Under the Mistletoe - Tracie Puckett - Tracie Puckett

Under the Mistletoe

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 585960922597153540
  • Book Genre: Romance
Under the Mistletoe - Tracie Puckett Book Score: 4.5 0 5
4.5 star
3,957 Ratings

Under the Mistletoe Book Summary

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Webster Grove, but seventeen-year-old Steph isn’t in the mood to celebrate. When Mr. Rivera’s attitude goes from bad to worse, Steph makes it her number one priority to help the Christmas Grinch rekindle his relationship with the holiday spirit. Meanwhile, Webster Grove High’s newest student, Isaac Peyton, is raising the eyebrows of every girl in school, and keeping Steph on her toes with his questionable motives. With the days ticking by, all Steph wants is to turn a seemingly blue Christmas into a holiday she’ll never forget….

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Under the Mistletoe Book Comments

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Under the Mistletoe - Tracie Puckett Book Reviews

  • I love it (lydders16!)

    Omg is all I could say this second book made me want more. I love how the characters are and just waiting for more...
  • Too short. (arty sister)

    Unsatisfying ending. This story should be expanded to deal with the details of the unfolding story. This was more like a teaser.
  • Sooo Beautifully Written, by Cincy Kid 68! (JC Cincy Kid)

    Just keeps getting better and better! Must continue. On to book (3)!
  • Obviously Wonderful From Even Just The Beginning (truthful linda)

    I loved this book! I found that the first book was free, so I read it in literally one day, it was so good that I needed the second one, even if I had to pay a small price. I enjoyed every bit, and I read it in an hour, I just couldn't put it down! I deeply suggest to read it!!!!!!!!
  • Loved it! (esme.ruiz)

    I am in love with this book!! And the author of course (:
  • THE WHOLE SERIES! (biscuit971)

    I love this book & the whole series! While I was reading it I felt like I was right watching Abcdef Ghijk aka (Steph) & Alex Rivera romance unravel & grow right in front of me! This book had so much love for one another & from the first book I couldn't put it down! I would love to have a romance like theirs.;) The book filled my heart with joy, laughter, sadness & love. I would recommend this book to everyone! Now im off to read the whole series again!:)
  • 👍🏽 (Bdlc88)

    These books are a good fast read. My only disappointment is that book 3 & 4 are under 100 pages. Could have combined the two for the price.
  • Sweet story (Gokeyette)

    Perfect for Christmas
  • ❤️ (Kaitlynmay6)

    Fantastic Phenomenal Amazing the best book I have ever read
  • Love is in the air (Harukoko)

    Perfect short read for the holidays

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