivating.. one of the best books I’ve ever read !! Loved it.. I’m going to move onto broken silence now.. I’m hooked !!

- Amazing book!!!5 star

Couldn’t put it down, can’t wait to read the next book!

- Silence5 star

Preston has made an absolutely incredible book with such an amazing plot. I couldn’t have thought of a better twist.

- Change5 star

This book has changed the way I feel about everything in life . It’s made me realise I have a voice and I need to make it heard . Thank you so much for making me realise it .

- Silence1 star

So slow won’t bother with the sequel

- Silence5 star

This Book was fantastic and a beautiful story! I would read this book everynight. I was hooked on this book. Can not wait to read the next one! Truely a beautiful book!

- Great book5 star

Couldn’t put this one down captured my interest from page one till page 748 great read

- Bestest📕📕5 star

Trust me it’s the great book I ever came across ❤️❤️❤️

- Silence5 star

It was a great book, I wanted more for the ending. What happened to Cole

- Amazing book5 star

I haven’t been reading for awhile n this book got interested in book again ... this book so good i totally recommend it

- Such a good read5 star

Downloaded this on holiday and I couldn’t put my phone down, loved the story behind the two characters, true love story

- Miss I5 star

Great story!

- Silence5 star

Brilliant need to read second one

- amazing5 star

was the hardest book to read but was beautiful, completely beautiful.

- 100% worth the read!5 star

Thrilling & captivating. I never wanted to put it down! Wish I could read again from the beginning and remain as unaware.

- Loved5 star

I loved this book- I am very picky with what I like but this legit sound be a Netflix series I loved it. I cried at the end of this book, can’t wait for book 2. Also there were a few mistakes which I found was funny but I didn’t mind... when Cole talks about himself in third person got to me, it was also confusing but mainly funny.

- Silence5 star

What a well written story it makes you sit-up and think these things go on in the real world which to many people ignore its about time people educated them self’s and help others would recommend this book a must read

- A MUST READ4 star

Silence is a very good book which keeps you hooked . I recommend this book and all the other books in this series highly .

- Silence5 star

This was the best book I have ever read. I don’t read very often as I can never find a book to enjoy. I was just looking for a book to read at school when I came across this one and started to read it because it seemed so simple but so interesting at the same time. I never thought I could love a book as much as this one and I definitely will be reading the rest very soon!

- Couldn’t put it down5 star

This book was brilliant now reading the next one.

- ❤️5 star

This book is excellent.

- Silence5 star

I loved this book so much i got everything and i understood her pain even though i never went through it the romance the journey to finally being free was absolutely amazing i could read this book a million times and i’m so happy theres a part 2,3 and 4 i cant wait to read them all

- Couldn’t put it down.5 star

I started this book and just couldn’t put it down. The story is well told keeping you engaged and you really feel the emotions that the characters are going through. I can’t wait to read the next one.

- Silence5 star

Love love love! A real gripping read.

- Riveting5 star

Very good read could not put the book down. had to keep reading till the end

- Such a good read5 star

I could not put this book down.

- Amazing5 star

Amazing,, read it in one day and have just bought then second one amazing

- In need of work, but still lovely3 star

I read both books within a couple of days. I really enjoyed, it was good for some light reading. However, this is in need of editing. There are a few spelling and grammatical mistakes which were sometimes distracting, as well as the over use of swearing that didn't enhance the book in any way. The writer seems in the middle of English and American, sometimes going too hard on the English stereotypes (I could make a drinking game of how many times the word bloody was used). Despite this, I really did enjoy them. It explores some dark themes and I love the romance between the two characters. I love that it's cheesy, it just made me smile. I'd really like to see this enhanced, the story line is there and the romance is there too. If we could get more accuracy on mutism and fixed the spelling and grammar this book would be amazing. Still, a better job than I could ever do.

- Such a good read.5 star

At first I wasn’t sure but I kept reading and within a few pages I was hooked. Great read and I can’t wait to read the next one.

- Emotional...5 star

A good book with a very good plot line mixed in well with why Oakley stopped talking. The ending was slightly suprising but I enjoyed it overall I only bought it because it was free and I’m not planning to buy books with money so if u could by any chance make the second book free then I’ll buy it (please please make it free) Really enjoyed it recommended for 14 and above

- Easy reading4 star

I couldn’t put this down! A real insight into how hard it can be for some people. Without the gory details. Tastefully written.

- Amazing5 star

This whole series is an amazing read and is very gripping right from the beginning, would definitely recommend.

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- Wow!5 star

I kid you not I finished this book in 2 days. So happy I downloaded this book! Definitely a tear jerker! Now off to the second book I go! 💙


I’ve read this book maybe five times and I still feel every bit of emotion like I’m reading it again. Preston, you are a freakin genius and should think about making a movie bc is for sure watch it

- Impressed5 star

It’s so interesting i never read books but i can’t stop reading this. I never knew that I liked reading.

- Silence.4 star

A VERY good book!! I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it! Can’t wait to read the next two!!

- This is. A gay booj5 star

It’s really gay

- Oakley and Cole best couple??!5 star

These two fell in love over the time of being childhood best friends. Their love story is adorable yet different and shows the reader that there are all types of love and just because someone is different than others, it doesn’t mean you should treat them any different or that they shouldn’t be loved. Cole shows this to Oakley when he repeatedly proves his love to her and tells her it’s okay that she doesn’t speak. This tragic experience that Oakley went through was enough to make Cole understand why she couldn’t talk and helps the readers have a bit more knowledge on how this type of experience may have on a person. This book was GREAT and this love quo was even better. COLE AND OAKLEY FORVER❤️❤️❤️

- Too much2 star

Took way too long for this girl to reveal her secret and I’m honestly sick of reading after this. I’ve read 200 pages and I hope the next 200 are VERY different, it’s the same stuff but a different situation.

- Below average1 star

The whole story focused on the gushy cheesy romance between Cole and Oakley, used the mystery suspense to keep readers going. Ending was mediocre at best. Felt like reading a bad fanfiction.

- Amazing!!5 star

I have read this book (and the others in the series) many many times and I still can not help but cry throughout the whole book (series).

- Awesome5 star

This book was so shocking & I loved it sometimes I read it and can't stop reading it because it comes with a few plot twists you don't want to miss out on!

- Silence5 star

Amazing Book would recomend to anyone who loves to read!!!!

- I love this book5 star

My friend initially started this book and got me hooked on to it, it’s so great had me with mixed emotions the whole ride through

- Silence5 star

This book was great! I absolutely loved the storyline, and can’t wait to read the next book in the series!! I wouldn’t recommend to anyone under the age of 14, only because there are some adult things that aren’t appropriate for children. Overall, I loved this book and it’s now my favorite book ever!!

- Silence by Natasha Preston5 star

I LOOOOOOOVE this book! It has been my all time favorite book since forever. I’ve read about 80% of Natasha Preston’s books, and I each one. But, Silence has its own amazing things and each time I read it again my heart melts. Thank you so much Natasha for this beautifully written story.

- Great!4 star

The only reason why it was four starts and not five was because of the language and the inappropriate part. Otherwise this book is amazing! It really keeps you hooked... I love the setting and how Oakley and Cole were best friends and it came to be more than that. Love this book but if u read make sure you read the next ones too!

- Silence1 star

It’s a good thing they gave the first book for free it wasn’t even worth reading for nothing. I have never gone near a book that never should’ve been published to begin with, it was beyond awful

- AMAZING5 star

I loved this book it kinda reminds me of my past but I loved the characters and I loved the plot

- Proofreads5 star

I loved the book and didn’t question what happened to Oakley when she was little. At first I made notes on every grammatical error then I realized that the person who wrote the book is British and they spell words differently, and say things differently. So if you’re really mad about the way people talk and spell things in different places. DON’T READ THIS!!!

- Loved5 star

I really loved this book there were parts where it had me laughing or almost in tears. Caught my attention from the beginning and I have read this book in two days and can't wait to read the second one. This should be a movie.

- LOVE IT!!!!5 star

This book was really good like really good it was full mystery and suspense I couldn’t stop reading it I couldn’t put it down. One thing you should know it had some sex scenes. So no young ages

- The lies you tell was my favorite part.5 star

Simple silence an Asian photographer had made at the age of three this book was reported for over sexual concise-min later he reported him self for the lost of his three year old daughter and the murder of his wife peg he then released A American Man as lock-up inclosed-min we considered this to be the best of the mad massacre. This author took the ambience setting of Peggie Johnson and Kiyle Lanther mushed up the forest sin of Mad Man and repeated the inaction with words of doubt and created an already told story of Kyle Johnson the mad mother’er.

- Best book ever5 star

This was the most amazing book! Extremely heart felt and takes you on a roller coaster of emotions

- Probably a good read for teens...3 star

This book was a bit of a skimmer. A very quick read. I may or may not pick up the next in the series but I think it’s a good book for young adults or teens.

- Silence5 star

I really really enjoyed this book. I usually don’t enjoy reading but over my spring break that’s all I’ve been doing with this series. If there was a movie, I think I might actually die. Not even kidding.

- Loved!5 star

Amazing book. I read all the books in the series.

- I cried like a baby...5 star

I was pulled to this book and couldn’t put it down. Kept you on your toes the whole time

- Slilent5 star

One of the best books I’ve read. Keep you on edge the whole time, literally cried at the end.

- Read read read5 star

This is sooo good I can’t stop reading 👍🏽👍🏽☺️☺️

- Oh my goodness5 star

This book man !!!

- Love it!5 star

Absolutely love this series of books!

- AMAZING book5 star

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a book that much for so long. I love it. It’s very inspirational. I would buy all the books if I could.

- Wow just wow.5 star

Silence is an amazing book. It keeps you interested and on edge. All I wanted to do was keep reading. Some parts can be a little triggering, but definitely worth the read.

- 😄😄😄yesssss5 star

I haven’t read this book yet but I was reading the guys this is a free book don’t expect it to be perfect....also I can’t wait to read itttt😁😍

- Beautiful5 star

This book had so many rises and challenges and the author did so well w explaining everything in such great detail. I was so surprised that this book was free. I was hooked from the very beginning and I had no clue what I was reading. I can’t wait to read the second book to see how everything ends up happening.

- AMAZING5 star

I read the description and wanted to read it right away. I love the story it’s so good. It’s a bit sad but happy story. If you read this book make sure to read the second one cause it’s amazing too!!

- Amazing!5 star

This book was really good and kept me reading! It was a very cute/sad story and it was very relatable on so many notes

- Amazing3 star

Love this book it was so good to read

- needs a movie so bad5 star

this should be made into a movie. this book is soooo good.

- Amazing5 star

Such a amazing book I couldn’t put it down!

- Amazing5 star

A mute girl and her past catches up to her but a long time friend helps her though it. The connection and sense of relief had me crying it’s a beautiful love story but also a girl coming out of comfort zone. Such an amazing story

- Bruh5 star

Couldn’t stand how it ended 😭😭i wanted to know if her and cole got back together.

- Outstanding5 star

A great story and the writing style pulls you into the characters

- Silence5 star

Amazing book heart warming epic love story amazing story line

- Loved it5 star

This book was so good kept me wanting more when. Saw it was a 4book sequel had to get my hands on the other. This book made me laugh cry omg so much detail definitely recommend it. This book reminded me of the book speak it was just as good can’t wait to read more from the author

- Awesome!5 star

I absolutely loved this book. The first on I got for free and I was now expecting much of it, but oh boy. It was soooo good. You just wanted to know more and more

- Silence2 star

The climax of this story was so uneventful. Alluding to the cause of silence throughout the book only to end the story abruptly was frustrating. The gory details were unnecessary to include but more time could have been spent explaining how it came to be. 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Silence is golden5 star

Silence is golden. This book gives you a feel of what it might be like for a child of abuse. No matter what type of abuse, physical, sexual, mental or verbal, it is especially hard on children who look to loved ones for guidance and protection. This book makes you feel what it might be like if you were young and abused. This is my second read of this series and, in my opinion, Broken and Broken Silence are excellent. For anyone who has suffered abuse, I hope you can find the strength to speak out and seek help. If you’ve been through abuse this might not be the book for you.

- Amazing5 star

I absolutely loved this book!!

- Silence5 star

Didn’t want to put it down, very good story.

- Silence5 star

Silence was very interesting and it made you want to keep reading. I truly enjoyed the storyline and how much the author allows you to know her charterers. Even though the main character Oakley didn’t speak, you were able to really get in her head. The suspense kept me interested, and what I loved most about the book was how it switches perspective between Oakley and Cole.

- FANTASTIC!!! (14+)4 star

A book that holds you on from the beginning and just doesn't let you go. However, I really wanted to know in full details exactly what happened to her, and it was only reviled in the last chapter...SOOOO WORTH THE READ TOUGH!!

- addictive4 star

I could barely put it down. I was so curious to find out what happened to Oakley. other than some spelling mistakes here and there, this book was very good and I would recommend it for teens and young adults. definitely buying the next one

- Loved it5 star

This book is truly amazing! The detail is great and the book give you the feels. I would recommend this book for anyone over 12

- Amazing5 star

This book was amazing! It helps you grow and for anyone who's ever been in her position, it shows you that you can overcome any traumatic experience and become stronger from it. I recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a great read!!

- Great book4 star

I haven't read in a while and recently decided to start reading again since I got tired of constantly checking my social media feed (It was actually making me duller). Took me three days to read this book; I just could not put it down. My only comment is that whomever did the proof reading will need to do a better job next time. I guess I shouldn't complain because I downloaded the book for free. I'm looking forward to reading broken silence which I just purchased.

- Amazing.5 star

I really loved this series, but this book and the 2nd book in particular...such a sad story but very very interesting and this is probably the best book I've ever read👏🏻👏🏻 As for the series I really want more books! -Chelsey

- Love It5 star

I really liked this book. It was a good story

- Poorly written2 star

Too many grammatical and spelling errors.. Was this book edited and proofread at all? The plot is repetitive, slow and predictable.

- Silence5 star

Omg most best book I ever it was so reading every time I finished a chapter I didin't want to stop it was so sad at the end ...but my heart stopped when I realized there is a 2nd book I felt like crying I was so happy I would give it 1000000 out of 100 it's a must read

- Amazing5 star

This book is amazing!! I can honestly say this is one of the best book I've ever read. And I've also read the 2nd one too. Loved it!!! Wished there were more series tho<3 But it's a great book highly recommended! :))

- Wow5 star

When scrolling through the free books, this one caught my eye. I loved this book and I would read for hours at a time to try and finish it. I was instantly hooked into this book and its story line, If I were to ever find this book in person I would definitely buy it. I can't wait to start the second book

- Awesome series!!5 star

Needs more books added to the series!!!

- Honestly, the greatest book I've ever read.5 star

This is the second time reading it, and I finished it in 2 days. Honestly a great love story, and the best book. I love it so much, 5 stars no doubt!

- Silence2 star

The synopsis of this book explains to the reader that something happened to the girl when she was five years old. The book explains what happens to the girl when she was ten years old, but not when she was five, leaving the reader to wonder why this was not covered in the book. There were a few spelling and grammatical errors, mostly in parts that seemed to be rushed but I have seen books with way more errors.

- Yxe reader4 star

This book is such a wonderful read and it captures you right from the beginning never wanting to put it down. Always wanting to know what's going to happen it's addicting. I enjoyed this book very much. I recommend it to you all.

- Fav romance book5 star

The writing is pretty cool and usually I kinda dislike romance books but this it's really really good! I always talk about it and all my friends are now done with me._. xd

- Interesting, but slow4 star

This book was so interesting to read, each rising event had me wanting more. Though, it does move quite slow. I had to skip through some scenes because they got boring.

- Amazing book5 star

I love every bit of the book it is a sad book tho!

- Silence4 star

The book was very good very well written but a sad ending on this one.

- Silence5 star

I am in love with this book and can't wait to read the second one! It is defiantly a great book to ready100/100!

- Silence5 star

Great read!

- Slow but gripping5 star

The plot was rather slow paced, but it was gripping and the scenes were described in way that you feel as if you're watching a movie.

- Amazing!!!!!!5 star

I loved it when I started I couldn't stop. I stayed up most of the the night reading it. When I finished reading all the books I just wanted more.

- Highly Addictive5 star

So my best friend and I downloaded this book at the same time. We would read it during class when we had extra time and always complained when we had to stop. I finished this book in 12 hours, I could not stop reading after school. This book is written so well, it is by far my favourite. It really had me connecting with the readers, as if I were going on their journeys with them. It was a emotional roller coaster throughout the whole book. It really makes you think of different people from different perspectives. I am in love with this book and will probably buy the whole series now. Recommended for anyone who has time to spare and isn't so sensitive with uncomfortable topics. 😊

- My new fav book!5 star

It's one of the best books I have read I love it

- Best story ever!!!!!5 star

This is a beautiful love story of cole and Oakley and how there love and friendship grows! It is the best story I have ever read! I can't wait to read the next one!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

- Real5 star

This story was amazing, it made me cry. This is an story that can relate to so many people out there.

- Nice love story5 star

It is an easy read and I was wondering the whole time whether the simplicity is caused by writer being young and experienced or by narrator being a 16 year old girl. I chose the second option and that made it ok to read:-) I must admit the love story in the book is just perfect, I could feel what characters felt and felt genuinely happy for them. Will not include any spoilers! I enjoyed reading that's why I give it five stars

- A Great Read5 star

Overall, I thought it was very well-written with decently relatable characters. I wasn't expecting so much of the book to be a love story, but it was a sweet surprise. However, I felt that the reason for Oakley's silence could have been more of a focus earlier on since it becomes such an important point at the end of the book. In any case, I enjoyed the story and would definitely read this author's other works!

- Silence4 star

Good, easy read. A loving and heart breaking story. Look forward to the next one, Broken Silence.

- Silent Night3 star

Good book with a very poor ending

- Silence5 star

This book was amazing I loved it so much I wish that cole didn't have to deal with Oakley leaving but this ending was perfect for this book!!!!

- Silence!5 star

I usually don't like books like this but I couldn't put it down! I look forward to reading the next one. Which I will be buying asap!

- Very sad5 star

A super heart-whelming novel that captures true love & heartbreak. A definite must read

- Wonderful!!5 star

I am in love with this book and the rest of the series. I am totally addicted to them, I can't stop reading!

- My review5 star

I'm literally balling my eyes out from the ending of this book!! It's not fair (lol) I feel so bad for Oakley! She didn't deserve that but I can't believe that she had to move!! I don't even k ow how to describe how I feel in just....heart broken? This make me cry more than most books I read but I loved this and I'm looking forward to the next book (I finished this book in like 3 days :0) since I want to be a author in the far future, I will surely remember this book and how it made me feel :) I'm hoping you will read this but anyway your amazing and I'm looking forward to the next book ! ~Lillie

- In love with this book5 star

Best book in the world. Love the series. It's my favourite series/book in the world. I love it with all my heart. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me!!!!

- Loved it!!5 star

Amazing book! I can't wait to purchase Broken Silence

- Wow!5 star

I really liked it!

- ✨Silence✨5 star

I can't describe in words how amazing this book was! Almost, at the end of every chapter, it leaves you wanting to read more, and more! It's almost like I lost myself reading it; full of romance, humour, heartbreaking moments and so much more! Take it from me, you'll want to read it. It's probably my favourite at the moment and it's probably the best book I've ever read yet. Yes, it did have a few typos but, seriously? Not everything always has to be perfect. Anyways, to me this book is just simply a masterpiece— AMAZING!!! ✨✨ 🌟Bonus🌟- Guess what? It's FREE!! So go buy it! Or I'll turn you into a potato😂👏😏

- Recommended4 star

Yes, there are a few spelling mistakes. The main character seems a little weak (whiney) but over all the book is great. You'll have to read it through to the end if you're trying to figure out what happened, But I enjoyed it well enough to buy the sequel. All of the charters are well developed with relatable personalities. Well done and an easy read. Much enjoyed.

- Really good book! (Just some grammar mistakes)4 star

It really is an amazing book, I loved the story line. I gave it 4 stars because there were some grammar mistakes but I didn't notice too many and I didn't really care because of how I liked the story line. I probably will buy the other books in the series.

- This book5 star

You have to read this book omg it so good

- 😍4 star

The ending Is so sad I love this story so much it should be a movie 😭😭😭😭

- L-O-V-E IT!!!!5 star

It's amazing and totally suggest reading it!!!

- Silence4 star

Good story line, could have used more suspense. Pretty well figured out the ending early in the book.

- Do not read this2 star

The story was terribly cliched and I had absolutely no sympathy for the main character. Her victim mentality really got on my nerves.

- This Book5 star

This book was amazing! I loved Oakleys personality and her relationship with Cole. This novel was completely worth it and should not have been free. ( I got it free) it was AMAZING and I'm willing to get the next two without struggle. Amazing job to the author.

- Remarkable5 star

Even though they were some little mistakes, the story itself was entertaining. It was indeed very predictable and cliché but it worked and Natasha Preston has done a great job illustrating the personalities of the characters. I personally fell in love with Oakley and her story and will recommend this book to everyone

- Rating3 star

Not a bad book. Some things were a little confusing and should have been explained better, a bit more descriptive but other than that it was pretty interesting.

- Great book5 star

Absolutely fantastic story...definitely worth buying the next books in the series!

- Love💜💜5 star

Wow.. What an inspiring and well thought out novel !! Oakleys story will strike a nerve and stay with you for a long time😢😢 well worth the read ...

- Good read4 star

Well written and interesting story. Agree with all previous comments re: spelling and grammatical errors gets a bit distracting. Believable characters and conversations. Teen angst got a bit thick at times. Not a waste of time would read more from this author.

- ehhhh2 star

You can see the 'big reveal' coming from a mile away. The writing was very average, and the plot line predictable. The ending was unnecessary, abrupt and not in the cliffhanger kind of way; merely a way to add a twist to be able to write a second book, when it could have ended. I mean, the book was free. It's not horrible. But I wouldn't recommend.

- Great read!5 star

This such a good book and story line. I absolutely love it!

- This book is a must read!!! Amazingly amazing!5 star

Okay so I don't normally get into books but this, this book got me hooked. I read and I read. This book is so amazing, so please read it. The entire series is so damn good. I loved every single moment of these books. The whole series is so amazing, I can't tell you that enough. Don't even think about it, just read It! Thank you for writing this amazing series!

- Two thumbs up!5 star

This was such a captivating and fairly well written story. I couldn't put it down and had a fascinating time going through the characters' emotions.


What an amazingly written book! I downloaded it feeling a bit reserved from it but I read it straight in one sitting it was just TOO good to put down!!!

- Couldn't put it down5 star

Great story! Just long enough and very addictive! Thanks!

- Good book3 star

I really enjoy the story plan though a small detail threw me off, at the start Oakley is 17 that means Cole is 19 since he is two years older. While they were in Italy Cole got the wristband with the whole punch for being under 18, was he not 19 then? [edit] I read more of the book to find out Cole is only 17? But that would then make Oakley 15 and in year 10. She said that she was graduating next year and moving out because she was turning 18. I know this is a small detail but it bothers me. Anyways good book though! x

- Silent5 star

I totally understand why they call it silent!it reminded me of when I did karate 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅my two favourite things are high heels👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠(especially red ones) and soccer⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ and footy🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏈🏈

- Absolutely amazing!5 star

Definitely worth the read..

- Excellent read5 star

This book is well worth a read! It is less about the mystery of why silence and more about two people falling in love despite the silence. Beautifully written.

- Awesome books4 star

I loved it-couldnt put it down... Just a few spelling, grammer, etc. mistakes that wasnt properly edited. But an amazing story.

- Loved it :)5 star

But really bad editing :( but it was a great idea for a book :)

- Abrupt ending.5 star

Very well written until the end, which I thought finished too abruptly.

- One hell of a read!5 star

From the second I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. The story is amazing, incredibly cleverly written and exciting. The ending made me gasp and cry, I immediately picked up the second book. Love, love, LOVE the whole series!!!

- AMAZING!!!5 star

Coming from a person that does not read books, this book must be great! Okay understand that I don't read books at all, I one day decided to read a book. I thought to myself one book that's all it takes. and this book blew my mind! Making me want more! The only thing I hate about this book is it makes me look at my boyfriend and think, why can't you be more like cole!

- Wow!5 star

I felt a sense of personal connection to this, it had me hooked from the first line. I loved how this book differed from similar stories- in that you focused on the positives in life that give us the reason to fight & live for.

- Silence5 star

Omg I absolutely love the book Silence! It's so good and detailed I enjoyed it so much but not knowing what had happened to her the whole book killed me! When I read the end I cried😔 books are meant to end with happiness! Still a great book though🎉

- Aaahhhhhhhh!5 star

This book is absolutely brilliant. Towards the end when Oakley starts to get some closure brings on the good feelings. Then BLAM your insides get ripped to pieces.

- Best book in the world5 star

This book is the best book in the world and it teaches you that u do something wrong it can effect someone's life a lot more then words can say.

- Silence5 star

Great read with unexpected end, but more to come.

- I love it5 star

Loving this book! Can't get enough

- Loved it 😄5 star

I Was totally hooked to this until the very end, I never finish books but this one I never wanted to end !!!

- WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!5 star

I don't normally read books but I decided to give this one a geezer. I instantly fell in love with it, within the first few chapters. Loving it so much that I was almost done reading it in a day. It took me on an emotional roller coaster lol. Now moving on to the next series is so exciting!

- Silence5 star

What an amazing story teller.

- AMAZING!!!!5 star

This book was amazing, every spare moment I had in my day I was reading this book. Loved every second

- AMAZING!!!!5 star

This book was amazing, every spare moment I had in my day I was reading this book. Loved every second

- Best Book Ever5 star

I loved this book and finished it in 3 days flat. It was a book just to past the time but turn into a book I now love dearly. I normally don't read books like this but this book has changed my mind on these types!!!!!

- Amazing!!!!!5 star

Absolutely incredible! Best book I have every read. I read it in 3 days and never wanted to put it down. Have recommended it to everyone I know and about to start the second one!

- Loved it3 star

I literally read this book in about 1 day ( I rarely read without being forced to ) I loved every minute of the story, I found it to be beautifully written and made me feel like I was Oakley. I loved how throughout the story it switched from Oakley's perspective to Cole's perspective. I liked that the story gave little clues throughout it but was never to revealing. I can't wait to read the next books, would absolutely love to see the book become a movie !.

- Best thing that happened!!!5 star

Amazing but, at the end I noticed some errors in the grammar but over all, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Loved it5 star

Easy read. Couldn't wait for the next book. And loved it too!

- Unsure3 star

The book keeps you on the edge of your seat, but as it gets towards the end it feels rushed and was disappointing how it was all just put together. Unsure if I want to read the second book.

- Awesome!5 star

Have your tissues handy, and what a beautiful love story, I love it!!

- Just one problem...4 star

As much as I enjoyed this book there is one thing that is missing, and it's a bit important. Please please please put a trigger warning at the start of this book. Some of the content in this book is a difficult read, particularly if you have had a troubled past. Otherwise, well written and recommended.

- Best book I have read in a long time.5 star

I usually don't review books, but I needed to tell the author what a great book this is! Well written, beautiful love story. Thank you for sharing this. Will be downloading your next, hope it's as great as this!

- This book and sequel is perfect5 star

This book and the sequel is my favourite books I have ever read!! I also recommend the cellar from the same author

- WOW!!5 star

WOW that's all that I can say. this book was amazing I would definitely recommend this to everyone that loves romantic books!! I just love it :):)

- Amazing5 star

BEST BOOK EVER! Omg I love the relationship cole and Oakley had. The book had a great plot and seemed well thought out, but there were grammar mistakes. The book made me cry, the ending was so sad and can't wait for broken silence!

- Great read4 star

Very well written, couldn't put it down. I'm excited there were follow up books.

- Ausome!5 star

Loved the book!!! But ending was just a killer... :/

- Nice story1 star

Enjoyed the story line.... But the spelling, grammar and sentence construction really needed a massive amount of work before allowing it to go to print. Really started to grate on me. Hope the next books have had that extra editing that is desperately needed. (Yes I will spend money on them as I want to find out what happens! )

- Amazing<35 star

Loved every bit of the book it was awesome and very sad at the end made me cry :( but loved it so much <3

- MUST READ!!!5 star

i loved it, such a great read. Enabling you as a reader to see the thoughts of two characters in 1st person point of view. A real suspense, cute and tragic love story! A must read

- Outstanding5 star

This book is the reason why I love reading now. I have relating every book assignment to this book!

- Too slow3 star

Seemed great at first, but moved way too slowly. I skipped most of pg118-198, only reading the occassional page and I still knew exactly what was going on. Dragged on for way too long.The constant grammar and spelling errors were extremely irritating too. Overall, the book the had a good story line but began to bore me after about 100 pages.

- Great book...5 star

Could not put it down.

- Awesome5 star

Such a good book, but so sad; made me cry... :'(

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