How to Change the Way You Think - Amy Sharp - Amy Sharp

How to Change the Way You Think

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 576501313576501236
  • Book Genre: Self-Improvement
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How to Change the Way You Think Book Summary

A formula for positive thinking, enabling the reader to effect a change in his or her life for the better.

The world that you create begins with your thoughts. This book is meant to help you transform the way you think about yourself, about others, and about the situations that you are facing in your life today.

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How to Change the Way You Think Book Comments

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How to Change the Way You Think - Amy Sharp Book Reviews

  • Happiness (DRCrain3s)

    This book spoke so many truths about the power we have in ourselves to change our life’s experiences. Thank you so much for sharing... I’m inspired!
  • Legit the best ebook I’ve ever read! (BlacBeaute)

    Everything is this book is accurate. There’s no way the author knew me and we never met. I’m just fascinated how we all are different but the same in many ways. I recommend this ebook to everyone. Thank you for creating such amazing Content!
  • How to change the way you think (Salesougvc)

    Wonderful book.!
  • A life changing read!! (miriamj12)

    This book has really changed my perspective on life and the way I think. I have always been angry and passive aggressive, and I didn’t realize how much of a change I needed in my life until my recent break up. I deactivated all of my social media to clear my head and found this book and decided to give it a shot. I am amazed and how much this book spoke to me. I feel like a different person, a better and happier person after this read. I have been learning to change all of my negative thoughts to positives. I wrote a manifestation letter and also wrote down some mantras to repeat to myself everyday. Would recommend this book to anyone! Thank you to the author for sharing her life experiences and how she was able to change her life completely for the better.
  • Nice read (gucciTHEshotta)

    This book explains the basics of changing your thought process to begin to produce positive changes and progress in your life. It’s short and sweet and gets to the point. It’s very beneficial if you are at the stage in life where you are openly willing to accepting this type of information. If you don’t believe this exists, (changing thoughts to positive to then change your life’s outcome), this book will not help you further develop. The seed must already be planted.
  • Must read ! (abutterflysky)

    This book really opened my eyes to what I’ve been missing. Really well written and I loved it!
  • Meh (BekiJean)

    I was all in until she told me the secret to her happiness was "The Secret".
  • 5 STARS (jcb1321)

    Great book, really helped me open my mind and realize that life is too important to dwell on the negative. We should all focus on creating positivity with our minds!
  • 💕 (tttuncd)

    Great book I’m going to read it again 😂
  • Absolutely a lovely and uplifting read. (YdediYah)

    The principles outlined in this book, if applied can take anyone anywhere they want to be.

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