Bad Traffick: A Leine Basso Thriller (#2)

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Bad Traffick: A Leine Basso Thriller (#2) Book Summary

Dangerous obsessions take center stage when a former assassin and a homicide detective race against the clock to find a missing girl before she's sold to the highest bidder.

Identified as a person of interest in three cold case murders she didn't commit and unable to leave L.A., retired assassin Leine Basso accepts a temporary position as a security specialist for A-list actor Miles Fournier. Leine finds she has her hands full trying to protect the head-strong celebrity and can't wait until she can hand him off to another agency.

Then a woman contacts Miles claiming to be his long-lost sister. She confesses her twelve-year-old daughter, Mara, has been abducted. Desperate to get her back, she asks the actor to use his considerable resources to find her. Leine learns through a contact that Mara has escaped from her kidnappers, who are determined to track her down and deliver her to their powerful client. Running out of time, Leine must find Mara before they do, or the young girl will be lost forever.

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Bad Traffick: A Leine Basso Thriller (#2) Book Comments

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Bad Traffick: A Leine Basso Thriller (#2) - DV Berkom Reviews

  • INTENSE!!!

    By blackkataz
    This was an intense book. A definite thrill ride! Once I started reading I could not put the book down. When I finally finished it I realized it was past dawn. I had read all night!! The author keeps up the suspense until the very end. Yes, there are events that get resolved but then something else comes up & the suspense starts to build again. I will absolutely be recommending this book to anyone interested in intense action books!!

DV Berkom - Bad Traffick: A Leine Basso Thriller (#2) E-Book

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