How to Change the Way You Think

How to Change the Way You Think by Amy Sharp Book Summary

A formula for positive thinking, enabling the reader to effect a change in his or her life for the better.

The world that you create begins with your thoughts. This book is meant to help you transform the way you think about yourself, about others, and about the situations that you are facing in your life today.

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How to Change the Way You Think (Amy Sharp) Book Reviews

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- How to change how you think5 star

Excellent reading choice👍

- Great starting point to changing outlook on life5 star

Great read! Just started a life transformation and this book gives a wonderful foundation of this journey.

- How To Change The Way You Think1 star


- Recommendation5 star

I’m so happy to come across this book. It changes a lot about my orientation and I love the way I think and react about issues or things that comes my way

- The exact information I’ve been searching for!!5 star

Amy says it perfectly from start to finish! The best part is that she even gives short and sweet instructions on what steps to take! So many times while reading did everything she says resonate so deeply with my life. Definitely worth the hour to read!

- Change the way you think5 star

Great read. This book came to me at the right time & place. Allowed me to reevaluate myself and my reality, to practice things I already was doing previously but fell short of doing for awhile. Thank You Amy, for bringing me back into enlightenment.

- ...sent me on a journey5 star

This book came at exactly the right moment in my life. Amy Sharp! May God bless you.

- How to change the way you think1 star

It’s not a good book point blank period she talks about her like bo whoo I would give it zero but I can’t so

- Powerful5 star

This book got so much power you gotta pay attention to see it I’m inspired!!!

- Great4 star

I learned a lot from this book and I spread it out and read it in chapters. I will keep this book in my collection to look back on for points I need in my life at that exact moment!

- Must Read 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽5 star

Great read I enjoyed the context a lot. Helped fill in a lot of gaps of my puzzle. Thank you for free knowledge 💪🏽👌🏾

- Amazing5 star

Definitely helped open my eyes and it definitely already helped me in my day to day happiness!

- Happiness5 star

This book spoke so many truths about the power we have in ourselves to change our life’s experiences. Thank you so much for sharing... I’m inspired!

- Legit the best ebook I’ve ever read!5 star

Everything is this book is accurate. There’s no way the author knew me and we never met. I’m just fascinated how we all are different but the same in many ways. I recommend this ebook to everyone. Thank you for creating such amazing Content!

- How to change the way you think5 star

Wonderful book.!

- A life changing read!!5 star

This book has really changed my perspective on life and the way I think. I have always been angry and passive aggressive, and I didn’t realize how much of a change I needed in my life until my recent break up. I deactivated all of my social media to clear my head and found this book and decided to give it a shot. I am amazed and how much this book spoke to me. I feel like a different person, a better and happier person after this read. I have been learning to change all of my negative thoughts to positives. I wrote a manifestation letter and also wrote down some mantras to repeat to myself everyday. Would recommend this book to anyone! Thank you to the author for sharing her life experiences and how she was able to change her life completely for the better.

- Nice read5 star

This book explains the basics of changing your thought process to begin to produce positive changes and progress in your life. It’s short and sweet and gets to the point. It’s very beneficial if you are at the stage in life where you are openly willing to accepting this type of information. If you don’t believe this exists, (changing thoughts to positive to then change your life’s outcome), this book will not help you further develop. The seed must already be planted.

- Must read !4 star

This book really opened my eyes to what I’ve been missing. Really well written and I loved it!

- Meh2 star

I was all in until she told me the secret to her happiness was "The Secret".

- 5 STARS5 star

Great book, really helped me open my mind and realize that life is too important to dwell on the negative. We should all focus on creating positivity with our minds!

- 💕5 star

Great book I’m going to read it again 😂

- Absolutely a lovely and uplifting read.5 star

The principles outlined in this book, if applied can take anyone anywhere they want to be.

- GREAT BOOK5 star

I’ve learned a lot about myself from this book I’m extremely grateful for the knowledge spread!!!

- Wonderful5 star

Such great perspective and advice! Definitely a lot to apply to my daily life.

- Good read5 star

Good read for anybody who isn’t happy about their current situation.

- Doge5 star

Much wow

- Great experience5 star

With these guidelines laid out perfectly I feel better and very very optimistic about my life, special thank you to the author for sharing these wonderful experiences with me. I will be forever grateful. Chukwudum Nigeria

- Enjoyable5 star

First book to start my reading journey. It was an enjoyable book that offered many different recommendations. It was also nice to hear her life events and what she has amounted too.

- So good5 star

Great great read. I will be rereading this over & over, that’s how good it is.

- Good reads4 star

I find it very helpful

- Book of confirmation5 star

This book is absolutely amazing and is so much more than what you think you are going to be getting!!

- Breath Taking5 star

I’m much like the author of this book and with each chapter I’m like “omg right” “I’ve been saying this “ etc etc . But with this book and her message I’m now able to take a step back and live in the present and make the present count ! We are so focused on the past and the future that we feel like our present is just passing us by and there’s no way to slow it down and live in it WHILE learning AND experiencing. This book definitely gave me the courage to LIVE and enjoy my 20’s! LOVE this book & one day I’m going to meet this author ❤️

- Change is good5 star

Well written, lots of easy pointers, an easy read. I am going to give her ideas a try for sure.

- Excellent knowledge5 star

This book is amazing. Easy to understand and focus on what I’m reading. Will definitely work on those advices.

- Awesome book!5 star

This read was such huge positive turnaround for my way of thinking!!!

- Good read.4 star

I was searching for some guidance to happiness in my life. Honestly helped. Changed the way I thought about a lot of unpleasant things. It’s all about your take. At the end of the day it’s your movie. Make it a blockbuster 😊.

- Great5 star


- Great read5 star

Definitely worth the read. Especially to someone like me that’s trying to find the best me.

- Life Changing!!!5 star

This book have changed my life for the better. Especially my mind. Great steps to having a positive mindset. I highly recommend this book! I needed more. It’s a book to reread every month. Thanks Amy

- Knitswaiting5 star

Thank you

- ❤️5 star

Love it

- Change.5 star

You are what you think about all day. Change that thought pattern, change that life!

- Amazing read!1 star

This book helped changed my outlook on life while going through a difficult patch in my life and helped me see my self destructing ways. Definitely suggest people to read this no matter what their current situation is!

- Great for self improvement5 star

Loved it

- Great book5 star

I enjoy learning about positivity...& how the author writes about her personal life as well.

- Mind blowing5 star

This book was the best. So insightful. So intriguing. Helpful. Please read to be a better and happier, YOU!

- Life Changing5 star

I haven’t read a book in years! Downloaded this one and fell in love all over again! This book has opened my eyes about life and has helped me with the changes I wanted to make in life! I recommend this book to anyone who really wants to do better, THINK better and to be truly happy. ❤️

- The best book!5 star

I’ve been reading this book over and over. It never gets old! You can always gain a new piece of mind each time

- Wow.5 star

I was very skeptical of this book when I first downloaded it, to be completely honest I didn’t even know what to expect! My life has been changing so drastically these past few months and this book has helped me grow in more ways than I can explain 💕

- How to Change the way you Think5 star

Great book!

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- My life is changed5 star

Honestly, Amy delivered exactly what I needed. It’s like she was sent by the universe to write this book. From real life experiences, to giving different types of option on what may work, to repeating the ultimate message in each chapter is fulfilling ! Be happy, everything is in your hands. Thank you for this Amy - it’s now time for my application :)

- What I liked and disliked in this book3 star

The main thing I loved about this book was the author's history, what she went through, her hardships and how she overcame to improve her life situation. What I disliked was that some chapters just seemed to be a lot of fluff and annoying to read. Though these are a lot recycled ideas from past books the author read, it's free advice she gave. It's an okay book

- Mr.5 star

Thank you. This book has really opened my eyes. It had me recognize happiness is in me and me alone!

- Wow!5 star

Inspirational! I really loved reading this book. A simple and practical way to be happy!

- Great insight!5 star

This book deserve of few seconds of my time to write a review. Although lots of the material was déjà vue from other self- empower books, I very much enjoyed the simple way it was expressed. Thank you for sharing your story and insight.

- Really helpful5 star

Great insights and really makes you rethink your decisions in life. Thank you

- Inspiring5 star

Brings all the knowledge and knowing of the teachings of Abraham and the law of attraction together, so grateful.

- Change the way u think5 star

Fantastic! Really good and pertinent for me right now! Thanks

- Beyond amazing5 star

This book was unbelievably helpful & timely for the space and place that I was in.

- How To Change The Way You Think5 star

I enjoy end reading this book, it has provided new insight into barriers in my ability to be truly positive. I feel privileged to now have a new perspective on areas I feel stuck and the importance of being true to myself and my dreams. I am excited about trying recommendation from this book.

- Really helpful.5 star

Thanks a lot for sharing this book. Just when I really needed material like this.

- A great tool to living a better life!4 star

Read this book with notepad in hand, it has some useful tips to improve the way you think, feel, live and love.

- Beautiful thoughts5 star

I am not a reader but this book has made me wanting to read more. Such beautiful thoughts worth pondering and the presentation was quiet captivating.

- Silly and boring.1 star

Silly and boring, nothing new.

- It’s amazing5 star

It’s a really good book and it changed the way I am thinking thanks for it. 👌🏻😁👍🏻

- Worth a read4 star

Feels like a collaboration of books that I have read and sums it up in one place. Good read and will did not disappoint.

- Great read!,5 star

I devoured this book and enjoyed every page thoroughly! Easy to read and very powerful indeed. I’m ready to live 2019 in total abundance. I am so happy that the author lived happily ever after. Thank yo!

- Loved it5 star

This book was interesting and easy to read. I loved the fact that she used her personal life experiences and a lot of examples to explain points. I totally recommend to people that are interested.

- Worth a quick read....5 star

Worth a quick read on a day when you feel that life is pretty glum!

- Amazing5 star

I hope I can follow the advice. Couldn’t put the book down

- Great book5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this book!

- Awesome5 star

Magnificent book that helps me to discovered my new positive thinking and my new life full with happiness and joy. it’s motivates my self development as a good person.

- Amazing! Must read x5 star

Absolutely love this book!

- Such a good book!5 star

This book uplifted me in my time of need!

- How to change the way you think - Amy Sharp5 star

This book has really helped me to begin to change how I feel and see myself. It gives good techniques that help you change on a daily basis. I highly recommend this book.

- Aim5 star


- Totally awesome read5 star

Only one other book has impacted on me to the same degree as this one and that was very many years ago. It was a book similar in concept though sadly I cannot remember its title as the book was borrowed and never returned. Needless to say this will remain in my possession for the duration of my life. P.S. I would like to extend a very big thank you to the author for sharing her experiences, knowledge and wisdom and wish her and her family every happiness in the future. One Love. x

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- AMAZING!!!5 star

Very inspiring book!

- How yo change the way you think5 star

Great book,it has help me a lot

- Great book!5 star

I love this book! I felt like we were having a one on one conversation the entire time! Thank you!

- How to change the way you think5 star

Really great book! It opened my eyes

- Be your self5 star

It’s a great book !!!

- Amazing5 star

I’ve painted the world a different way after reading this book. #AAmazingBook

- Amazing!5 star

This book really made me reflect on myself and had me really looking at my behavior and I just have to say that I feel a bit at ease and happier especially chanting my new mantra !

- Greatness5 star

Great book! Glad I read this. Will apply to life

- Good book4 star

I liked it

- Realization4 star

I thought there were a lot of good things in this book but somethings that could be improved as well. This book was a very accurate representation of me and what I need to work on as a person. It helped me realize things about myself that I can change and suggestions on how to fix them. If you have some negative thoughts or criticize others often I recommend this book to help you deal with those things if your wanting to change them that is. Some things I think were unnecessary in the book were the vivid details about the authors past life experiences. It seemed as if a lot of hate and negativity was coming out within the book when the author was referencing to those points in their life. A suggestion I would make would be to touch briefly on those past experiences as more of a learning point and a reference for growth rather than get too emotionally involved in those parts. Thanks to the author for their suggestions within the book. It made me realize things about myself and helped me grow as a person.

- How to change the way you think5 star

Very good

- Great read!5 star

Free book....thank you! This was a great read and to the point.

- It’s an ok book!3 star

This book has many good tips to live a better and happy life! I just didn’t like her self experience part.

- Amazing5 star

a+ love this book I was hooked and finished reading it in less then a week can’t wait to put what I learned to the test❤️

- Very enlightening!!5 star

Reading this book gave me so much insight and helped me to become more in tune with my thought process on a daily basis. I love the techniques the author wrote about on how to change your negative thoughts to positive.

- Message5 star

Thank you Amy Sharp for this magnificent inspirational message. Life changing book! It has truly opened my eyes, mind and heart in order for me to achieve my dreams!

- Amazing book!5 star

Thanks for helping me to figure out how to keep a positive vibe.

- I love this book!5 star

I’m a very negative person to be honest. I have read this book in two days and it have helped me. There are different techniques that teaches you how to think positive and how to feel happy. I recommend this book for everyone that has often a negative mind.

- Thank you5 star

It is a wonderful book that made me think of things that I needed to reconsider in my daily life to make it easier and helped me find a way to get along with my mind.I really appreciate author’s shared story

- Amazing Read5 star

This book has definitely made me open my eyes to see things clearer. Using these techniques from the book immediately!

- Changing the way you think5 star

Great book!!

- Beautiful!5 star

Reading this made me happy. Every word felt as if they where for me. Also, the law of attraction does work. I recently started small by asking for books to expand my knowledge and self construction. And i came upon this awesome book and many others.

- My first book5 star

Was amazing really helped me in my life glad it was my first

- Educational5 star

Very educational and provides great tips for a positive thinking lifestyle.

- Love!5 star

Love this book it has honestly helped me so much! My mindset has changed and I am so thankful!

- Awesome book5 star

Definitely helped me to live a more abundant and stress free live.

- Self help4 star

Great book didn’t read a whole book in a while while and I glad I read this open very motivational book.

- Great4 star

Everything I need to hear. Going to read it a few times.

- Just what I needed5 star

Not too long of a book. Finished it in a week during my commute to work. Thank you so much Amy for speaking through me and thank you for offering this piece as a free book. Very much appreciated 🙏🏽💕💕💕

- Self improvement5 star

This book was really helpful, it makes you think more positive even in negative situations.. fantastic Read.. thank you

- Powerful...4 star

One of my personal favorite with so much to offer and digest of what life is all about. Cheers!

- Meh1 star

Makes truly great points that all people should read and internalize. But author describes herself as narcissistic and whoa buddy is that the truth. Hard to read past some of that.

- Great book5 star

Thank you for the positive book It’s helping me a lot to cope with everyday life struggles and how I chose to see them and accept it for what it is 🙏🏼

- Excellent Read4 star

My thoughts are forever CHANGED!

- How to change the way you think5 star

This book will uplift your spirits and nourish your soul. I feel very motivated after reading this.

- Title5 star


- Great Read5 star


- How To Change The Way You Think5 star

This books is a must read. If you follow what you read and embed it in your head, it can help you a great deal along the road. I enjoyed this book and took a lot from it that I can apply to my life and help me change my thinking patterns.

- Wow5 star

Awesome book, to open your view of life

- Great Book4 star

This book really is worth a read if you have an open mind and want to become a more positive person.

- Good4 star

Really good read, helps understand and eases your mind with inner peace towards your problems you Can and WILL get through.

- Life changing5 star

Very simple and direct. Very quick read and you feel like you can follow all of the authors suggestions easily

- Life solution !5 star

If you're reading this! This is an amazing book! This is the only book I've finished in the last 5 years. Love It!

- Happiness4 star

Helped me have a chance of mind about life 🙌🏾 #PositivityIsKey

- Good book4 star

Good book

- With love4 star

Love the passion I got from this book.

- narcissicm3 star

author herself is narcissistic not just parents

- Good5 star

This was good. Read it in one day.

- Awesome Book5 star

Thank You!

- Worth the time.4 star

So this is one of the few books that I have actually finished from the store. It might be short, but this serves as a to the point experience. The writer of this book doesn't just talk about positive stuff and spoonfeed you with them. She has been a victim of many downs in her life and this book comes as a miracle for me to be written by her. I've also experienced these downs in my life many times and the only thing I wanted to know was why these things kept happening to me? What was the reason? So I've turned to many books for answers and this book by far answered and explained many of them, while providing relatable memories. This serves as a better way to understand the problem, and the way to solve it. The writer goes into many detail on how to find and solve these problems that are created by your inner demon. And no, by no means this is a book like "The Secret" where it only talks about energies and attraction. This book actually serves as a beacon of answers for those who deal with depression, anxiety and anger issues. I recommend this book to everyone, whether they are experiencing issues or just to develop themselves truthfully.

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5 star

@TopherKearby: If a choice you're making is causing the person you love to feel negativity, think about how you can change the behavior…

5 star

@Kircai_Art: Idea: In Galar if you lose to a gym leader they regress you down to one of the Poke-kids, left to battle trainers on their…

5 star

Change the way you think, how you see yourself, along with the differences between the lessons of each of the failu…

5 star

@TopherKearby: If a choice you're making is causing the person you love to feel negativity, think about how you can change the behavior…

5 star

All i ask is for you to be true to yourself. Nobody can change the way you think or how you are.

5 star

I read #FoodFix by @drmarkhyman and it was the best thing I've read in a year. It will completely change the way yo…

5 star

If a choice you're making is causing the person you love to feel negativity, think about how you can change the beh…

5 star

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@dom_atx @FarMcKon @AnandWrites THIS is how you bring people in? Think you'll change minds that way? I made calls f…

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As the leader or the person that's trying to implement change, you have to have some skills. Those skills include b…

5 star

@ZaackHunt I can try it? I don't think there's any way to turn off the trackpad or change how hard you h…

5 star

@Kircai_Art: Idea: In Galar if you lose to a gym leader they regress you down to one of the Poke-kids, left to battle trainers on their…

5 star

@Kircai_Art: Idea: In Galar if you lose to a gym leader they regress you down to one of the Poke-kids, left to battle trainers on their…

5 star

@TheGamecubeGod: @rckymtnhoots @NelsonMKerr The way you wrote it out makes it seem like you're pushing for the highest member of the Mar…

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