The New Girl

The New Girl by Tracie Puckett Book Summary

Webster Grove, Book 1

Seventeen-year-old Steph has her heart set on a new beginning for the eleventh time. A move to Webster Grove introduces her to a new school, new friends, and new experiences—including a few tender glances from her sexy English teacher. When she learns that Mr. Rivera is only a few months away from becoming family—his brother is marrying her mom!—she must do whatever she can to fight all of the growing suspicions about the time they’re spending together.
When odd family circumstances only push her closer to the man she’s dreaming of, Steph has no choice but to hold it together … or risk losing it all.

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The New Girl (Tracie Puckett) Book Reviews

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- Okay3 star

It was good

- started off well ended horrible1 star

I don't recommend reading this book. I got so into the story and loved it, but then the rest of the books were a huge letdown and I wish I had never started reading them. I fell in love with these characters and their romantic tension, but then the tension just disappeared before they even ended up together.

- Unfinished ending3 star

Really enjoyed the book except it seemed unfinished

- The name is dumb4 star

Like seriously great book but naming the person abcdef ghijk cmon now that makes me cringe the name is so terrible why not just name her steph everything was wonderful except they dont tell you what happened in the next book so yeah terrible name great book...

- 5 stars5 star

This book is really awesome for girls who likes romantic books

- What an amazing series5 star

I'm a sucker for romance and this book was full of it. Read her whole series it was amazing.

- Thanks!5 star

This book series was by far the best book series I've ever read. It has its ups and downs which makes the book so much more intriguing. I've read all of your series and can't wait to see what comes out next.

- For young Audience3 star

This book is for teens and has to me an abrupt ending.

- Amazing5 star

I loved this book I recommend this book to for everyone

- Love It!5 star

For the first book, it was a good start. Not extremely satisfied with the ending, I was really looking forward to more romance with Mr.Riveria, but I guess I'll have to read the whole series to find out! Recommend it to anyone 12+

- The new girl5 star

Love it

- Adorable5 star

I didn't like that it was so short. But the story was so cute.

- Wow!5 star

Wowwy! This book was amazing! I really want to know what happened after Alex introduced Steph to Adriana. Did Steph go to that school? Did Steph now think differently about the marriage? I also want to know if Bridget and Nate are going to have a romance.

- AMAZING5 star

I'm not a big reader but I couldn't put this book down. Idk why but i loved it so much. I look forawrd to reading the rest of the series along with her other books. <3

- Strange1 star

I've been enjoying shorter books but this one went no where. The ending came out of no where and was just weird. A waste of time.

- So good5 star

I really enjoyed this book, I look forward to reading more of your work! Thanks so much.

- New girl review5 star


- Book4 star

This is a great book

- Incredible!!5 star

This book is a light read, easily finished in a day, but in no way is it boring! Inside, it includes plot twists, expertise development and beautiful description. Highly recommended, five stars.

- The New Girl1 star

This was a very interesting book, I was hooked on the book and read it in 3 days. Some things in the book are a bit much but it was a great book. That’s why I am giving it a 1 star. I have read better though.

- *Clichè warning * {spoiler}4 star

I enjoyed this book a lot had a great story line (love the whole student teacher fling). The ending disappointed me though because I wanted Alex and abcdef to get together but they didn’t because the grandma got in the way. Is book 2 going to be about Alex and abc... or the fashion design thing because if it is... Anyways it kept me hooked on the romance very descriptive!! love a good read. #out

- One of my all time faves!5 star

I've read this series around 15 times now and I still love rereading it. Tracie Puckett is one of my favourite authors!

- Only one issue2 star

I like the storyline, easy read, my only issue is all the gaps. the lines in-between every paragraph do not need to be two lines wide! Simple conversations take up pages, its impossible to read on moblie devices. I would enjoy the book so much better if it was more smooth, instead of flipping the page every 5 seconds. Indentation works great- I highly recommend, at the very least single lined spaces.

- Waste of time!1 star

Terrible read

- 2.5 stars2 star

This book could have been really interesting, if the characters were more engaging and if the situations weren't so choppy and sudden. The end is particularly bad because it is abrupt and not such a great thing to end on, the scene wasn't even finished! I add .5 of a star because I was still engaged in the story but, I think it needs a good bout of editing and restructuring.

- BOSS!!5 star

The whole new girl series is mad good!! Re-read it millions of times and fall in love again and again 💗💗

- Great short read4 star

I really enjoyed this book, it was extremely engaging. The characterisation throughout this book is very intricate and well done.

- Loved this5 star

Great easy read

- Woah5 star

The book had me hooked from start to finish! Absolutely loved it

- Great read5 star

Fabulous read. Nice and easy to get into. Has you completely hooked. Will be getting the rest in the sequence!

- awsome5 star

I LOVE THIS STORY it is the best i highly recomend it it has really inspred me to write another story

- Best collection5 star

A lovely series. Addicting. Could be described as just a really good romance novel. Not a time waster, a lovely light read. Definitely up there with the list of my favourite romance novels

- Emotionally amazing5 star

This book was outstanding and I can't wait to read the others.

- One of the most intriguing books I've reed5 star

I really enjoyed reading this book because it intrigued me and made me want to keep reading and I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

- The new girl5 star

Where can i start? This was an amazing opportunity to have the urge to read this fantastic book! I would stay up late reading this book, pretending I was a sleep when my parents walked in. It's a shame the other books cost money though, oh well better buy an iTunes voucher! :-)

- Great read5 star

Love the book, read all of the books in the series twice!

- Love this Book!!4 star

'The New Girl' was a great book. It was wonderfully written, and it is really intriguing, like, you can't put it down. Last night, my dad told me to get to bed, this is how it went. Dad: Get to bed, please Me: Can I finish this chapter? Dad: Alright, I'll be back in five minutes. 5 minutes later Dad: alright off to bed. Me: But I only have ten pages left. Please, daddy? Dad: Fine, but you better not be lying, I'll be back in ten minutes, okay? Me: Okay So I finished the book and downloaded the next one 'Under The Mistletoe'

- The New Girl4 star

Excellent story, I was thoroughly surprised.

- Good!5 star

I really enjoyed this book, although clearly not finished it was interesting and I really enjoyed it :-)

- Really?!2 star

I know it's free but this does not warrant the attention or stars it has gathered in my opinion. I was cringing through most of it. I was really worried this would turn awful with the teacher/student thing. This ended well and was a light no depth easy read for a bored young teenager. I wouldn't be chasing a sequel.

- Wow!5 star

Such a great book couldn't put it down! 5/5 😉

- Too short2 star

300 or so pages is way too short. Especially for the other books in this series - $1.99 for a book that short?! What a rip off! And where is book #2? It skips straight from book #1 to book #3. Not happy.

- Love the book!5 star

Predictable but who cares... Love it!

- Great book5 star

I can't find another iTunes voucher fast enough to read the second book.

- Loved It5 star

This book is amazing. I have fallen inlove with Mr Rivera. Love Tracie's style of writing

- The New Girl2 star

I give this 2.5 stars, but had to round down. I did like this book, but I would have loved if it had actually been longer. I think that if the author had just combined all the short stories into one book it would have been good. Even if it was in several parts.. I didn't like that it ended as it did. That really could have been taken further and explained. It had a good storyline, and I like how the author managed to write as a teenager thinks, not a child; not an adult, but a teenager. Too many authors make teenagers out to be quite naive and dumb. If there was one thing I could change, it would be the name of the protagonist; while I acknowledge that there are some weird names out there, I've never heard of someone with the misfortune to have Ghijk as their last name.

- Loved the book <335 star

This was a very good book I'm so happy thank you Tracie for making a great book you should make another one like this it is awesome I love it so much thank you Kind regards Steffy<33


It's a short read but it was absolutely amazing!

- Looking forward to reading this book5 star

I have seen this book many times and it has made me ask myself every time wheather I should read it and this time I have decided to. Really looking forward to it. 💜

- Boring1 star

Childish and boring

- Great!5 star

This book was amazing. I read all of it so quickly and I was so sad that it wasn’t longer. I really want to get the other books but I cannot and I really want to know what happens in the others. 😞

- Layout issues1 star

I’m a dedicated reader and I have got a short way into this book and the layout is terrible! There is huge gaps between paragraphs that mean your turning the page after 2 mins. It’s really hard work and completely put me off reading any of the series. Such a shame

- Amazing !!!5 star

A very nice book!! MUST READ

- Short4 star

I absolutely love these books. It's a great series to read and the books aren't expensive at all. However, I think each "book" is so short, it's more like a section of one bigger book. Still worth the read, very well written and makes me so happy when reading 😊

- Nice story line5 star

A lovely read ideal for a quiet Sunday sat in the sun with a large glass of something

- The New Girl5 star

I really enjoyed reading this book, it had so many twists and turns, I cannot wait to read more.

- Loved reading this book5 star

Loved reading this book

- How awesome this book is5 star

OMG that was one of the best books in my whole life

- Utterly amazing!!5 star

I'm not a huge reader at all and I usually start a book and never finish however I have been incapable of putting this book down. I have finished this book in 2& a half hours. Would totally recommend to anyone and can't wait to start book 2.

- Amazing5 star

Iv read all the books in the series and they were AMAZING!! Iv never read so fast in all my life!! I really wish the author just made one big book instead of all the little ones! However these are honestly worth the read ( coming from someone who isn't all that into reading.)

- Ms3 star

It is sweet,short and definitely meant for high school students

- AMAZING5 star

All 5 books we're so incredible! I couldn't put them down, I read them all in 2 days - definitely recommend!

- Miss Ghijk and Mr Rivera5 star

Very nice story. Really enjoyed

- Not the best2 star

Although I enjoyed the read. It was not complex enough and way too short. The ending left me annoyed that I had wasted my time with the story. It's probably more suited to young teenagers

- The New Girl5 star

I finished the book in one day !!! It was really good 😄😍😄

- New girl and rest of Webster grove series5 star

Amazing books thank you Tracie! X

- Predictable4 star

Title says it all.

- Amazing!5 star

Worth a read! Loved a 5 of the books! Every time i put the book down i just couldn't wait to start reading them again! Loved all of them! Only took me 2 days!

- Lovely4 star

A nice read....

- Wowza5 star

I've read all five books of this series and I can honestly say they are great books...if u haven't got them already....Why...go buy them you won't be disappointed believe me

- 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻1 star

I'm sorry, but I can't understand how the other reviews are so good? As much as I hate giving bad responses, I feel it irresponsible to say otherwise. The way the mother always calls Steph "Baby" is infuriating to me, similarly the way her name is really ABCDEF GHIJK, you have got the be kidding!! The matching between Steph and Mr. R seems too far fetched. Similarly, on Steph's first day at her new school Miss Holt is already plain rude, that just wouldn't happen. And for Miss Holt to call Steph out on an inappropriate relationship with her English teacher on her SECOND DAY, that's ridiculous!! For the life of me I cannot understand how it's had so many good reviews, I really don't think it's as amazing, or even reasonably ok, as everyone is letting on.

- yes!!5 star

I've read the entire series in a couple of nights! I've not been able to put it down or get the story out of my head! I would highly recommend these books. I've just finished the last one and am wondering what I will do with my evenings now!

- Is it unfinished?3 star

Very easy to the books not finished or is that just how it ends?!

- Perfect!5 star

Great book, didn't expect the ending to end like that. I wished it was longer though ;(

- Love it4 star

I really enjoyed reading this romance and unpredictable novel!! I also think it is great that the next one is only 99p!! This makes it affordable.

- Loved it4 star

Really well written. Lovely characters with a super twist at the end. Highly recommended

- The new girl5 star

Great read with characters that are easy to get involved with, the only fault... It ended too soon.

- Love it!5 star

Must read!! A*

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- 😍5 star

Finished it in one setting ... good reads.


i've read this series numerous times and i still enjoy it every time!!!

- Loved it5 star

Silently cheered for Abcdef (Steph) the entire time...wish it was longer but it was a good quick read!

- Ending3 star

It was a great read but kinda came to an abrupt end

- New girl5 star

Terrific read. Sorry this story ended.

- The new girl5 star

This is a great book. I loved it so much

- Really good book! Read in one sitting!5 star

It's a really good book and pretty fast to read. I recommend it.

- Best book ever5 star

I could not put it down I read it in one Saturday I can't wait to finish the series!!!!!!!!

- Short5 star

Book was amazing, just very short!!

- The New Girl5 star

GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!

- Okay read to pass the time3 star

Predictable. Poor electronic transfer.

- Very Happy 😁5 star

I loved reading this story!! I wish I could get the other ones right away and keep on reading, but I have to wait. I loved how detailed some of it was, made me feel like I was in the story. Thank you for this amazing story!!!

- Read it5 star

Honestly a great book! Everyone should read it. The ending is alright because I wanted some more to happen. Great quick read

- Very good story5 star

It's a shame that it ended so soon and that it costs money for the sequel books for this but the story is well written and I loved it. Very interesting.

- Won't let me download it?1 star

It starts to download and then stops?

- good5 star

very good

- Captivated5 star

5 stars, whole story is so nice and I couldn't stop visualizing each character while reading the story. I liked it a lot.

- Great!5 star

Loved everything about this book and the end forces you to purchase the next series. Would recommend to anyone!

- The New Girl2 star

This book was amazing I love how you brought this book to life.

- Quick and Sweet5 star

A quick yet good read. Great for someone who hasn't picked up a book in a while or has some spare time to kill. Steph is a witty girl facing fate which seems to all turn out in her favor as she makes a few close friends and as she continues to cross paths with Mr. Rivera who is undoubtedly the ultimate package.

- Love it5 star

I have a crush on my chemistry teacher, so this gets me in my feels. Good book. Plan on reading the rest of the series.

- The New Girl5 star

This really was a good book for the first one, main introduction without going into too much detail. Can't wait to read 2-5!

- Great Book!5 star

The book is very good... I loved it. The characters the plot, and especially the climax

- The new girl5 star

I love that book

- Great book5 star

This is the best book I've read and very great! I recommend reading this book.

- The New Girl is not a book any teen should be reading1 star

This is terrible. What editor allowed this to be published? Teachers and student romances? I would not let my kids or their friends read this.

- Average3 star

Kind of good story, but despite loved all the characters, I didn't like the main couple (boring).

- Good book4 star

This book was really awesome...just wish the ending was a little better

- Amazing5 star

just read this book with in an hour couldn't put it down :) Loved it overall

- I Loved It! Dreams Can Come True!5 star

This was a fantastic story! With the odds against her,Steph manages to turn her dreams into reality. Moving from town to town with her mom. Never staying in one place for longer than a minute! That was Steph's reality,until they moved to a small town.What a way to raise a daughter! I thought Steph was a very courageous young lady! Not everyone would be able to handle such a vagabond existence! How did Steph do it? She knew where and what she wanted to do with her life. She had spunk and goals! She just needed luck to be on her side for a change! I loved this story,and can't wait to read more!!

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