Daniel Unlocks Revelation

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Daniel Unlocks Revelation Book Summary

The book of Revelation is a mystery to most people. However, few understand that the Old Testament book of Daniel is the key to comprehending the mysterious book of Revelation. Daniel continually realized that God was his judge and therefore refused to compromise, regardless of the trial he found himself in. It is only to someone with that kind of an attitude that God can reveal spiritual understanding that unlocks His incredible revelation.

In this booklet: 
• The Father Focus in Prophecy   
• God Is My Judge 
• Daniel's Vision
• Unlocking Revelation 

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Daniel Unlocks Revelation Book Comments

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Daniel Unlocks Revelation - Gerald Flurry & Philadelphia Church of God Reviews

  • Daniel Unlocks Revelation

    By Reefersteve
    Very eye opening! Pastor Flurry's explanation of the book of Revelation and Daniel gave me a clearer understanding of the symbolism in prophecy! Every Christian should read this book.
  • Very insightful

    By RP10111
    This book explains a lot of mystery that clouds the book of revelation.

Gerald Flurry & Philadelphia Church of God - Daniel Unlocks Revelation E-Book

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