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Betrayed: Days of the Rogue

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 365797748605970154
  • Book Genre: Paranormal
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4.5 star
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Betrayed: Days of the Rogue Book Summary

His mate killed in a horrific explosion, ex-Enforcer Damien Masterson now lives as a rogue werewolf. Grief stricken and filled with rage, what depths will he sink to in his search for revenge? And who will be caught in the crossfire? Will it be Eve, a Fae just entering the Awakening stage? Or Rafe McRae, part empath and part wolf? It’s been said that a rogue Enforcer is too dangerous to be allowed to roam. A suspense driven story of love, betrayal and revenge, this latest addition to the Law of the Lycans series is the sequel to Bonded.

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Betrayed: Days of the Rogue Book Comments

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Betrayed: Days of the Rogue - Nicky Charles Book Reviews

  • Brilliant (TLS38)

    How well the story is drawn out about the original characters of Reno,Damien and Brandi. Super excited to read about the newest characters. Not detail is missed on explaining past events. Number 3 will be even better I have no doubt!
  • Days of the Rogue (Tbtherapeuticmassage)

    Nicky Charles does it again. I've become a huge fan. Her writing skills have definitely improved. However, there are still typos that are overlooked throughout. I've trained myself to ignore them. :-) Although I originally gave this book in the series 5 stars, I must admit, I didn't like the side bar story with Gordie. I thought it was too 'psycho' related for a Lycan segment. As all her books. It's a must read if you've enjoyed her descriptive depiction of the lives of Weres in the entire series, then this is a must read. Definitely much more fascinating, romantic, passionate and educational then silly Vampire stories or over the top '50 Shades of Grey'... Kudos to my fellow Canuck!!!
  • Loved it!! (MandMsvdrb)

    She did it again! Love the mystery & the steamy love making ;0)
  • Great book! (Prsmiley1)

    Love the stories
  • Good book (GzuS that's cool)

    I live all of these books. Please write the next one on Damien & Sam. Thanks :)
  • Great read (Esilva22)

    I always finish her books within days of starting. Look forward to more!!!
  • Betrayed: days of the rogue (Johnsonn2)

    This book is really good I'm going to read theirs to. Can't wait to start read. Love the books.
  • Awesome series (Bright01)

    Thank you for these page turners. I can never get enough and the story lines just get better with each book. Please keep them coming.
  • Betrayed (Jimbobdaddy1)

    Another great book in this series.
  • Betrayed: Days of the Rogue (Letmebjuli)

    I am SO glad I happened across Nicky Charles' Laws of the Lycans-series books! I hadn't been looking for a book in the paranormal-romance genre; I typically read suspense -- but I took a chance & she 'hooked' me with the first one that I read (The Mating). Once I began reading it, I didn't want to stop until I reached the end...AND THEN I HAD TO DOWNLOAD ANOTHER ONE .. & THEN ANOTHER....& ANOTHER... My one 'negative' is that it appears as though there is only 1 remaining book of this series for me to read (and I am planning to begin reading that book, BETRAYED: ROAD TO REDEMPTION, in just a few minutes!!). I am SO looking forward to reading it -- but am sad that there aren't currently any more of her Lycan-series books for me to enjoy. SO...I HOPE THAT THERE WILL SOON BE MORE OF HER LYCAN-SERIES BOOKS PUBLISHED & AVAILABLE TO ENJOY!! Nicky, THANK YOU for creating such wonderful books and then sharing them for others to enjoy.

Betrayed: Days of the Rogue - Nicky Charles Book Reviews

  • Excellent series (Fruitcake n Eggnog)

    I really love this series of books. Like a good movie you can watch over and over again I have read these books several times. When I have a few days of down time that is - because once I start them I can't put them down! The characters, the plots, I love them all. More every time I read them. The only - I'll call it negative about this series ( and I really wish I could think Of a better word, less harsh) is that the series is "the law of the Lycans" and while I love love love all "others" I wish that the characters from the first three books could have been carried over into the later books a bit. Would love to know what happens to them. Maybe Nicky could "bring them up" in the next books she writes for this series? That said I recommend these books to anyone who enjoys hot shifter stories. You would be doing yourself an injustice by not reading this series.
  • Thank you! (86kids87)

    Never a disappointment-loved this book as also! Great read! *A fan
  • Betrayed (Suther41)

    As usual another great book by Nicky Charles!! Love all the books from this series :) I can't wait for the next one!
  • Bonded (Sdpainter)

    Excellent dog rescue will get a donation in leu of the excellent read!
  • Awesome books (Nagma g.k)

    Keep them coming!!
  • Nicky Charles (candia76)

    I've never been one to read fantasy romance books, but I read The Mating and could not stop reading until I read the entire series.. Loved the uniqueness of each character. I am now waiting for the next book. :)
  • Nicky charles (Miss legault)

    Loved the series could not stop reading . Read it you will love it can't wait for the next one
  • Betrayed: Days of the Rogue (Yasbet666)

    Awesome book! Looking forward to your next one! Problem is, I can't put your books down until I finish them. Thanks for all the time spent writing and creating unique characters!
  • Wow! (Miamiamommamia)

    Sooooooo amazing!
  • ,mr (G.min)

    All these books are great,after you start reading you just can't put it down,just waiting for the next one to be published

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