Real Maid 13

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Real Maid 13 Book Summary

Hayato’s increasing love for the selfless Moe triggers her ability to remove her clothes…! At the same time, however, it also triggers confusion in Hayato, who realizes that he’s beginning to love her as if she were human…and concludes that keeping a distance is the best policy.
Around that time, Hayato begins to spend days and nights at the university preparing for his North Pole expedition. This means less time at home with Moe, whose body begins to feel the strain of not being attended to in quite the same way as before. Exactly how long can she last…?

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Real Maid 13 - Kenjiro Kakimoto & Leo Reviews

  • I live in AK

    By ch3rNOB1L
    I live in Alaska and there is no "Fairbanks International Airport" , I just really wanted to get that out there

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