This Man

This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas Book Summary

Named one of "The 20 Greatest Ever Romance Novels According to Goodreads Reviews" by O, The Oprah Magazine!
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Named one of "The 20 Best Romance Novels of All Time, According to Dedicated Readers" by Good Housekeeping!

Young interior designer Ava O'Shea has no idea what awaits her at the Manor. A run-of-the-mill consultation with a stodgy country gent seems likely, but what Ava finds instead is Jesse Ward--a devastatingly handsome, utterly confident, pleasure-seeking playboy who knows no boundaries. Ava doesn't want to be attracted to this man, and yet she can't control the overwhelming desire that he stirs in her. She knows that her heart will never survive him and her instinct is telling her to run, but Jesse is not willing to let her go. He wants her and is determined to have her.

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This Man (Jodi Ellen Malpas) Book Reviews

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- Pulls you in!5 star

I went a long while without being able to find a book that I found interesting or enticing in some way or another. However, once I saw this book something caught my eye and I downloaded it immediately. I didn’t exactly know what to expect when going into it, but I am very glad I gave it a shot! The story has a lot of meaningful ‘lessons’ so to speak behind it. Abusive powers and manipulative behaviors are two of the major conflicting ‘predicaments’ that do somewhat repeat throughout the book. With the author’s grammar and vocabulary use, the minimal repetitiveness is no problem at all. Everything was so descriptive and it pulled me in and made it nearly impossible for me to stop reading to take a break. I have never been so interested / sucked into a book like I was with this one. I’m super excited to read the next two!

- 🔥🔥🥵🥵☝️😍5 star

Holy moly makes 50 shades weak! I need my own Jesse ward. Chemistry is off the charts. I read all three in 3 days! I want more!!!

- Weak female2 star

This book aggravated me. Manipulative male, weak female let’s guy stalk her and control her. Not my kinda book.

- This Man series stays with you for life!5 star

Most amazing series yet! Jessie is the alpha males of all males! I would love to see this series turned in a movie I would be afraid they wouldn’t do this series the justice it deserves! With this series you will laugh,cry,get frustrated, and very aroused! Your husband will be glad you’re reading this book! Jodi you are a amazing writer and I am grateful that I have read your books I love everything you have written!

- Love, love, love5 star

Have this collection in paperback. Just had to read it again as it is amazing. 👍🏽👍🏽

- Too far1 star

There is a line in this genre that sometimes gets crossed, and this book did so. I’m all for tormented alphas, but when you take it too far, your sending a message that this kind of control and manipulation is okay. It’s not. As other reviewers have said, the dialogue is vapid and redundant, which makes it impossible to buy into this “love” story. This need to stretch a simple story over three installments is annoying, but especially egregious when you can’t get invested in the main characters. And these two are more annoying than interesting, with copious amounts of silly maneuvers and selfishness.

- LOVE... This series is nothing but fire🔥🔥🔥5 star

I’ve loved this book so much I’ve got it in paperback & I have read this book 4 times already, and still want to pick it up & read it, just to fall back in love with Ava & Jesse Ward story all over again. Long live the Lord of the Manor. 👑😍

- Horrible!!1 star

This book was honestly one of the hardest for me to get through, ever. I can read a book a day and this took me a week. I just would get super annoyed by the characters. It isn’t a good reality. It is about a super emotionally abusive man, a spineless woman, and her friend that supports the abuse... no, no,no, no, no!!!! I will not be reading the rest of the series, and truly hope no one thinks this is a good relationship, or normal at all!!!

- Alright3 star

I gave this book three stars because the writing is really quite good. The storyline and characters really will get on your nerves and make you want to not finish reading the book, but you continue because you want to see what happens. I don’t think I’m going to read the second book just because the storyline didn’t really attach me enough to spend $8 again. I will say the reviews for this book is 100% dramatic. It’s not a horrible book. The writing itself just how I like it. I just didn’t like the story itself. Don’t let the other reviews about abuse sway you about this book. He never abused her🙄.

- Wasn’t what I expected4 star

I enjoyed this book. Some of the reviews are a bit on the ridiculous side. Very good worth the 8 bucks.

- Terrible. Glorifying toxic relationships.1 star

This book is written well. And that’s literally the only positive thing I can say about it. While certain phrases and such are strange to include, overall it’s written well. And I don’t say this lightly as I know how difficult it is to write a book. With that being said. This book is atrocious. The characters are flatter than a sheet of paper. There’s the token gay guy, the fact that he’s “suuuuper” gay comes up literally every single time he’s mentioned as some sort of comic relief. There’s the spunky “smart” but dumb best friend who immediately becomes a cheerleader for what I can only say is the absolute WORST male love interest I’ve ever read in my entire life. The protagonist is an absolute doormat, who finds herself in a toxic relationship against her will (or lack there of) this dude is so dreamy she literally goes dumb whenever she sees him. She can’t even form sentences. The male love interest is an absolute psycho. He stalks her, manipulates her, and bullies her into staying with him. He blames her for his mistakes, and everything else, and SHE FALLS FOR IT. It’s like this author googled red flags in relationships and thought it was a great idea to put them all into one unlikeable guy who is so dreamy and rich that you won’t even care that he’s literally holding you hostage. In conclusion, if you enjoy books that anger you to the point where you throw the book, your phone or tablet down in frustration this one is for you! I nearly lost a phone from all the times I slammed it down in anger. If you want a love story, I highly suggest something else as there is absolutely no love in this, only obsession. However, if you want a story to show you how NOT to write a character, this one is for you!

- Love!!!4 star

These kinds of books are my absolute favorite, and JEM did not disappoint!! Jesse Ward is a little too extra, but that’s what makes this series so great. I am ecstatic that JEM wrote the last and final book to bring an ending to the series. It was a rollercoaster of emotions!

- Love it5 star

Love it!!

- Great read !!2 star

Couldn’t put the book down

- Love this book5 star

I could bot put it down, cant wait to read the next one😆

- Finally5 star

Had me hooked and kept me hooked

- Abuse disguised as "love"1 star

I have NEVER written a review. But, after reading this series I felt compelled to do just that! These books must have been written by a man, or a woman who has some serious issues with her self esteem and romance life. SPOILER ALERT the main male character tells the leading lady in almost EVERY chapter that he has "the power". He yells at her, basically rapes her, and physically kidnaps her and the author tries to make it seem like those things are ok because the leading lady drives the male character "crazy mad". I keep using air quotes because those words are used ALL THE DANG TIME! Btw the leading lady's name is Ava. Now Ava says no a lot and she means it. But, for some reason Jesse (the male counter part) won't take no for an answer. So he stalks, controls, uses sex as a weapon, and even scares her friends and his so that they won't even step in to help her. These could've been great books. But, they weren't. I read all 3 to see if the author ever gives Ava "the power" or gives them equal footing like Fifty Shades of Grey, but NOPE! I HATE these books. Jesse owns a High class pleasure palace yet gets super mad when a guy just talks to Ava. Makes no sense. It's like a stripper getting mad her boyfriend went to a strip club. If for some reason you start to read these books after reading this review..... you have issues. Lol there were some parts I liked but that was like 5% of each book. Kudos for the Author for making money, but [email protected] you author for making it seem ok to treat women as property or like animals. Please read your own books Jodi. Unless that's just a cover name and you're actually a dude. If that's the case I say again.... [email protected] you.

- A "Can't put it down MUST READ!!!" Book5 star

First: do yourself a favor and ignore the haters. Second: Jesse is soooo dominant but it is soooo super sexy hot!! Ava is one defiant temptress who drives him crazy mad!! Their story is one you'll love being enthralled in. I could not put this book down!! I devoured every page and immediately started the second book after finishing this one. Then started the third book after reading the last page of the second book. I don't know why I waited so long to read this amazing, emotional, sexy hot trilogy! Third: do yourself another favor and immerse yourself into the This Man Trilogy. You'll be ecstatic you did!!!! Enjoy!!!

- So, so bad.1 star

I wish I could give negative stars because this book doesn't even deserve a one start review. Absolutely terrible. I mean bad bad bad. Couldn't even finish it. I want my money back.

- Offensive1 star

“... I search my brain trying to remember if I transferred my RAPE alarm to my new handbag.” Said by the heroine after meeting a BLACK man in chapter one. Really?!! And I paid for this. 😠


I am ashamed to admit that I never heard of Jodi Ellen Malpas until a few months ago. I must have been living under a rock, but I am so happy to have found a new favorite author! This Man was a refreshing change to romance novels that I had been reading for many reasons, but mostly because it was a totally different writing style than what I was used to. The writing is flawless, unique, and had an easy flow. The story is set in London and I loved that Malpas made the setting authentic by using British slang. I laughed every time I read, "Bloody hell!" The sarcastic humor throughout truly made the story hilarious at times. I thoroughly enjoyed Ava's character. Working as an interior designer, she has a career to focus on. She is intelligent, sweet, and very similar to most twenty-something year olds. Malpas did a fantastic job at keeping Ava real. I was able to relate to her spunk and to her friendship with Kate. For me, she stood out amongst other heroines because of the inner conflict she had with getting involved with someone like Jesse Ward. She's not afraid to push back. Jesse Ward, Lord of the Manor...there were times when I wanted to smack him for being a total psychopath. Yet, I found myself loving him at the same time! His character will take you on a whirlwind of emotions. He's over the top for sure, but not in a cocky way. He's domineering and controlling, but only because he doesn't know how to handle his feelings for Ava. Their connection was instant and the relationship was riddled with obstacles. The cliffhanger left me speechless, and that's not an easy feat. But alas, as an author, I understand why they happen. I'm looking forward to finishing this series, and am particularly psyched about The Protector Series that is releasing later in the year. Overall, a smoldering 5 star read! Well done, Jodi Ellen Malpas - you have yourself another fan!

- Awful1 star

This book is awful! The main character is annoying and stupid. The man in the book is creepy and intense is a dangerous bad way. HATE this book. dont waste your money on it!

- Um?3 star

All I can say that is being a stalker is not cute. I don't really see how women can find this sexy. I was scared for her when she was tricked into going to the mansion. I like possessive men but to some degree. This was creepy.

- Really good enjoyed it5 star

Loved it

- Love it!!5 star

This story of Jessie was the best I'd read in a while couldn't put it down.....funny and lots of turns. Jessie dancing to JT music.. Hiding BC pills. Loved it!!!

- This man5 star

Love this trilogy, if your looking for a crazy in love possessive passionate alpha male this is your book better then 50 shades in my opinion, only other series i can compare this to would be the real series. Awesome trilogy!!!!!!!!!!!!

- 50 shades-ish3 star

Another rich control freak who falls for a woman with image issues and doesn't live a sexually adventures life style. Ward was so controlling it made me feel sickly uncomfortable at times. There was no real love story just a lot of sex. Some of the sex scenes were really well written but the overall story would have been better if there was more of a sweet romantic relationship. If your looking for a book with good sex scenes that are a little naughty this is a good one pick for you.

- Love it5 star

This is better than 50 shades!! This is a book that would make a wonderful movie. Ugh so said to say goodbye to Jesse!! Great read! Husband enjoyed it too 😉


Although it took forever for them to reveal secrets and lies, this book is just like how reality is and it's just a cute romantic love story! I love it!

- Hooked!5 star

Love this book! A must read! Who wouldn't love a story where a person is so in love it makes them crazy?! I can't wait to read the next 2 and more from the author!

- The story is draining and very repetitive. No plot. Just lots of sex.2 star

It's clear to the reader who Jesse is by the subtle clues she leaves. But it never advances from this point. It's stuck stagnant in a vicious repetitive cycle. They may not get enough of each but I have had enough of this sexual encounter ship. Enough is enough. I enjoy sex and eroticism but it's a bit much to read an endless array of chapters of nothing but sex. I've read enough sex in books to get the jest of their desire for each other. They are insatiable. All this chasing around and game playing is immature. Ava denies him and Jesse chases her. Yet the story never progresses further than this. The characters never develop beyond work and sex. Jesse refuses to let Ava walk away, but the story never clues you into why. Ava's a brat. Ava stomps and pouts and then pours a glass of wine. She drinks and parties too much for such a successful women. There are some quirky behavior issues by Jesse. He is possessive and over protective. He is determined to claim her with sex. It's ridiculous this cat and mouse game they play with each other. I am growing tired of the back and forth routine of catch and release. Should be named the marathon man. Jesse is insatiable. A man possessed over a bratty immature girl. I'm so drained from this constant fighting. Ava turns everything Jesse asks of her as relinquishing her control to him. She is over analyzing and over thinking every situation by labeling it as him being controlling. Ava is clouded by her obsession and attraction to Jesse. Sex is the only attraction she has because it's the only thing he has given and revealed of himself.

- Waste of time and money!1 star

I brought this book based on all the great reviews and in the end was soooo disappointed! I'm so confused as to why anyone would even like this book! Ava is completely stupid for allowing Jessie to be so possessive and abusive. The whole book just made me so mad!!!! Don't waste your money or time with this book! I will definitely not purchase the second book!

- Loved it!!!!5 star

I loved this one and other two books. I could use a Jesse style *ucking daily. He is possessive but I found it as his insecurity to lose her. If you read all three books everything makes sense in the end!!! Would highly recommend!

- Horrible!!!!1 star

I have yet to finish it.... I got sick of Jesse's over the top dominance... He is abusive and in no way a trait to be thought as sexy in a man. The author has taken the "alpha male" cliche role to such an extreme were he is constantly accosting, manhandling and stalking the female protagonist. How is that sexy?? And the book is part of a trilogy? Are you kidding me??

- Yaaaaaaasssss5 star

A million times YES! This book is amazing (and I'm an avid romance reader). However, this book will keep you on your toes and having you begging for more! Love!!!

- Dont do it!1 star


- The end is too bad3 star

Surreal This is a physic drama

- I couldn't even finish1 star

I wanted to enjoy this but instead of being a hot romance, it is a dysfunctional relationship that reminds me of stories of domestic abuse. I'd really like my money back.

- Roller coaster!5 star

Sigh....Mr Jesse Ward.

- Couldn't finish it!1 star

I love reading & very rarely do I not finish what I start. About halfway through I gave up. This book had absolutely no substance. Nothing but sex. The lead character talks too much in her head.

- Awful...1 star

I downloaded this to pass some time waiting for the next "Crossfire" book. Can I get my money back? Terrible. Terrible writing, terrible characters, zilch for a plot, (except for obvious rip offs from FSOG & Crossfire) he stalks her, and she justifies it. Over & over. What a complete waste & it was expensive, for the complete crap that it turned out to be.

- Best trilogy5 star

This is a must read. I'm sure this series will end up a movie. It's written with witty banter, unexpected twists. I LOVED it!

- Great Book!5 star

Looking for something as great as 50 Shades? This is it. The drama queen below me leaving a review of the main character being a bully, and his treatment of the woman he pursues being "domestic abuse" needs to lighten up. I've read all 3 books in this series and the man never lays a hand on her. And he isn't nearly as mentally messed up as Christian Grey. This is a book for entertainment. And believe you me it is VERY entertaining. I love the love story between these two characters. The sexual chemistry is shockingly good and intensity between these two is palpable! Love, love, love it!

- Very good book (:5 star

Very good book ! I definitely recommend it ! I can't wait to purchase the next one "Beneath This Man"

- Better than Fifty Shades of Grey5 star

Second time reading book. Loved Loved Loved this series. Made me laugh and cry. Read them all

- Terribly bipolar1 star

I'm a fan of 50 so I was expecting to enjoy this.. Jesse is crazed lunatic! He can't control himself at all he is so manipulative it's truly concerning. At least in 50 there was redeeming moments of sweetness. Not so much in this book. I could hardly even follow the book half the time trying to keep up with the ups and downs of their "relationship". I do not recommend this book.

- This Man Review2 star

This book started off very engaging. I bought the sample and was interested to see how the relationship between Jesse and Ava would form. Unfortunately, to me, this is not a love story. Jesse is a very controlling, abusive character and Ava lets him treat her this way while their friends encourage it. I was disappointed with how the book ended and I still have many unanswered questions. Additionally, I normally like romance novels that involve a little detail about the sexual relationship between the two main characters but in this novel, I just think it was too much. Even more so than Fifty Shades. I was reading about sex every two pages at one point which really took away from the plot of the story. I read this book to the end with hope that there would be a twist or dramatic ending but I was disappointed and do not plan on continuing the series.

- Love it!!!5 star

He's like Christian Grey and Gideon Cross rolled in one! I'm a fan of Jesse Ward!

- Don't waste your time...not even close to 50 Shades or Crossfire...1 star

I was very disappointed in this book. I am a big fan of 50 shades series and a bit smaller fan of Crossfire series and this male lead, Jesse, is scary and very unlikable compared to Christian and Gideon. There is nothing erotic, desirable, or even romantic about Jesse's behavior. So he sends her flowers a couple of times, so what? Jesse doesn't sweep Ava off her feet, his "caring" for her are just signs of a controlling psychotic bully and she's an idiot for not getting the hell out of there!

- If only…1 star

…this series lived up to the hype. Some reviews have made comparisons to 50 Shades; to misquote Lloyd Bentsen, I've read 50 Shades, and this is no 50 Shades. It was impossible not to make comparisons, since this was an obvious imitation of the E.L. James bestsellers (come on, couldn't we have a better main female lead name than Ava—one letter different than Ana?). However, the key missing ingredient was the complete lack of spine in Ava, and a complete lack of redeeming qualities in Jesse. I actually read all three books, in the hope that Ava would eventually stand up to his manipulations or realize how poisonous their relationship was, but alas, I was doomed to be disappointed. Eventually, even the sex wasn't worth the read; I skimmed over those painful reminders that Jesse used his sexual prowess to get his way in their relationship. In the end, all this did was remind me that I need to reread the original in all of these "Mommy porn" books. When in doubt, go back to the best.

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- This Man1 star

I’m all for a sexual romantic book, but the man in this book has screaming red flags. I don’t care how much he wants this woman, the controlling behaviour is not acceptable. Can barely get through this book without wanting to put him in his place, and smack the woman upside the head for allowing him to treat her this way. And a woman writing this way??? Now that surprises me. Women should have more pride in themselves than to think this kind of relationship is ok or healthy.

- This Man5 star

I have read this series so many times I’ve lost count!! These books by far are my favorite trilogy... Jesse Ward is an unforgettable alpha and Ava is an unforgettable amazing match for him!! The two of them have chemistry like no other book coupe, and I absolutely loved these books.. 5 big bright shining stars 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Love it!5 star

Great series! Could not put the book down.

- Love Love Love5 star

Amazing Trilogy...finally a trilogy worth reading since 50 Shades.

- Guilty Pleasure!4 star

The grammatical errors are a little distracting and this e-book could definitely use an editor's touch. That said, it is a thoroughly enjoyable read and very hard to put down.

- Omg4 star

Loved it starting next one right away

- Ugh1 star

There's a reason why this book is only $0.99. Don't bother.

- 29SU5 star

The best

- Good value4 star

For the price paid for all three, it was well worth it!

- intense5 star

I thought i would have a hard attack reading this book. Really good.

- GREAT5 star

Soooo good!!!! Must read . Can't wait for the third

- HAWWWT - yum!4 star

Couldn't put it down. Well written, great sex scenes, hawwwt!

- Awesome4 star

Could not put it down. Very intense and lots of twists and turns. Only complaint is that's too much if the same intensity. Would recommend

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- Scratching my head1 star

Not sure how this book got such good ratings. There is nothing likable about Jesse, it's called a restraining order. This book should be handed out to girls and young women as a handbook for what not to out up with!

- Is this for real?!?! Where is the "zero" star rating?1 star

I do NOT understand what people see in this book. I read...a lot. Mainly contemporary romance, so this genre is not new to me. What is new, is this author. I heard great things about this book/series and I really have to ask, is this for real? This is one of the worst books I've ever read. I tried reading it on a very long plane ride where I had nothing else to do, but I'd rather stare at my snoring co-passengers than read this book. The dialogue is terrible, the spelling/grammatical errors bug me and I want to smack some sense into these characters. Ava is trying to be so many different things as the heroine, but really, she's just pathetic. And Jesse, what kind of leading man is this? All he does is stalk Ava, scold her like she's a child and act so incredibly annoying that any woman in their right mind would not waste their time. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME!!! There are so many other better characters and stories out there. I'm only 118 pages into this and I had to force myself to read that much...needless to say, I will not be reading the rest of Ava and Jesse's "story".

- It's a must read5 star

I couldn't put the book down. I had to keep reading to see what happened next. It was well written and had me in tears.

- Best series ever!5 star

I loved this whole series so much!! A MUST READ

- Great book4 star

This book is the perfect summer read! Lots of captivating scenes and great sex!

- I loved it!!!!!!5 star

I thought it was a great read!! Going to bye the next right now!!!!!!!!!!

- Creepy2 star

I know this was going for the 50 shades of grey sexy-demanding-intense hero but he comes across as a creepy obsessed stalker instead. I don't think great sex scenes should make up for the fact that the hero is a controlling psyco who makes her life hell.

- Love it5 star

I super love this book can't wait to start book 2

- Fabulous!5 star

I love this series and I'm anxious to read more. I could not put the books down and went on to read the Crossfire series! I love that I can drift away into a fantasy world, lose myself for awhile from the realities of the world. Though these reads are fantasies, they do hold truth that relationships are difficult, emotional and at times we even torture ourselves with our own thoughts, perceptions and feelings. Humans are complicated and I would not have it any other way! -Social Worker from Texas

- Loved it!5 star

I love this series! It just would have benefitted from a bit of editing. The English is atrocious. However, the strength of the characters and story make it a worth while read.

- This Man3 star

I enjoyed the book enough to purchase the sequel. I am hoping Ava has a bigger back bone in the next one, also spell check.

- Absolutely terrible1 star

I always start a book with an open mind but after reading to about the 400 page mark which I'm surprised I even reached I am so annoyed with the main characters. He is a stalker and a bully and Ava is absolutely pathetic and it's honestly down grading to women that we would even allow a man that type of control.!

- Icy? Is that you?4 star

I'm pretty sure that this is the same exact story I read some time ago. When I read it it was a fan-fiction called Master of the Universe. Then it became Fifty Shades of Grey. Now it's called This Man. Yes, yes some of the names and situations are different but not by much. It's just as entertaining as MOTU/Fifty. It's full of porn and short on storyline but its got just enough storyline to keep you entertained. I've been skimming the porno parts because there is just so much one can take. I think most people will find this entertaining. It's basically a dime store novel which makes it fun to read. Plenty of grammatical errors to keep English teachers busy. A ton of British slang to interpret. And for Fifty aficionados a plethora of similarities. I gave it four stars because I'm astonished at the blatant similarities to Fifty. Ava is short on common sense and life experience. Jesse is a crazy stalker with a huge anger problem. Every woman's dream. In the real world he'd be in jail and she'd be scared for her life. But this is fiction so it's a love story.

- Are you kidding me?1 star

This has to be some kind of joke. This is about a crazy control freak who is borderline beating the main character. He is so controlling that I would get a restraining order against him. If you are proud to be an independent woman at all DO NOT read this book. Hated it to no end. I will never read this authors work again.

- Wonderful book5 star

I love this book and the characters, it's a great read! I love Jesse's arrogance and then his sweet sensual side. I like that Ava has experience sexually and isn't afraid to challenge Jesse although he has such a strong hold on her.

- Read all 35 star

Loved them.. I felt like I knew all of the characters. It was a good series. I thoroughly enjoyed it -ish :)

- This Man1 star

A disaster of a novel because: Many typographical errors Mis-spelled words Improper paragraph breaks Many British colloquialisms that were unclear to an American. The entire plot consisted of "I can't resist him", " I've got to get away from him", "I can't resist him", "I've got to get away from him" . . . over and over again. I found absolutely nothing admirable about the hero. By the time the book ended, I had begun to lose any empathy that I had for the heroine. I loved the Fifty Shades trilogies, but trust me . . . this book is no Fifty Shades. It is just a bunch of sexual romps with a control freak. I can't believe I bothered to finish this book. As for the next book in the series, "Who cares!"

- Lets be realistic3 star

This started off as a really good read. I fell asleep mid way and then ended abruptly. Caution, you'll feel the need to skip a few pages mid way. Too much filler not enough answered questions! Who am I kidding though, I'm still buying the second one.

- Great read!4 star

If you like Shades of Grey then you will enjoy this book. I'm looking forward to the following books.

- This man5 star

Good book and story. The hero is definitely way too overprotective and the woman is too easy. All in all, after reading all three books the story fits together and makes a good fantasy land.

- The Best, ever!!!5 star

I read this trilogy twice in a row and am tempted to read it all over again! That's how good it is, it never gets old. I can't really compare it to 50 Shades because I haven't fully read the first book... now that has to say something: 50 Shades bores me, while This Man still excites me even after reading it twice. And, I have a feeling that I would be greatly disappointed on any book that I will ever have to read from now on. Jodi did an awesome job with the story and her ways were really commendable for a first time writer! One thing I am looking forward to, though... And that is Jesse's POV!!! Now that would be really really bloody great! 😁😄 I have read a small snippets on Jesse's pov on Jodi's website/blog... But I'm still craving for more. Overall, if I still haven't clarified it with all of what I've said, this trilogy will simply blow your mind, and knickers. Hahahaha!

- Loved it5 star

I was hesitant on reading this book because of someone's review. I'm glad I gave the book a chance. Loved the storyline and absolutely loved Ava and Jesse's chemistry. I read all three books in about three days, I couldn't put them down.

- Overall good4 star

It's not an American written book so there are some words that are different in America. Took some getting used to but overall good. The last 3 chapters were the most entertaining and make you want to get the next book.

- Boring2 star

Same thing over n over. It gets boring after the third countdown and the third argument.

- Awesome5 star

Jesse is the type of guy that makes you want to run because of his attitude...this is the first book of the trilogy and the only thing I can say is...give it a chance and read them all. The last book explains everything. I was irritated with both Jesse and Ava but now I am in love with them both. There will be irritation, laughter, tears, and surprise from the reader.... Give them a chance and be prepared to love them both...

- Loved it!5 star

Yes, he was super psycho at the beginning of the book, but the book is so good and so interesting that i couldnt stop reading it... I recommend it %100

- Awesome story!5 star

Best trilogy ever! Amazing!

- Love it!!!!5 star

Best book I've read In a while

- Amazinggggg5 star

Loved it

- Horrible!1 star

I have never written a bad review before but I have to do this because I just can't believe this book got so many good reviews. This book is awful! I don't even know where to begin. Number one, this book doesn't even hold a candle to Fifty Shades or the Crossfire series! It is a said imitation. 'This Man' is domineering but not in a good way like Christian Grey. He is psychotic and both mentally and physically abusive! Most of the book is redundant...with her running and him chasing, back and forth, back and forth. It's ridiculous! I kept reading, hoping it would get better, hoping that Ava would assert herself and grow and backbone, but it never happened, it only got worse. Terrible terrible terrible!

- I really liked it5 star

Ok so if your a Fifty Shades fan or Crossfire or Gabriel fan, this trilogy is just what you are looking for. I think the people that hate it so much didn't read them all and/or just didn't give it a chance. I don't see any difference between the main characters (controlling man and the women he's desperately in love with and trying to control) in this trilogy and the other books like it. The one compliant I could have is the spelling mistakes, however since I am a bad speller I could let it go especially considering the price of the books.

- This Man4 star

I love this book, please tell me the next one will be out soon!

- Better than 505 star

I loved this entire series. It was an emotional roller coaster in the best ways. I laughed, held my breath, fell in love...great setting. My only issue was that the 3rd book had more typ-o's that I would expect from a published work. You do need to read all 3 books.

- This Man5 star

Sexy and funny. Couldn't put it down. Best series in a long time. Just order all three. You'll be glad you did!

- This Man trilogy5 star

Awesome. Very addicting characters - sad to finish the series.

- Good read4 star

I did Iike this book and would recommend it too, it could have been a little better but it wasn't bad

- GOD BLESS US!!!5 star

I am in tears! If this is her first book, then I am simply STUNNED! This was a mind blowing, obsessive, absolutely wish you had a man like this read!!! ENCORE PLEASE! NOW!

- Eh2 star

Sex was hot but the story blew the male protagonist was almost abusive in the relationship and the story line was pretty predictable. I finished it because I hate to waste money. I won't be trying to get the next story in line.

- Umph...2 star

This book is just like 50 Shades, except Jesse is way more crazy! It wasn't much of a difference, except Jesses women came from the Manor and Christians were his old subs.

- Confused1 star

I'm extremely confused as to how anyone can say this was a great story. The hero is the scariest I've ever encountered in a romance novel, completely obsessive, possessive, all the "-ives" you can think of. I wanted the heroine to run away as fast as her legs could carry her. I like to escape into a story as much as the next person, but I was desperately looking for a way out of this story. I kept reading to see how it would end and was met with more disappointment. Very disturbing book. Not to mention how repetitive it was. The writer kept trying to convince us that the hero is so handsome, god-like, attractive, sensual, and so on that every single woman who came across him would swoon and completely lose control of their faculties. I can't tell you how many times the heroine "melted" from the sound of his voice but it was more than 5 times. Really? I mustn't forget how annoying it was that one character in the book was reduced to whatever monosyllabic stereotypes the writer has about the character's race. It was hard to ignore after I came across the same thing more than once. S'all good! Overall, not a strong attempt at weaving a story about a complex character. There were no redeeming qualities in the hero. He was a boar!

- Must read5 star

Loved it!

- Love the series.5 star

I'm almost finished with the second book! It's been so hard to put down. I've found myself up through the early hours because I just can't put it down!

- The man5 star

Really enjoyed it.

- Keep reading!5 star

I just completed the series and concluded that Jesse Ward puts Christian Grey and Gideon Cross to shame. Not either came close to this story's amazing roller coaster ride. Say what you want about it being 'crazy, scary, etc.' ...but it's all part of the wonderful, colorful world this author has brought it all together and illustrates how LOVE truly is a unique experience. End of.

- Oh My1 star

Why do the protagonists in the romance genre lately all have crippling personality disorders and severe self-esteem issues? This woman absolutely has no mind of her own. She will do whatever her man tells her no matter how ridiculous or asinine. Along with that, he verbally abuses her, bosses her around, and borderline stalks her. It's not often when I'm hoping the heroine will cut and run, but this book made the list. Worst of all she saw NO PROBLEM with his behavior. She'd be back in his arms after a few lines and a good romp. After the third or fourth rinse and repeat, I was out.

- team Jesse5 star

loved this whole series!!! Jesse is divine!

- OMG! This book is INTENSE!!!5 star

I have read reviews on this book with some saying it is nothing but violence, abuse, and rape. Well I have to disagree. This was one emotionally intense story of two people with one who did everything he can to keep her and protect her. To the point it became controlling. Was it right, in his mind it was. In her mind, no but she loved him anyways. This is not a story about abuse where the woman stays with the man because of dependency. This is an emotionally gripping love story between two people trying to figure what it is between them and unfortunately it does not end well. Some reviewers have made comparisons between Jesse Ward and Christian Grey. As much as I loved the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, I do believe I love This Man trilogy way better. I love the intensity of Ava and Jesse when they are together and when apart. The defiance vs the control aspect of each character was awesome. I can't wait to start the next book in the trilogy. I feel with Ana she comes off weak compared to the spitfire of Ava. And I love her for that. I do have to say, this book is emotionally intense and once you start reading it, well it is hard to stop.

- This Man4 star

Really good story! But, the spelling and grammar are frequently off and it can be annoying. Proof read and edit more.

- Love this book!5 star

Greet book. Love the story, the writing and the setting!! Must read. Will not be able to put it down!

- Awful!1 star

Awful. Nothing like 50 shades. Jesse is crazy and Ava is stupid. He counted down for her to do something like you would a child ans she does it.

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@RadenKraton: Man Raja Lawak donated RM50K from his own money, yet this "successfull" entrepreneur managed to get RM100K from Rakyat's d…

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@Kantamanto_: This is PERFECT. Man had him on the ropes. The permission you dey find, he give you... Now what?

5 star

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it’s honestly embarrassing how happy this man makes me

5 star

@_farfrombucky: i miss this man 🥺

5 star

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5 star

@LifeOfBmax: guys, this man got tired of yelling at his kids so he created some auto responses 😂

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